DCHA/REINS February Newsletter

February 2015
Officers – Term Ends Jan 2017 President: Klynt Nifong (764‐2277) Vice‐President: Milda Minter (764‐4785) Secretary: Gayle Nifong (764‐2277) Treasure: Gail Fritts (239‐4261) Directors/Term Ends Jan Fran Bassett: 2017 (407‐0675) Jan Kruzith: 2017 (479‐2777) Marie Freeman: 2017 (752‐2188) Doug Owen: 2018 (249‐8285) Brenda Vickrey: 2018 (972‐6261) UPCOMING EVENTS & DATES Renew your DCHA/REINS membership for 2015. Please fill out the
DCHA membership form and send it along with your dues to:
PO Box 519
Lexington, NC. 27293-0519
Congratulations to our new Officers and Board Members for 2015
President - Klynt Nifong
Vice President - Milda Minter
Treasurer - Gail Fritts
Secretary - Gayle Nifong
Board Members
Doug Owen
Brenda Vickrey
Committee Chairperson/s February 9, 2015: 7pm Board Meeting at Ag Building Finance: Gail Fritts (239‐4261) Fund Raiser: Lori Smith (309‐9470) Nancy & Jerry Everhart (731‐1364) Historian: Gayle Nifong (764‐2277) Horse Show: Milda Minter (764‐4785) Legislative:Gayle & Klynt Nifong (764‐2277) February 14, 2015: Trail ride at Morrow Mtn.10:30 am. Check their website if it has been raining because they will close if the trails are wet. February 17, 2015: Our general meeting will be at the Ag Bldg. at 6:30. We will have Soup and Sandwich Night. Lots of people signed up for dessert so we need people to bring soup and sandwiches. Jason Callicutt, Southern States Rep will speak on the topic of “Meeting the Carbohydrate needs of your horse with Southern States Feeds.” Do some research on carbohydrates and have some educated questions to ask Jason. Newsletter/Membership: Frances Thorne (242‐1021) Nominations: Doug Owen (249‐8285) Public Relations: OPEN Reins/Education: Gayle Nifong (764‐2277) Social: OPEN Trail Rides/Awards: Gail Fritts (239‐4261) Webpage: Marilyn Colvin (492‐6594) Youth: Hallie Nifong (764‐2277) February 17, We will have a sign‐up sheet for the WELCOME EASTER PARADE on Saturday, March 28,2015 at 3pm.Line up time is 1‐2pm.DCHA/REINS has been invited to ride their horses in this parade. We need to have a good number to support DCHA. Gayle needs to RSVP to the Parade Committee by March 1.We must have a pooper scooper. Please call Gayle if you are interested in riding in the parade or being the pooper scooper. 336‐764‐2277. March 28, 2015: Saturday, Welcome Easter Parade. February 2015
DCHA REINS Board Meeting Minutes 1/12/2015 Attendees: Doug Owen, James Jones, Gail Fritts, Marie Freeman, Fran Bassett, Milda Minter, Gayle Nifong, Deanna Wagner and Marilyn Colvin. Call to Order: 7:07 pm Doug Owen opened our meeting with Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary’s Report: Gayle Nifong gave a correction to the November Board Meeting minutes. We need to change the reference to ‘charities’ from 2015 to 2014 because those charities are really for the year 2014. The November minutes will be corrected. A motion was made to accept the November minutes with the correction and was also seconded. The motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Gail Fritts went over all the financial statements for the year 2014. She reported that sales tax for the year had been filed and an e‐card was done. James Jones made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report; Fran Bassett seconded and the motion carried. Membership: Memberships can now be renewed for 2015. To renew your membership please fill out the membership form you can download off the website. Mail it along with your dues to PO box 519, Lexington, NC 27293. This will keep our membership info current. Trail Rides: Gail reported that our trail ride at Hamby Creek was cancelled due to bad weather. Our next ride is at Morrow Mtn on Feb. 14th at 10:00 am. Check the Morrow Mtn. website before going as they will close if it’s wet. REINS: Gayle Nifong is planning 2015 Meeting topics and speakers. Please give Gayle your suggestions on topics you would like to see presented. Deanna reported that Carolina Farm Credit is sponsoring a ‘Hauling’ talk given by State Troopers. They will discuss tags and weight limits. We will try to plan this for July 21st at the Ag Bldg. There will be other groups present to hear this talk. Our next General Meeting will be next Tues. Jan 20th and we will have elections. Brenda Vickrey and Angie Swaim from Carolina Farm Credit will talk about their services and Michele Hunt will have someone there to talk about Legal Shield. April 21st ‐ NCHC meets with DCHA/REINS here at the Ag Bldg. The Welcome Easter Parade is Sat. March 28th. February 2015
