Wire Transfer Information - Business Affairs

Clear Form
Wire Transfer Information
(Complete this form and submit to the originating bank.)
To send a wire transfer to the University of Oregon, provide the originating bank with the
following information:
Routing Number
Account Number
University of Oregon
U.S. Bank
555 SW Oak St.
Portland, Oregon 97204
SWIFT Number
Receiving Bank
(Required if originating bank is outside U.S.)
Purpose, including the following:
(Max 35 characters)
Student ID Student Name
Department Name
Short Description
(For example, conference registration or
publication purchased).
Please provide the Cashiers Office with the following information either by phone (541 346-3154) or by email
([email protected]):
1. Name of Sender
2. Name of Beneficiary
3. Originating Bank
4. Originating Country
5. Dollar Amount
6. Date Sent
7. Document #
**UO Departments:
If you are expecting a payment by wire, please send a TWADEPO department deposit form to the Cashiers office. Also
include the approximate date of wire and who it is coming from.
Business Affairs WTI Nov 2014