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House Gazette
Newsletter of James Lenox House & Carnegie East House
Volume VI, Issue I (WINTER 2015)
Autumn Leaves
Most successful
event ever!
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Meet our New
Musicians in
Our Midst
Above: Christopher Savoglou,
Moudis Associates; Joseph
Executive Director James
Lenox House Association
and Carnegie East House;
Mary Lenox Sheafe Award
honoree Ted Moudis, AIA,
Moudis Associates.
PAGES 3 & 6
Puppy Love!
Providing safe, independent
and enriched living for older
adults in NYC since 1866.
Left: William C. Patterson,
Board Member, James
Lenox House Association
and Carnegie East House,
Achievement Award; Steve
P. Morrows, Executive Vice
President RFR Realty LLC
and President of Carnegie
East House Board of
s we start the New Year, we have countless things to be grateful for! We’d like to start by thanking everyone who
contributed and supported our extremely successful Autumn Leaves Gala which took place this past fall. The
proceeds are being put to good use ensuring residents have access to programs which help them flourish as they age.
Our gala evening started off with the talented (and highly
entertaining!) Master of Ceremonies, ABC’s, Bill Evans.
Followed by our most distinguished honorees, three
outstanding New Yorkers: Ted Moudis, AIA, Senior Principal
of Ted Moudis Associates, who demonstrates extraordinary
dedication and leadership to New York City and its older
adults, received the esteemed Mary Lenox Sheafe Award which
honors the founder of our predecessor organization. New
York City Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick, recognized
as a champion and problem-solver for affordable housing,
including his leadership in protecting older adult residents,
received our Community Services Award. The Lifetime
Achievement Award was given to long-time board member
William C. Patterson, past President of James Lenox House,
currently Treasurer of the Carnegie East House Board, and
who is involved in many other worthwhile charities; he has
displayed great dedication and concern in helping New York’s
older adults.
We were delighted to see so many of you that evening! We are
thankful for the dedication of our volunteers who not only
live at our two residences but are engaged in sincerely helping
us to make it the close-knit community it is. The generosity
of our Board of Directors and their continued hands-on
involvement truly exhibits their caring for every aspect of our
Nicola M. Heryet
President James Lenox House Association
As we reflect over the past year we are proud of all our staff:
the administrators, nurses, social workers, and personal care
workers, all of whom go above and beyond their prescribed
duties with every resident. In particular, this year we’d like to
thank a few people who made our gala such a success but,
above all, make our residences a better place to live. Audrey
Da Silva is celebrating her 25th anniversary with James
Lenox House and is responsible for its smooth operation,
managing it efficiently and with great generosity of spirit.
Kurt Fulton has been responsible for our gala Silent Auctions
since inception. We are grateful to him for making it such an
elegant and profitable part of our evening and for everything
else he does for Carnegie East House. Scott Gordon entertains
at our galas and runs events at both Houses – his genuine
compassion yet fun loving soul brightens all our days. Thank
you Audrey, Kurt, and Scott for everything that you do for our
residents and Houses.
We continue to take pride in our work and are thankful to
you for helping us fulfill our commitment to our mission of
serving and protecting the lives of New York’s older adults!
On behalf of everyone at our two Houses, we wish each of you
a very happy and healthy 2015 and hope to see all of you at
our spring events!
Steve P. Morrows
Carnegie East House
Joseph H. Girven
Executive Director
James Lenox House Association Board of Directors
Nicola M. Heryet, President • William J. Welsh, Vice-President • Kenneth Siegel, Financial Vice President & Treasurer • Barbara R. Evans, Secretary
Ruth R. Alward, Ed D, Rn, Charles A. Amstein • Anne S. Connor • William N. Dye • Andrew F. Forbis • Erna A. Given • Susan A. Irwin • Walter L. Larkin Iii •
Calvin Marshall Mew • Susan D. McClanahan • Steve P. Morrows • Nancy Rabstejnek Nichols • William C. Patterson • John B. Roberts • Jonathan Rosenberg •
John Samuelson • Ellsworth G. Stanton Iii • William T. Sullivan • Patricia R. Taylor • Jane Hrubes Thompson • Christopher Trinka • John D. Zeltin
Carnegie East House Board of Directors
Steve P. Morrows, President • Gregg S. Fisher, Cfa, Cfp, Vice President • William C. Patterson, Treasurer • Patricia Brownell, PhD, Lmsw, Secretary
Beatrice Broadwater • Walter L. Larkin Iii • Robert Lyons • Christopher Savoglou • Jay Sherwood • William T. Sullivan • Thomas A. Teeple
Joseph H. Girven, Lmsw, Executive Director, James Lenox House Association and Carnegie East House
Lane Richards Peace, Director of Development
Page 2
dith Sagul has the distinction of
having been a resident of James
Lenox House for twenty-six years.