Horse Shows 2015: Lori will not be doing the horse shows this year. Milda Minter offered for DCHA to use her place, Heritage Farms. She has May 2nd open and August is also open. Marie suggested we go back to having 1 show per year and donate the money to a specific charity and lower the sponsorship fees. We can also provide nicer ribbons and small trophies as prizes. Marie made a motion that we have the horse show May 2nd at Heritage Farms. It will be a Fun Show for charity – Riverwood Therapeutic Riding or Greater Things Outreach as decided by our General Membership. Gail Fritts seconded the motion and the motion carried. James Jones offered to be an Associate Sponsor for our 2015 Fun Show. ‐ Marie made a motion that the charity choices for 2014 will be Equestrian Special Olympics, Crisis Control Ministries and the Salvation Army. We will have the General Membership choose 2 of these 3 charities. Marilyn seconded the motion and the motion carried. Elections 2015: We worked out who the nominees will be for the 2015 election. Doug Owen is a nominee for President, Milda Minter nominee for Vice President, Gail Fritts for Treasurer, and Gayle Nifong for Secretary. LEGISLATURE: North Carolina Horse Council has their meeting dates listed on the website NChorsecouncil.com Anyone can attend. Davidson County Horsemen's Association/R.E.I.N.S. has an Organizational Membership. Klynt represents DCHA with a vote. Gayle is on the NCHC Board. NCHC Exceutive Secretary, Sue Gray will be here on April 21 at the AG. She will tell you all the interesting things and activities going on in the Equine Industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak up. Be sure and check out the website. Social/Fundraiser: No report Public Relations: No report Nominations: See Elections above. Web Page: No report Hamby Creek: Some signs have been torn down and the arena has some run‐off erosion. We will look into the possibility of having inmates work on Hamby Creek Trail maintenance as these trails are on public lands. Old Business: ‐ T‐Shirts – there will not be a t‐shirt design contest this year because we have too many to sell. New Business: None Marie Freeman made a motion to adjourn at 8:47 pm; Fran Bassett seconded; and the motion carried. Minutes submitted by Marilyn Colvin, Secretary. February 2015
GENERAL MEETING MINUTES 1/20/2015 Our January General Meeting at the Ag Bldg. was called to order by President James Jones at 7:17 pm. Doug Owen led us in Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Secretary minutes and Treasurers' report were both approved. James Jones told our group that this would be his last meeting as President and that he enjoyed his term of service greatly but he just would not be able to continue in the role as President due to other commitments. Some things currently going on are memberships need to be renewed for 2015. Our trail ride for January was canceled due to bad weather. Our next ride is scheduled for Morrow Mtn. on Feb 14th at 10:00 am. There will be no trail awards this year but keep track of your riding hours. We voted to have the trail rides quarterly. Our next trail ride is scheduled for February 14th, at Morrow Mountain. We will meet at 10:30 am, and start the trail ride at 11:00 am. We will have one Fun Horse Show on May 2nd at Heritage Farms. Some of the earnings from the show will go to one charity that we choose tonight. T‐Shirts are for sale for $14.each. Gayle Nifong is setting up meeting topics and speakers for this year so please let her know if you’d like to see a particular topic covered. Our DCHA Feb. 17th meeting will be at the Ag Bldg. a 6:30. We will have Soup and Sandwich Night. Lots of people signed up for dessert so we need people to bring soup and sandwiches. Jason Callicutt, Southern States Rep will speak on the topic of “Meeting the Carbohydrate needs of your horse with Southern States Feeds.” Deanna Wagner reported that the Guilford Co. Horse Extension courses will begin on 1/26/2015. The first course is on saddle fitting. It is Deanna’s birthday tonight and we all sang happy birthday to her and cake and drinks were served. Election Ballots were passed out for voting while we were enjoying dessert. February 2015
We voted for 4 Officers and 2 Board Members, as well as Charities for 2014 and 2015. The results were as follows: Officers President – Klynt Nifong Vice President – Milda Minter Treasurer – Gail Fritts Secretary – Gayle Nifong Board Members Doug Owen Brenda Vickrey Charities 2014 Crisis Control Ministries Equestrian Special Olympics Charity for 2015 Riverwood Therapeutic Riding Center Brenda Vickrey, Loan Officer from Carolina Farm Credit, talked a little bit about the services offered by her company, and Angie Swaim let us know she is the rep for crop insurance. If any of us has any crop insurance needs, Angie is the person to contact. Thanks so much to CFC for being our Corporate Sponsor for our horse shows! Brenda and Angie proceeded to hand out door prizes. James Jones then turned the meeting over to Klynt Nifong, our new DCHA President for 2015. Klynt wants input on how we feel we can make this organization successful and will contact all of us to discuss this. Klynt also asked for the members help in recruiting new people for the club. Michelle Hunt introduced Juan Langford who talked about Legal Shield, a pre‐paid legal service, to help with any and all kinds of legal issues we may encounter. At 8:23 a motion was made to adjourn. Gayle Nifong seconded and we were adjourned. Minutes submitted by Marilyn Colvin February 2015
Check the DCHA webpage for changes in schedules due to inclement weather.
