October 3 - Clark Middle School

Husky Tribune
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Volume 2.2
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month to help in-
Breast cancer awareness month is all about prevention
and that is why people will go pink all the month of October.
Jaylen Mendez can be reached in Room 28
form people about this disease that 1 in 8 women will acquire in their
lifetime while men can also be affected. People throughout the world,
including Clark Middle
School will were pink to support
breast cancer awareness month.
What is
breast cancer? According to Clark
Middle School nurse
Jessica Durrance, “It is a month that
we make women aware of breast cancer and the preventive measures that they can take.”
National Breast Cancer began in 1985 through the Susan B.
Komen foundation. The rates are very high and are caused physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first they start as tumors and if it
goes through your body undetected, it can spread in any type of your
body part.
Durrance stated that it is good and healthy to do mammograms or self -breast exams to prevent from getting breast cancer.
A lot of women pass away from breast cancer, an estimated 40,000
women pass from it each year. Each year 1.5% women are diagnosed
with breast cancer.
Husky Tribune Oct. 10 special edition, $1
The Husky Tribune editor Gabriel
Cisnero made the decision to make this posThe Husky Tribune will be printing a sible. This special edition will make a change
special edition on October the 10th for
for Breast Cancer Awareness month and
CMS for helping women by donating all the
Breast Cancer Awareness month. The
money to the donation so please dig in your
money that Clark Middle School raises
pockets a little deeper next week.
will go to the breast cancer donation.
“This is an important cause and we
CMS is doing this for a special
cause to help women and men who are affect wanted to make sure to help,” Cisneros said.
by this disease. Clark is helping save lives and “We will be selling the Husky Tribune for a $1.”
preventing the loss of lives. The newspaper
will be pink and will be sold for one dollar for Gustavo Martinez can be reached in Room
the donation.
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Husky Tribune
A publication of Clark Middle School Journalism
Letter from Editor
port breast cancer so we encourage you
Gabriel Cisneros and I am the new Husky huskies to buy the husky tribune.
Tribune editor. It is an honor being cho- The TEA award is very prestigious and
difficult to receive; nonesen to be the editor
theless, Clark Middle
for this year and I
received it in math, readknow this year the
ing, and English language
Husky Tribune is going
The Husky footto be better than ever,
ball team started with a
with engaging articles
bang with the 7th graders
and spot-on pictures.
picking up three conThis issue of
secutive victories and
Husky Tribune is very
are in a three game winimportant to the Husning streak to stay perkies because we are
fect on the season, while
writing about the
the 8th graders struggle
Breast Cancer
Awareness Month GABRIEL CISNEROS-HUSKY TRIBUNE EDITOR and are 2-1 but they
still manage to bring
and starting off the
home the victory t his
Husky Tribune with
a popping pink color to show awareness. past week.
The Clark Middle school volleyBreast cancer is important
off the season with all
because it is one the most common can- ball team starting
wins both 7 and 8th grade teams. Outcers, so the United States like to show
standing players of the week, Star feaawareness on this month
tures, cheerleading artiof October like doing accles, and art student of
tivities to raise money to
the week will come out
help find a cure for
in this issue of the Husky
breast cancer.
Tribune .This Husky TribThe Husky athune will have a lot more
letes go pink in October to
interesting articles and
show support to breast
information you might
cancer. Just by wearing
have missed out of this
something pink in the
week. You might see
month of October could
yourself in the Husky
really support survivors
or people that still have
See you next
breast cancer could really
week Huskies.
