SIROLL Stepless Reform Tub System
SIROLL Stepless Reform
Tub System
Innovative performance
Your challenge:
You want to form a wide variety of coil products with a
conventional reform tub that satisfies your end customer.
But the conventional reform arrangement, with its fixed
iris and single coil plate, is not easily reconfigured to suit
the unique needs of different product sizes and grades.
Each installation is built to accommodate the largest billet
size and tonnage rate the mill wishes to roll.
The ability to adjust coil formation height is very limited,
and therefore it is often challenging to maximize the
benefit of the Siemens VAI Metals Technologies’ patented
ring distributor, or to minimize the height from which the
coil is dropped from the iris fingers onto the coil plate.
The performance of the reform area depends on a
multitude of factors, including finished product size, steel
grade, and coil temperature. The inability to fully control
the coil formation in the tub can result in taller, less dense
coils that are harder to compact, ship and pay off for the
downstream user.
Our solution:
Reliable and consistent formation of the highest possible
quality coils – the SIROLL Stepless Reform Tub System has
a patent-pending design to meet the needs of the modern
mill in an increasingly competitive market. This
revolutionary system is the first of its kind in the world to
offer a seamless coil handoff through the use of dual
interlocking coil plates mounted on independently driven
carriages. These coil plates overlap to ensure a gentle,
drop-free transition of the coil, preserving its shape during
handling. The use of a moveable upper coil plate instead
of a fixed iris also allows the mill to take full advantage of
the ring distributor technology and form the entire coil at
the optimum height inside the tub, regardless of the billet
size, product diameter or grade.
This can lead to costly mill downtime, higher scrap rates,
and increased equipment maintenance costs. Efforts put
into optimizing the ring pattern from the laying head to
ensure coil quality can be made less effective by the ring
drop depth of conventional reform tubs.
Dual interlocking coil plate interface enables seamless coil transfer
Answers for Industry.
Independently driven carriage equipped with safety brakes
Benefits of the SIROLL Stepless Reform Tub System
Installation flexibility:
•• Suitable for greenfield or retrofit installations
•• Works with pallet or two-arm mandrel systems
Safety and security:
•• Integrated safety brakes and interlocks protect
employees and equipment
Advantages of the SIROLL Stepless Reform Tub
•• Consistent formation of high quality coils
•• Entire coil formed using SIROLL ring distributor regardless
of billet size
•• Redundant sensors ensure process repeatability
•• Elimination of coil drops
Unprecedented control:
•• Fully electric drive system for ease of operation and
•• Reduced coil scrap rate
•• Reduced mill downtime
•• Compact coils for greater ease of transport and storage
Product range
4.5 mm to 26.0 mm dia.
Max tonnage rate
166 tph
Minimum billet gap
2 seconds
Coil weight
1200 to 2500 kg
Coil outer diameter
1250 mm
Coil inner diameter
850 mm
Carriage dual motor arrangement and coil plate drive motor
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