March 28, 2015: Saturday, Welcome Easter Parade.
April 13, 2015: DCHA Board Meeting at the Ag Bldg. 7:00 pm.
April 21, 2015: - DCHA General Mtg. at the Ag Bldg.
North Carolina Horse Council will be here.
Get your DCHA/REINS T-shirts while they are still available for $14. each.
Gayle has 3 general meeting dates open for 2015 programs. DCHA/REINS welcomes your suggestions and
requests for speakers. You can speak to any officer or board member. Their e-mails and contact numbers are on
web-site. Contact numbers are listed on front of newsletter.
*DCHA/REINS Fun Horse show Chairperson for 2015 is Milda Minter. The board has set Saturday, May2,
2015 as our Spring Fun Show date. This will be held at Heritage Farm, 1833 Perryman Rd. Lexington, NC
27295.Mildas' contact #336-764-4785.We have chosen our 2015 charity. Our FUN HORSE SHOW is our
largest fund raiser. We would like all members to volunteer your time and support this event. We will be asking
everyone to sponsor a class and/or get business to sponsor a class. Let's make this a BIG success!
Please collect Southern States Feed proof of purchase seals throughout the year.
Our club gets money for these! This is what the bags and seals look like.
Bring the Whole Family Out to the
Virginia-North Carolina
Horse Festival
Saturday, March 7, 2015
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Olde Dominion Ag Complex
19783 US Hwy 29 S, Chatham, VA
Hourly Demonstrations
Hosted by:
11:30 AM
Dressage & Long Lining
12:30 PM
Parade of Breeds
1:30 PM
2:30 PM
Mounted Shooting
Displays & Vendors
Ask a Vet
Barn Safety
Horse Colors/Markings
Buying Your 1st Horse
Door Prizes
Saddles, Bridles, & Bits
Equine Dentistry
Western Wear
Kid’s Area
Face Painting
Horseshoe Decorating
All Day
Over 20 breeds of horses for viewing all day!
Person County
Whether you are an expert, novice, or just
want to learn more about horses, plan to spend
the day and join in the fun!
Sponsored by:
Chatham-Gretna Cooperative
February 2015
TRAIL RIDE 2/14/2015!!! Feb 14: Morrow Mountain State Park, 49104 Morrow Mountain Rd, Albemarle, NC We will meet at 10:30 am, and start the trail ride at 11:00 am. That way it can warm up some before starting out. 3‐16 miles of trails; website: www.ncparks.gov; graveled parking lot; restroom; wash station for horses. (They close if they have had lots of rain; check website.) Hope to see you there. Directions for Morrow Mountain State Park 1.
Hwy 64 East from Lexington. Turn right onto Hwy 109 South.
2. Hwy 109 South through Denton to Hwy 49.
3. Turn right onto Hwy 49.
4. Pass Hwy 8 Intersection; cross Yadkin River at Tuckertown Boat access.
5. Turn left onto Hwy 8 at traffic islands.
6. Go to 1st stoplight in New London.
7. Turn left onto Hwy 740; go thru town of Badin and follow Morrow Mountain State Park signs. Once in park go .3 mile to
parking lot on right. (Small sign says trail parking.) Deadline for March Newsletter – February 25