show support and aware-
Hello Huskies, my name is
500 Hillside Road (Rear)
Laredo, Texas 78045
Clara Sandoval
Randal Fox
Gabriel Cisneros
Raul Dominguez
Erasto Romero-Head
Layla Castillo
Arturo Martinez
Ezra Flores-Head
Brigitte Little
Sophia Aguilar-Agustin Andrade-Gilberto Barrera-Mike
Cabrera-Nohemi Cordova-Cynthia Garcia-Natalie Gomez-Monika Herrada-Amanda Lopez-Arturo MartinezGustavo Martinez-Jaylen Mandez-Gilberto MoncivaisVicente Montalvo-Jesse Ramirez-Clara Reyes-Jose
Rodriguez-Rigoberto Rodriguez-Victor Salgado-Edgar
Santos-Jose Serna-Joaquin Valdez-Jesus VargasCarlo Velasquez-Sebastian Villagomez-Janeth
Villalobos-Devin Benavides-Nicolas Catalani-Chole
Cortez-Alfredo Garcia-Emily Guerrero-Alexandra Martinez-Victoria Montemayor-Joel Ortiz-Alejandra
Burciaga-Kayla Rios-Margret Rodriguez-Juan Rodriguez-Romel Salinas-Emilio Sanchez-Raymundo SoteloGeraldine Valles-Anthony Vargas-Gabriel Zapata-Jose ness.
The Husky Tribune is selling this
month and with all the money we collect
Volume 2 –Number 1
we would like to donate it for breast cancer to show the Huskies really do sup-
Visit us at the CMS Home page
—Gabriel Cisneros
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Huskies going Pink in October
October. “It will be a
really exciting and
game to see,”
With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming, the Clark Mid- cool
dle School volleyball, cheerleading, and football teams will be wearing
pink to remind people of how
dangerous Breast Cancer coach Ernesto Meza
is and reminding people to be
We were
“One in eight women
will get Breast Cancer in
to have
their lifetime, and she wants pink because it is the new black,” Clark
Middle School coach Amy Torres said. “Breast Cancer should be every met a Breast Canmonth because we are women, and it is important to remind people of cer survivor in our
lifetime. Terry Alvathe need to be screened for it and instill the responsibility in young
rado is the secrepeople”.
tary at Newman
The 7th grade volleyball team will be wearing pink bows for
Breast Cancer Awareness and for the respect for Breast Cancer Sur- Elementary and
never thought negatively. She was very high-spirited despite of her
Cheerleaders will also be wearing pink for all of our October cancer. She never let Breast Cancer bring her down or get in the way
of her life. She is a real inspiration to all the women in the world with
football games. Pink socks and bows is what they will be wearing for
Breast Cancer Awareness. Cheerleaders have been supporting Breast Breast Cancer.
Geraldine Valles and Chloe Cortez can be reached at GeraldCancer Survivors for three years in a row, and are hoping for more to [email protected] OR [email protected]
come. Football teams will be doing something until their last game in
New Breast Cancer Awareness Shoes
MALL DEL NORTE-October, while this may be known as a
time of ghosts and witches, with the main colors being black and
orange, this can also now be known as the month full of pink.
This is due to the fact that October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now instead of black and orange clothing, a lot
of people are wearing pink. People are now wearing pink shirts,
shorts, and now even pink shoes thanks to Nike Basketball.
Following the death of Kay Yow, former women’s basketball
coach of North Carolina University, in 2009, Nike has tried to help
breast cancer patients all around the nation.
In 1987, Yow was first diagnosed with the life changing news
that she had breast cancer, and passed away on January 24, 2009
due to the disease.
Within the last years of her life, Yow joined forces with the
WBCA, (Women’s Breast Cancer Association) to help raise money for
the other individuals with breast cancer. After hearing the death of
the former coach and how she tried to help, Nike started to make a
See NEW SHOES| page 12
Frankie Caballero holds two shoes that Nike has created for Breast Cancer
Awareness month
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Social Studies, taking a trip to the past
Social Studies is one of the most important subjects for the
fact that it teaches us a sense of history and teaches us important
Social Studies. This is one of the most various topics rang- lessons not only for us, but so we can pass on to our kids and grandkids.
ing from the beginning of
Without social studies we won’t know about importime, to modern day times.
tant issues in modern day life because we learn
Social studies includes the
from our mistakes. We learn about ways to imcultures of countries, learnprove inventions and laws. Without history, we
ing about the corners of the
wouldn’t have iphones, because we wouldn’t know
world, the wars that we
how the first phone worked, and how to improve it.
fought, and a lot more.