She was born and grew up in Webster,
Pennsylvania, the oldest of seven
sisters and one brother. Two sisters
are still living, and she has quite a few
nieces and nephews. Gifted in music,
she studied the violin at nine and the
flute at fifteen. At eighteen, she was
off to New York with a scholarship to
study at Julliard with the renowned
flutist, George Barrère. Edith went on
to earn a B.S., M.A. and Ed.D. in Music
and Music Education. At that time—
hard for us to believe today—the big
orchestras in New York had no women
members. Edith taught music privately,
and worked as an Adjunct Professor at
two City colleges.
By 1946, Edith formed The Sagul Trio,
with Edith as flutist, cellist Marjorie
Thomas, and pianist Geraldine
Winnett. They made their New York
debut at Times Hall that year. The New
York Times reported: “They played
skillfully and sensitively...altogether a
charming and novel program;” and the
New York Herald Tribune critic wrote
that “Members of the
group are accomplished, technically
well versed musicians.”
Thinking about the need to provide for
her future, Edith started her career as
an educator in the NYC public school
system, serving as teacher, supervisor,
and assistant principal. After thirty-five
years, she retired in 1986.
Two years later, Edith moved into James
Lenox House. Those who have come
to know Edith regard her as a great
example of how older adults can enjoy
an active, well organized life as they
age in a place like James Lenox House
that offers residents so much in terms
of activities and services.
Today, at 98, Edith feels blessed to
still be in good health. She attends
the James Lenox House exercise
class every Tuesday. She makes a
point of trying to get out every
day, and with the help of her aide
still makes trips to mid-town to
some of her favorite shops. Edith
no longer travels, but all her life
she traveled around the world,
including trips to Australia, New
Zealand, and the Fiji Islands.
Mainly because of her interest
in the history of the Bible, she
has visited Biblical sites in
Turkey Greece, Syria, Lebanon,
Israel, and has traced the footsteps of St.
Page 3
Paul in Malta. Edith is a member of the
James Lenox House Bible Group, and
residents look forward to the occasions
when Edith shares her wealth of photos
with them.
Every Sunday morning, Edith can be
seen with her walker on her way to
catch a bus to the Central Presbyterian
Church by herself. When asked about
the values that guide her the most,
Edith’s response was immediate: “To
be merciful to the less fortunate and to
help whenever I can.”
Autumn Leaves Gala!
returned to The University
Club in October for our annual
Autumn Leaves Gala benefiting the
residents of both our Houses. We
celebrated three worthy and dedicated
champions whose tireless efforts have
significantly improved the lives of our
older adults: Ted Moudis, AIA, New York
City Councilman Daniel R. Garodnick,
and William C. Patterson, James Lenox
House Association and Carnegie East
House Board Member. The evening was
hosted by well-known meteorologist Bill
Evans, who also pitched in and donated
three personal tours of the ABC’s
Eyewitness Newsroom as part of our
Live Auction! Bravo Bill!
Achievement Award to long-time
board member William C. Patterson,
past President of James Lenox House
Association and currently Treasurer
of the Carnegie East House. Nicola
“Nicky” M. Heryet, President of James
Lenox House Association, introduced
Bill by saying, “I have seen first-hand
for many years how tirelessly Bill has
volunteered his time to ensure our
organization’s success. Whether it’s
assuring that our residents are always
comfortable and have the best care
possible, he is always selfless.” Bill also
singlehandedly shepherded Carnegie
East House through a complex mortgage
re-financing, which resulted in the
organization’s financial turn-around.