We learn citizenship and about the rules and laws
Social studies is
about modern day America. We cover the wars
very important to modern
fought over religion and communism in the middle
day society being that it’s an
east. We learn on who America was named after.
important factor to many
But most importantly, we learn about how fortujobs such as politicians, arnate we are compared to most of those kids who
cheologist, teaching, social
are stuck in the middle of a war, or the people
workers, entrepreneurs, and
under communism that don’t have enough to eat
much more.
because the government took all their money. With social studies
“ I believe social studies is important to learn about our
comes character, and with character comes leaders, who will impact
mistakes so they don’t happen again” said 7th grade social studies
teacher Marco Reyna said “ I chose to teach social studies, because the modern day world and make it a better place for everyone.
it is what I am passionate about”.
Clark Middle receives an award from TEA
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Math + You = Success
examples of math uses for biomedical engineering, food technology,
building technology, chemical sciences, civil and structural engineerAs we speak, students are sitting in their various math ing, graphics and computer-aided drawing CAD), electronics, enviclasses tapping their fingers impatiently, daydreaming and complain- ronmental health, mechanical engineering, mining technology, nuclear
medicine, occupational health, petroleum technology, prosthetics,
ing aloud "I'm not going to use this stuff ever again in life!" They
forestry and wildlife, robotics, and surveying.
might be correct when it comes to their specific responsibilities in
the workplace, but not how they accomplish these responsibilities.
Sure, they might never graph linear equations, determine slope and y Examining How Mathematics is Used in the Workplace, by Annie and
-intercept or solve radical equations in a workday, but the cool math John Selden for the Mathematical Association of America's Teaching
and Learning Reskills they acquired
search Sampler,
while completing
provides abstracts
these problems will
of studies on how
last a lifetime.
much mathematics
is used in various
shows you that you
occupations: Mathecan reach a desirmatics in Automobile
able result if you a
Production; Proporfollow a certain
tional Reasoning by
series of steps in a
Nurses; Modeling the
particular order,
Mathematics of
and complete each
Banking; Mathematistep without makcal Models as Seen
ing an error. If you
by Biologists; and
find an error in
How do Scientists
your process, you
Interpret Graphs?
can start over,
The avermaking sure to
age mechanical enalter your methods
gineer in the United
at the moment you
messed up the first
time. Life doesn't Math teacher Elizabeth Buitron helps students Ethan Willette and Arabela Lozano with their math problems $38.74 per hour,
which comes to
allow you to redo
$80,580 per year as
anything most of
the time, but when it comes to stuff you do over and over on a con- of 2009. The BLS reported earnings of $49,730 for lowest-earning
sistent basis, you're allowed to change things in between attempts. tenth percentile and $117,550 at the top or 90 percentile level, a difference of over $67,000 per year.* in There are actually thousands
For instance, consider what you do every morning to get ready for
work or school. If your process consists of waking up, getting ready, of different jobs that require some knowledge of mathematics. Here
are more than 30 firsthand accounts from Mathematicians at Work
having breakfast and going to work, you must complete each step
telling what some college math majors are doing, from an Air Traffic
successfully to develop a routine. If you miss one step, your entire
Control Systems Analyst and a Hubble space telescope.
process will be thrown out of sync, compromising your chances of
satisfactorily getting everything else done. In the case of waking up, Without people who can do math, we would not have many of the
sleeping in would result in less time to get ready, easy breakfast, and things we take for granted. We wouldn't have cars, highways, or plane
travel--math is required to design and build such things. Tall buildgo to work, which could lead to you being late. The same goes for
ings? Forget it--architecture is heavily math based. Anything that
math problems.