For his vision, persistence, and
insistence on results, Dan Garodnick
has earned a reputation among his
colleagues as a thoughtful, determined
problem-solver. We put Dan’s problem
solving skills to the test a few years
ago at Carnegie East House, where we
were struggling with the impact of the
Second Avenue Subway Project. With
Dan’s help, we were able to negotiate
a solution that provided a way for
our older adult residents to safely
access street transportation. For his
dedication to older adult concerns, Dan
was presented with our Community
Services Award by Joe Girven.
Bill made a touching and inspirational
speech which included a moment of
silence for those beloved residents who
passed away this year.
The wonderful evening also afforded us
the opportunity to bestow our Lifetime
The Mary Lenox Sheafe award was
presented to Ted Moudis. Steve
Morrows introduced his friend Ted by
saying, “There are a lot of real estate
people here tonight ….and for a very
good reason…Ted Moudis probably
knows them all!” Ted is the Founder
and Senior Principal of Ted Moudis
Associates, an architectural and interior
design services firm focusing on
corporate and retail installations. The
firm, headquartered in New York, has
offices in Chicago and an alliance in
London. Founded in 1990, the company
has grown to over 135 employees and is
celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015.
Ted accepted his award with gratitude
to his lovely wife and family. He also
thanked Steve and Nicky for introducing
him to our organization and for the
many services we offer older adults
through our two Houses. Ted’s speech
was extremely touching and heartfelt.
At the end of the evening’s program,
Ted again “challenged” the guests by
inviting them to sponsor funding for
one or more days of programs and
services provided to residents at $275
per day. Ted also donated his firm’s
Barclays Suite for various events. His
generous gifts culminated in the most
popular and successful live auction
ever conducted to help our older adult
A number of residents from our
wonderful Houses were present as well.
Resident Rev. Earl Holkeboer gave a
rousing and witty speech dispensing
sage advice, such as the secret of a long
and happy marriage (always say, “Yes,
The evening was an important financial
success! On behalf of the Boards, the
staff, and the residents of James Lenox
House and Carnegie East House, we
are deeply grateful to our honorees and
over 250 donors, journal advertisers,
auction donors and volunteers who
helped to make the evening such a
resounding success.
Overheard at the Auction...
”Ohh...I won that condo in Palm Beach at a great price! What a buy!”
Page 4
Nicole Moudis, Ted Moudis, Mary Ellen Moudis, Alyssa Moudis
Media Alert!
Bill Cunningham of The New York Times included the gala
in the October 19, Evening Hours section.
Black Tie Magazine devoted page 1 of their Society News
to the handsome honorees and guests!
And check us out on New York Social Diary at:
Linda Arnold; Board Member and Secretary, Barbara R. Evans; Pam
Abernathy; Executive Director James Lenox House Association and
Carnegie East House, Joseph H. Girven, LMSW
Roxanne Donovan, Great Ink Communications, Ralph Daiuto,
World Trade Financial Group; Richard Holowchack, AJS
Construction; Kimberly Allan of AJS Construction.
New York City Council Member
Daniel R. Garodnick receiving the
Community Services Award from the
Executive Director of James Lenox
House Association and Carnegie East
House, Joseph H. Girven, LMSW
Crissy Hathaway, Business Development Coordinator, Ted
Moudis Associates; Richard Haray, Senior Vice President of
Corporate Services, Interpublic Group.
Nicola M. Heryet, President of James
Lenox House Association presenting
the Lifetime Achievement Award to
William C. Patterson, Board Member
of James Lenox House Association
and Carnegie East House.
Photo credit: Spencer Gordon
Page 5
arolyn Karlsrud was born in
beautiful Nebraska, where
she grew up and began her
university studies at Hastings College.
Transferring to Oberlin College in Ohio,
she graduated from their Conservatory
of Music majoring work in voice, organ,
and piano. Since it was difficult to find a
job and make a living as an organist, she
accepted an appointment to the faculty
at Stephens College in Columbia,
Missouri, teaching piano. Three years
later, she went to New York for graduate
work at The Julliard Opera Theatre
where she performed in Mozart’s The
Magic Flute, singing soprano in the role
of First Spirit. Another member in the
group was Edmond Karlsrud, a young
man from Montana, a bass/baritone,
cast as the First Priest. Music unifies
in many ways; a year later, they were
married in Nebraska. Eventually, they
moved to Mamaroneck in Westchester,
where they settled and raised their
three daughters—Katherine, Karen
and Kirsten—and eventually became
grandparents of three.