Exactly How Is Math Used In Technology?, from the Mathematics De- requires electricity also requires many math's.
partment of the British Columbia Institute of Technology, provides
Husky Tribune
October 3,2014
8th football rebounds, 2-1 on the season
down a piece.
“ The team has been performing tremendously, we are getting better and better every week,”
Montante said.
Overall, the 8th grade football
team control the game on both
sides of the ball
Clark returns back to
action on October 6th when the
Huskies battle Lamar Bruni Vergara
Middle School.
KRUGER FIELD-Who let the dogs out? Coach
Armando Montante and the 8th grade Husky football
team did this past Tuesday
as Clark Middle
School they demolished
Salvador Garcia Middle School 50-0 to
move to 2-1 on
the season.
” The team preformed great scoring 50
points not allowing Garcia to score,” Montante said.
Running back Santino Palizo led the way,
scoring four touchdowns while Andrew Gonzalez,
Mathew Conner and Raul Castillo scored one touch-
7th football stays perfect, 3-0
game in the second half after
Pedraza settled in on the quarterKRUGER FIELD-The Huskies put their perback position. On a quarterback
keeper, Pedraza scrambled and
fect record on the line Tuesday night against Salvaspun his way around the Cougar
dor Garcia Middle School. Clark was looking to make
defense for an 80-yard touchdown
it three in a row and the Cougars stood in the way.
run to give the Huskies a 16-0
Behind the legs of running back Camilo Pedraza who
after Juan Flores score on a two
scored three
touchdowns, Clark
point conversion.
blanked the Cougars 28-0 to keep their
In the third quarter, Pedraza
perfect record
handed the ball off to running back
It took the Huskies a quarter to settled
Christian Salas who took the
down and did not get on the scoreboard until the
handoff and ran 45-yards for the
second quarter when Pedraza took a handoff from
score and a 22-0 Husky lead.
quarterback Jose Rodriguez and ran down the left
Once again Pedraza showed how
side of the field for a 45-yard touchdown run as he
versatile of athlete and as asset
spun and twisted his way through the Cougar dethat he has become to the profense for his first touchdown of the night. Devin
PHOTO BY EZRA FLORES-HUSKY TRIBUNE gram when playing corner he
Benavidez caught a 5-yard pass from Rodriguez for
picked off the Cougar quarterthe two-point conversion.
Christian Salas (21) scored a touchdown
back and ran the ball back 40The versatile Pedraza played quarterback
yard for the final touchdown of
at the end of the first quarter after Rodriguez hurt
the night. Clark returns back to action on October 6 th when the Hushis hand on a play that knocked him out of the game.
kies battle Lamar Bruni Vergara Middle School.
Clark led 8-0 at halftime and really started to open the
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
8th volleyball fall short against Trautmann
The 8th grade middle school rivals have finally faced off
on September 25, with the Trautmann Shorthorns taking on our
very own Lady Huskies, both blue and gold lady huskies teams
fought throughout the game but still came up with a devastating
Gold Team
The gold team lost 2-0 (25-4, 25-9) The Gold Team of the
Lady Huskies has come home with an upsetting lost to the Trautmann Shorthorns
orange team. The Gold Team
of the Lady Huskies
played a fantastic game, but
unfortunately they
couldn’t bring home the vicPHOTO BY EZRA FLORES-HUSKY TRIBUNE
tory. They were not
working as team that’s what
caused them to lose against the Trautmann Shorthorns. They were The 8th grade volleyball team is looking to get back to their winning ways.
in frustration throughout the game. Sadly they lost both sets.
Blue Team
frustrated and distracted by the disappointing score. They were playThe blue team lost 2-0 (25-15, 25-10) The Trautmann volleyball blue ing physically but not mentally. They were not playing as a team.
team is a very hardworking and talented team. Both teams played
Gilberto Moncivais and Rigoberto Rodriguez can be reached at:
their best, but at the end the lady shorthorn pulled of a victory at
[email protected] and [email protected]
their own school. Our lady huskies were not in the zone they were
7th volleyball comes up short
The 7th grade gold volleyball team squared of against their
The Lady Huskies gave it their all at the game against Trautman. Although the Lady Huskies lost, they did their best. “On the next
games, The Lady Huskies are going to communicate and play as a
team.” Coach Torres said. The Lady Huskies will win every game if they
believe and have faith in their own team.
rival Trautmann on the Huskies home court on Thursday while the 7 th
grade blue volleyball team hit the road. The gyms were filled with fans
who created an electrifying atmosphere to compete in for the volley- Mike Cabrera & Vicente Montalvo can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]
ball players.
The Lady Huskies
fought hard on the
court but came up short as they
dropped both games to
Nohemi Cordova who suits up for the gold team stated that
the team tried their best on the court.
“We had a close sets against Trautman but our communication was not where it need to be to pull off a victory,” Cordova said. “All
we can do is move forward from the game and hope to beat them next
While the scored indicated a loss on the Lady Huskies record,
7th grade gold coach, Amy Torres was proud of her team and the way
that they battled to the end. Torres said that they had the win but they
gave it away because they weren’t communicating on the court and
weren’t playing as the team.
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Cross-country gets rained out
for the final football game This can happen any day and any time of day. SomeSTUDENT ACTIVITY COMPLEX –This past weekend
times rain cannot really interfere with
the schedule of sports when it is only
the cross country team were set to run the 4th meet of the
drizzling, but when it is raining really
season but it was canceled due to unexpected severe and
hard they are going to have to take the
harsh weather. Overnight there had been a severe storm
crowd and the players into shelter so
about at 3 am. The residue rain and water were still there. At
they won’t get wet.
8am the announcer said
that the meet was
The coaches and officials do
have their safety rules for example if
Days like this can
always happen. Espethunder appears itself that is an autocially now we are in September and October
matic bad sign and everyone has to
the rainiest months of the
year. The rain really
messed the schedule of the cross – country meet. For now PHOTO BY EZRA FLORES-HUSKY TRIBUNE leave as quickly evacuated because
someone can get struck. Unexpected
on no day is secure because of unexpected weather.
inclement weather isn’t really common,
Not only can this affect cross- country, this can
but when it does happen you can count on safety officials to keep us
affect any sport football, tennis and soccer. Rain isn’t always bad
safe from harm.
because it is very dramatic. Maybe it can create an intense scene
Jose Serna can be reached at [email protected]
Players of the week
Camilo Pedraza
Jose Amaro
Angela Cantu
Aylsa Gutierrez
Jasmine Rendon
The entire 8th
grade football
team were
named players
of the week
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Technology, is it good for you?
Some kids like to be outside, some kids like to be inside,
some like school, and some don’t so by bringing technology in to the
classroom be helpful or harmful?. Would this help kids enjoy school
better? Most of the world’s information is at the fingertips of kids,
teens, and adults.
Technology can make a big difference, let’s see
the helpful affects.
Teachers can now do group activities
with the students
by having each students researching up
whatever the lesson may be. Another benefit is that students can now
have one-on-one with the teacher, so that students don’t have to be
worried about being judged by the other students because of that
student`s response.
Middle and high school students can now use their phones if
the school can implement a school safe app, this means that weekend
homework can turn into a fun technology weekend with video lessons
that will encourage students to look forward to the next day of school.
With the new technology coming to society can help personalize each
and everyone’s device without buying each student one for every
class with just a simple password and username. Parents and teach-
ers can donate to the school for these devices.