Early on Carolyn and Edmond formed
The Karlsrud Family Ensemble with
Katherine, Karen, and an accompanist.
Kristin was still too young to perform.
They toured the country presenting
programs of great variety, ranging
from art songs and operatic selections
through folk songs, spirituals as well as
the latest hits of the Broadway stage. It
was a true bonding experience.
Katherine began her professional life as
a harpist, but later decided to become
a pediatrician and has a successful
practice in New York. Karen, a very busy
professional violinist, is also a member
of The New York Pops (which performs
in our Summer Music Series at James
Lenox House!). Kirsten is a teacher,
presently living in California.
For forty-five years, Carolyn had a career
as soprano soloist in churches and
synagogues, but in 1970 she returned to
her career as organist, which included
being the director of five choirs at
the Larchmont Avenue Church.
Throughout this period Carolyn was
also working with her husband. In
addition to Edmond’s singing career
as a soloist with the Metropolitan
Opera, he also founded Karlsrud
Concerts. This meant a great deal of
touring, including a concert in Bahrain.
Reminiscing about these years, Carolyn
recalls the time her husband was invited
to sing at the White House during
Eisenhower’s presidency. The evening
included a grand tour and supper in
the President’s dining room. Later on,
Carolyn was Edmond’s accompanist
and they also sang together in concerts
for many years.
Carolyn has many happy memories of
her friends and life in Mamaroneck,
where she lived for sixty years. After
Edmond died in 1997, Carolyn remained
an active member of the Westchester
community until she decided to
come to live at CEH last spring. “I am
delighted to be at Carnegie East House,”
Carolyn says. Being a very social person,
she quickly became involved in her new
community. Her residency is an asset
to CEH. Her knowledge of music and
Page 6
the arts is impressive. She is a member
of the Residents Board and is perfect
in the role of Hospitality Ambassador.
She has many friends, and describes
meal times together as “very enriching.”
Carolyn attends all the activities CEH
offers. “We are extremely fortunate to
have Scott Gordon as our Director of
Activities,” she says, adding “he is so
talented as a pianist and composer.”
Recently, Carolyn generously donated
her grand piano to CEH, which is
very much appreciated and enjoyed by
A Chinese sage, Seu-ma-tsen, wrote in
his memoirs, “Music is what unifies.” It
does, indeed, unify in so many ways-helping to build bonding experiences
between couples and family members,
as well as a sense of sharing among all
who listen through its power to evoke
passions—touching the individual’s
deepest feelings and emotions.
Health and Wellness: The Power of [Puppy] Love
one are the days when ‘puppy love’ was a fleeting
moment of joy and heart-stopping excitement
reserved only for the romantic young and the
restless. At James Lenox House and Carnegie East House,
however, ‘puppy love’ has taken on a whole new meaning
for the residents, but it still elicits those same feelings of joy
and excitement.
Every week at James Lenox House a lovely young volunteer
and her mother stop by with their adorable and incredibly
sweet therapy dog, Eloise, an eight-year-old Dachshund.
Eloise sits with the residents, allows the residents to hold her
in their laps, gives them lots of kisses, and loves to be petted
and adored. She is a great companion who has nothing but
unconditional love for every one of her new friends, JLH
residents who are self-described dog lovers.
Carnegie East House residents enjoy the company of Beacon
Belle and Dexter! Both dogs are part of Pet Partners and are
brought by two wonderful handlers: Brooke Cohen and Lisa
Green. They are greeted with anticipation and spend time
with a large group of residents who participate in playing
with and enjoying the company of these lively pet partners.
Katie, Brooke, and Lisa are certified to handle qualified dogs
that are classified service dogs, emotional support animals,
and therapy animals. The primary goal of a therapy dog is to
simply serve as a happy companion to anyone who loves the
company of a floppy-eared friend.