Kids will start to enjoy school as they learn. The personalized math games science videos and the fun of free time videos if the
teachers let you. Also it will be easier for teachers to track and keep
up with the students’ progress. Reading and language arts teachers
will have an easier time to edit and revise the student’s essay, by the
student sending it to the teacher by email. Now with the technology
kids will be able to record on weekends for projects and just documenting if teachers ask the students to do so. If the teacher wants a
A closer look at our Star dancer Sujey
Dancing is a fine art that is offered at Clark Middle School.
Sujey Cardenas, an 8th grade student, earned a spot on the CMS Stars
dance team for the past two years.
Cardenas is the mist of her
final year of suiting up for the
Stars dance team and
wants to make it the best year.
The Stars dance
team creates a family atmosphere
that the dancers consider
themselves more like sisters than
teammates. While Cardenas fully enjoys dancing for Clark and everything that it stands for, she has decided that this will be her final year of
dancing for any team and has no plans on trying out next year at the
high school level.
‘’I don’t want to repeat being in another drill team,’’ Cardenas
When Cardenas joined the dance team, it was a way to be with
her friends and to have fun with dance.
“Dance would be one of the things I want to pursue in the future, but besides my other ideas,” Cardenas said.
Victoria Montemayor can be reached in room 28
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
The new cafeteria foods
Honor Band is the best at CMS
in Clark Middle School. Top players in band who really try their best
and commit to their practices will go to Honor band. Students in this
All people in band are put into different categories because band category can
inspire band members to try
even harder than they
usually do.
of the instrument they play and based on how committed and good
“It is an
awesome state ranked band
they are to band class ; there are Flute and Trombone, Percussion,
the region,” CMS band direcClarinet, and Alto sax, Baritone/Clarinet, Symphonic, Bassoon Cornet,
tor Gilbert Cuellar said.
and Honor band.
At the moment there is no player that stands above all but
Honor band is considered the best of all other band classes
soon there will be a competition between students to
determine which is best. Students in Honor band are very
committed to their instruments and their practice too. All
of the fifty students in Honor band practice an hour a day
and they meet once a week for sectionals. However the
reason Honor band stands out the most is because students must audition for this band.
“The Honor band will continue to do great,” Cuellar said
when asked if he thinks this specific band will continue to
do great in the future.
People certainly do expect good things from this
band, and for a good reason. Although Honor band is difficult to get into it sure is rewarding and it earns you
higher praise. Next year the top 6th graders will be asked
PHOTO BY BRIGITTE LITTLE-HUSKY TRIBUNE to join Honor band as well. Surely, the next generation will
be just as good.
[email protected] & [email protected]
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
Garcia named Art Student of the Week
but I really do hope maybe I can.”
Garcia said with a satisfied smile on her face. Being the Art
Clark Middle School has many talented
Student of the Week is a great
achievement for some students. For
artists on campus but only one stands out weekly,
Garcia it was apparently a shocking,
with their drawings and art work that fills the canand exciting surprise for her.
vas with an array of colors.
Art is not just sketching a
Art teacher, Gema
Paredes has
random drawing. Art students obvichosen her Art Student of
the Week to
ously by now have found out art is
start the year.
very complicated, yet so simple. Art
Seventh grade art
student, Libcan be either difficult or simple. It
erty Garcia has be chosen as the Art Student of the
can get challenging by having to
Week for doing a creative, and amazing work the
sketch drawings some students
first week of school.
have never in their lives ever tried
’She did a great job in her portfolio,’’
to do, but also pretty simple by
Paredes said. “The students for art class had to do
drawing something you create youra portfolio with their name, make it creative, and
colorful as possible.”
Being creative is someGarcia was taken back in this honor that
thing important, and obviously Garwas bestowed upon her so early in the year.
cia has achieved it. She was obvi‘’It’s really shocking, and exciting to be
PHOTO BY EZRA FLORES-HUSKY TRIBUNE ously excited, and this just shows
chosen as the art student of the week. It’s really
how happy she was.
shocking, because I didn’t plan this at all,” Garcia said. “Now that it hapGarcia,
art student of the week and
pened it’s really exiting, because I always loved to do art since 1st
grade. I don’t know if I plan on being the art student of the week again, many more will follow throughout the school year.