JLHA resident Judith Knecht
The main benefits of animal assisted therapy with various
populations and the positive effects range from an improved
physical state to a better emotional state. In fact, during a
recent group, one of the residents who was holding Eloise said
“the dog came at the right time, I was feeling a little under
the weather today.” Her mood was truly transformed after
spending just five minutes holding and petting Eloise, and
receiving lots of wet-nosed kisses.
Residents of James Lenox House gather in the Living Room
every Monday to spend time with their new four-legged
friend. Eloise draws a consistent crowd, as well as many
curious passers-by who can’t resist her sweet temperament
and playful charm. Most of the residents who love to spend
time with Eloise have many fond memories of their own dogs
from years past. In fact, along with wide eyes and big smiles,
getting to pet and hold the dog usually gets everyone talking
to each other and telling stories about their own former pets,
and their joy is almost palpable.
“My wife and I had dogs for over 50 years. We love them,”
fondly recalled Earl Holkeboer, a resident for 10 years.
Carnegie East House residents watch Dexter and Beacon
Belle perform tricks and not only play with but entertain a
large group who simply adore their time with such close furry
Resident Marjorie “Liz” Holt and Eloise
Ultimately, the Puppy Love groups have been a wonderful
way for residents to connect with memories through the love
of very affectionate dogs and their generous and experienced
Page 7
James Lenox House Association and the residents and staff of Carnegie East House and James Lenox House are proud
to acknowledge and thank each donor and the members of the Board for their generous leadership gifts and thoughtful
investment of time and wisdom during 2014.
Ruth Alward
Charles A. Amstein
William Anderson
Align Comm
Sherrell Andrews and Robert Kuhbach
Rita Arlen
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Michael Balsamo
PS Marcato Elevator Co.
Charles R. Borrok
Cushman & Wakefield
Beatrice and Douglas Broadwater
Patricia J. Brownell and James Collins
Desmond Burke
Firequench Inc.
John Catsimatidis
The Red Apple Group
Congregation Emanu-El of New York
Anne S. Connor
William N. Dye
Carol and Roger Einiger
Barbara and Brad Evans
Vernon Evenson
Gregg S. Fisher
Gerstein Fisher
John Fitzgerald
James E. Fitzgerald, Inc.
Andrew Forbis
Dennis Friedrich
Brookfield Office Properties
Edward A. Froelich
Leslie J. Garfield
Leslie J. Garfield & Co., Inc.
Michael Gerazounis
MG Engineering D.P.C.
Joseph H. Girven
Erna A. Given
Geraldine Goodman
Walter T. Gorman, PE
Walter T. Gorman, P.E., P.C.
David R. Greenbaum
Vornado Realty Trust
Susan Hayes
Cauldwell Wingate Company, LLC
Nicola M. Heryet
Cassidy Turley
Robert Hohmann
AJS Construction
Ellen Howe
Ellen E Howe Foundation
Laurie Hutner
WB Wood
Susan A. Irwin
Caroline and David Johnson, Jr.
Fr. John Kamas
Mark Kirn
Whitsons Culinary Group
Nicholas Lampiasi
Fox Rehabilitation, Inc.
Walter L. Larkin III
Larkin NYC Inc.
A. Mitti Liebersohn
Jones Lang LaSalle
Gerta Lissner Charitable Fund
Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW
Gretchen and Paul Massey
Massey Knakal Realty Services
Susan D. McClanahan
Julia A. McGee
Calvin Marshall Mew and Mary F.
Steve P. Morrows
RFR Realty LLC
Ted Moudis
Ted Moudis Associates
Patrick Murphy
Nancy Rabstejnek Nichols
New York City Department For
The Aging
Gregory O’Neill
Clune Construction Company
Carolyn and William Patterson
Julie and Russel Patterson, Jr.
Phipps Houses Services, Inc.
David Pomeranz
The Hebrew Home at Riverdale
Raymond Quartararo
Jones Lang LaSalle
Suzy Reingold
Cushman & Wakefield
John B. Roberts, Esq.
Jonathan Rosenberg
Greystone & Co. Inc.
Alan Rosenfield
Harmony Asset Management
Barbara and John Samuelson
Christopher Savoglou
Ted Moudis Associates
Warren Scharf
Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Jay Sherwood
Karen and Kenneth Siegel
Jane Smith
Kenneth W. Sold, Esq.
Loeb & Loeb, LLP
Ellsworth G. Stanton III
William T. Sullivan
Ronald McDonald House of New York
Syde Hurdus Foundation
Susannah Talley
Patricia R. Taylor
Thomas A. Teeple
Matthew Van Buren
CB Richard Ellis
The Vidda Foundation
Denise and William Welsh
Alan Wilensky
USI Insurance Services, LLC
Donald M. Wilkinson III
Wilkinson O’Grady & Company, Inc.
Sundie and John Zeltin
Alan B. Abramson
Abramson Brothers Incorporated
Paul Angerame
Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.
David Ashenfarb, CPA
Schall & Ashenfarb CPAs, LLC
James A. Avitabile
Michael B. Ballew
R. Graham Barr and Kristen Lasky
Stephen G. Berliner
Genie and Robert Birch
Thomas Birnbaum
NYC Realty Advisors, LLC
Mark Boccuzi
EvensonBest, LLC
David Bonifacic
WB Engineering & Consulting
John Cefaly
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc
Owen Clarkin
Richard Cucci
American Construction Inc.
Winifred Cudjoe
Robert Cyruli
Cyruli Shanks Hart & Zizmor
Audrey Da Silva
John Dieter
Roxanne Donovan
Great Ink
Margaret Dowd and Ronald Eichorn
Walter P. Drury
Rev. Katharine C. Dunn
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church
Debra Fechter
Digby Management Co., LLC
Elliott Fein
DBF Sales
Patrick Ferriere
August B. Field, IV
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Jennifer Foley
Frank Fortino
Metropolis Group Inc.
Brandl Frey
John Gallivan
Waldner’s Business Environments
Steve Gardner
Lane Office
Joel Gerson
Alice Griffin
Joy Fedden Habian
JFH Communications
Barbara Hayes
Priscilla and Ronald Hoffman
Nancy Houghton
Health Advocates for Older People, Inc.
Suzanna C. Houston
John R. Hupper, Esq.
Laurie Hutner
W.B. Wood
Jack Irushalmi
Tri-Star Construction Corp.
Lucia Keller
Paula and Thomas Keltner
James C. Kennedy, Esq.
Edythe Kenner Foundation
Judith A. Kinberg
Ted Koltis
Paramount Group, Inc.
Page 8
George Koutsivitis
Aegis Mechanical Corp.
Cory Koven
Ambassador Construction
Brian C. Kravitz
Search and Care
Susan Kurland
Gary I. Laermer
Lauren Larsen
Power Cooling Inc.
David Lebenstein
Cassidy Turley
Ronald T. Lo Russo
Cushman & Wakefield
Edward C. Lord III
Robert Lowe
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Tina Lundgren
John Lynch and Sigrid Doleske
Robert R. Lyons
Marks Paneth Shron LLP
Allison and Frederick MacEachron
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church
Barry Mandel
Michael Mariani
Certified Moving & Storage Co., LLC
Richard H. Martin and Morris Gaines
Louise Matthews
Avon Products, Inc.
David McWilliams
JRM Construction Mangement, LLC
Michele Medaglia
ACC Construction Corporation
Maria Melendez
Haworth, Inc.
Louis S. Milo
Milrose Consultants
William F. Murdy
Comfort Systems USA
John Murphy
Patrick M. Murphy
Eugene Nardelli
Ajay Narula
Curtis Partition Company
Emmy and David Patterson
Agnes Peterson
NY-Presbyterian Hospital
Mark Pfaff
New York Life Insurance Company
Peter Pollack
Mary and Robert Radsch
James A. Read
MML Capital Partners
Gina Rizzo
Herman Miller
Jeffrey Roseman
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
Michael I. Roth
Interpublic Group
Edith Sagul
Lenny Sainovski
Allstate Electric Corp.
John C. Sarkioglu
Lighting Design Collaboratives
Michael Schall, CPA
Schall & Ashenfarb CPAs, LLC
Louise Schecker
Robert Schoenbach
Schoenbach Construction Corporation
Ruth and Julian Schroeder
Ronald D. Sernau
Proskauer Rose LLP
Nancy P. Sevcenko
Jerry Shaw
Paul Smadbeck
Massey Knakal Realty Services
Jane and Kenneth Thompson
Vincent Tolins
Pro-Tech Plumbing & Heating
Christopher Trinka
Thomas Turrisi
Robert Derector Associates
Beth and Donald Wahlig
Ed Welsh
ADCO Electrical Corp.
Laura and Steven Williamson
Marcia Wilson
Joel S. Wong
Henry H. Abernathy
Ann Ahern
Myron I. Altschuler
Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins &
Goidel, P.C.
Lisa S. Anselmo
Matthew Arendt and Thomas Mission
Christeena Baksh
Peter Bakstansky
Dolores Barattini
Nelida C. Barreto
Robin Baskett
James S. Baumgartner
Ilene M. Biderman
Barry M. Bloom
Jill and Bryan Bloom
Vincent A. Boccia
Jon Bortz
Ellen Borz
Charles E. Boulbol
Lisa M. Brauner, Esq.
FSB FisherBroyles LLP
Lola Cadoret
AJ Camhi
RFR Realty LLC
Matthew Canale
RFR Realty LLC
Massimo Caronna
Brunello Cucinelli USA Inc.
Norma Castiel
Bernice Cavall
Suzannah Chandler
Evelyn Chigrinsky
Salvatore Ciaravino
Benenson Capital Partners LLC
Dorine A. Colin
Fran Condon
Plaza International
Kathryn O. Costello
Rosina M. Cotruzzola
Pamela Craig
Catherine C. Crane
Susan Crowley
Stephen Dellwood
Cassidy Turley
Susan A. Dennison
Patricia Dermody
Harris Diamond
Weber Shandwick Worldwide
William J. Dionne
Carter Burden Center for the Aging
Millard W. Dixon III
Kevin Durfee
Brown Brothers Harriman
Susann Eaton
Terri Eggers
Gary Engel
N. Emmanuel Enriquez
Design 3
Mel Farrell
Linda and Jeffrey Feinstein
Susan L. Feldman
Jennifer Ferentini
Claire Fischl
Stephanie and Aaron Ford
Margaret M. Fox
Cherilyn and David Frei
Julie Garner
Martin Agency
Jeffrey Gelfand
Scott Gordon
Spencer Gordon
Joyce and Norbert Gottenberg
Sally Graudons
David E. Green
Cushman & Wakefield
Hector Griffin
William Summerville, Inc.
Teresa Grimm
Gregory Grinley
Janet Groth
Michael Grunder
Joseph Guidetti
Suzan S. Habachy
Anthony Hamablet
Helen R. Hamlin
Marguerite Hartley
Timothy D. Haskin
Peninsula Real Estate Fund I, LP
Diana M Hawes
Samuel R. Hill
Helen and Earl Holkeboer
Julie P. Horner and James E. Spainer
Sikota Isaacs
New York Life
Shaun Jacobson
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Please use the attached envelope or contact Lane Richards Peace at 212-288-5883 or [email protected]
Page 9
welcome to our new development director and...
We are delighted to welcome Lane
Peace, our new
Development Director. Before joining
us last May, Lane was Director of
Institutional Advancement at Mannes
College The New School for Music for
seven years. Reporting directly to the
Dean of the college, she consistently met
or exceeded the annual development
goals set by the President. Lane secured
significant gifts from individuals,
created and launched a Young Patrons
Society, raised a new funding stream
supporting various programs, and
developed foundation, corporate and
private support for the Mannes Opera
and Orchestra.
In addition to her professional
experience in the not-for-profit sector,
Lane has an equally strong background
in the corporate world. For twelve years
she worked for Swiss Re NMNY, a
division of Swiss Reinsurance Company,
Zurich, serving first as Special Projects
Manager and then as Associate Director.
Lane’s role involved a great deal of
travel, organizing and coordinating
annual meetings, marketing events that
included training seminars and local
business responsiveness in NY, Zurich,
Barbados, and Toronto.
Both professionally and in her personal
life, Lane has been motivated to help
with raising money for something
important to benefit the world and
help meet human needs. Lane is
active in Women in Development
a professional organization. She is
member of its President’s Council,
serves on its Coaching/Mentoring and
Special Programming Committees
and is co-chairing “I to I: A Structured
Networking Experience,” helping
women fine-tune professional skills,
learn to speak up and land new jobs,
and balance career and family.
Lane’s family is very international.
Married to David Peace, who was born
in England, her own family heritage
is Russian. Her parents were born
in China, and later moved to Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, where Lane was born.
When Lane was still quite young they
moved to New York. She majored in
art in high school and college, and has
a B.A. from Hunter College. Lane has
Page 10
an impressive knowledge of languages,
speaking fluent Russian, conversational
French, and some Portuguese and
At James Lenox House, we have seen
Lane’s sensitivity to the needs of older
adults. Lane and David were worried
about her father living alone. For
almost a year, they searched for a place
for him to live near them, and finally
had the great fortune for him to move
into an apartment in the same building
upstairs from them where they see him
every single day, can go out with him
and be with him when his friends visit.
When asked about what shaped her
life and values, Lane said, “Once again,
it all goes back to my Dad.” He never
suggested that her gender could in any
way present problems. He always told
her, “You can do whatever you want
to do—even become President of the
United States.” Admiring accomplished
women—Clara Barton, Florence
Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, the
woman Lane likes to quote most,
however, is the fictional character
Scarlett O’Hara. There’s always hope,
whatever the pitfalls and set-backs in
life. Her famous quote at the end of the
story is the one Lane lives by: “After
all...tomorrow is another day.”
JOHN B. ROBERTS joined the
James Lenox House Association Board
in May. A practicing lawyer in New
York, his main areas of concentration
are trusts and estates, taxation,
charitable organizations, and family
wealth planning. He also serves on
the boards of the Airlie Foundation,
the Civitella Ranieri Foundation,
the Lanie and Ethel Foundation and
the Vidda Foundation as well as the
National Councils of The Student
Conservation Association and SAGE.
John received a BA from Anderson
University, a JD from the University
of Oklahoma and an LLM in Taxation
from New York University. In his free
time, he enjoys the opera, travel and
the outdoors, especially white water
rafting, but above all, he enjoys and is
committed to helping older adults.
This past fall we also welcomed
works at Greystone, his family’s New
York based real estate and real estate
finance firm, where he focuses on the
financing of affordable multifamily
housing as well as healthcare facilities.
Jonathan holds a BA in history from
Columbia University.
He lives with his wife and three
children in Englewood, NJ, where he
enjoys chasing his children, playing
basketball, and occasionally, reading.
close bond to James Lenox House
Association; he was born and grew up
on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
Chris began his career in advertising
and brand management of various
national products including: Folger’s,
Sara Lee, and Hasbro Toys. In 1987,
he started his own business as a
franchised small business consultant
with General Business Services. He
expanded the business over the years,
ultimately becoming a fully accredited
securities and insurance representative
of AXA Advisors, LLC. Chris recently
sold his tax practice, but continues to
provide financial planning services to
individuals and small businesses.
He has been a member of Madison
Avenue Presbyterian Church since
1998 and currently serves on the Board
FUN and music
Page 11
of Trustees and the Stewardship and
Development Committees. Receiving
a BA from Fordham Chris attained an
MBA from CUNY. Chris enjoys golfing,
tennis and entertaining in the city and
at his summer home in the Poconos.
Regretfully, our dedicated and esteemed
Board member, PATRICIA TAYLOR,
has resigned from the James Lenox
House Association Board of Directors
after almost 20 years of service.
During her tenure Pat has chaired
the Admissions and Nominating
Committees as well as holding the
position of Board Liaison to the Library
Committee. Pat is particularly proud
of chairing the 135th Anniversary
Celebration Committee which included
Mary Tyler Moore as honorary guest
speaker. We will all sorely miss Pat, but
we know that she will continue to be
in touch with all her friends at James
Lenox House. We wish her all the best
as she settles in her new home outside
of New York City.
NEW YORK, NY 10021-3520
Kurt Fulton
Lane Richards Peace
Julie East
Jo Lowndes Sevely
Newsletter Design:
Judith Rew
We’ve got Rhythm and Dinner
2015 Spring Theatre Benefit
Tuesday, March 31, 2015
8:00 PM
1564 Broadway
(bet. 46th & 47th Streets)
5:30 PM
Gallaghers Legendary Steakhouse
228 West 52nd Street
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