Marcillas Art Student of the Week
Marcillas was obviously
happy about being Art StuClark Middle School has many talented art students! Gemma
dent of the Week, but who
of course wouldn’t after all
Paredes, our CMS art teacher has chosen her second Art Student of the
that hard work. All this
week Art students have
Camila Marcillas has been chosen as The Art Student of the Week by the
learned new types of ways
art teacher Paredes.
of drawing, and sketching.
‘’She has done a great job this week’’ Said
Paredes. She has
Marcillas did a great job
been following the rules, and done a great
job all this week
according to the Art
obviously. All that hard work and determination has been worth it all
teacher Paredes, which
along for Marcillas.
shows our CMS Art teacher
‘’I was not planning to be Art Student of the Week, but it feels good, and
Paredes has taught our Art
excited. I started art since I was five years old, and it’s worth it now. I
didn’t really try hard on Art class, but I guess it was just my inspiration
Marcillas, was chosen as
that got me to be Art Student of the Week. I definitely plan to be Art Stuthe
and much effort.
dent of the Week, because now that I am, I’ll try my best’’ Said Marcillas.
Obviously Art has been challenging for Marcillas, but she was able to go After finding out she was Art Student of the Week, she will try her best.
through it without any difficulties. Her hard work and skills have brought This is an example, if you relax, and work, you will be able to succeed.
Janeth Villalobos can be reached at [email protected] .
her to be CMS’ Art Student of the Week.
FRIDAY , October 3, 2014
University of Texas, Hook ‘Em
The University of TexasAustin was founded in 1883 by Congress of the Republic of Texas in
fact right now there is a student
body population of 39,979.
Therefore if you want to be part of
this tradition tuition cost is $9,790
for in state students and out of
state residents it costs $33,824 and
has a 110
majors including, bio-
wonderful traditions for ex. Hook Em Horns hand sign was created
in 1955 by head cheerleader Harley Clark , the Hook Em Horns sign was
the sign of the Long
Horns and was recognized worldwide and still
is and was rated top
college hand sign Sports
Longhorns are a good
University because they
work together and help
each other out and have
some awesome traditions, and also has clubs
that are all being run By
Mr. William Power Jr. he
is the 28th President of
the University of Texas in
Austin and has a pretty
hard job because he has
to look over more than
39,979 students it is a
pretty hard job and
that’s why students look
up to him.
chemistry ,accounting and advertising but those are only a few of the
majors available
In fact it is the 9th happiest college it was rated By Daily
Beast they used data from U.S.
News & World Report and saw that
students that were ones at that
school that enrolled again because
how well they were doing in their
But students won’t be bored because they have some awesome
Jesus Vargas can be
clubs educational and nonPHOTO BY CLARA SANDOVAL-HUSKY TRIBUNE reached at JesusVareducational clubs for exp. They have
[email protected]
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Nike Dedicated a website to Yow, and told her story to hope- ask a few questions about the shoes.
“I believe that although some nice shoes were released this
fully inspire others to make a difference. But it didn’t stop there.
year, I think last years were more popular due to that fact that they
Starting in 2013 the Nike company started to make not only pink
had first come out and were a new thing.,” Peneda said.
shirts and shorts, but also shoes such as the “Think Pink” shoes by
He also believes that this year, the Nike "Kay Yow” Lebron
Lebron James.
This year Nike is doing the same. This year there are more Soldier will be a top seller, and sell out in about 1-2 weeks. You can
find these shoes for prices of $120 to $140 at Footlocker, or House of
shoes like the “Kay Yow Lebrons”, or the “Kay Yow Hyperdunks” to
Hoops at Mall Del Norte. So hopefully you can help make a difference
show support to breast cancer patients.
Now, for every purchase made Nike will donate a portion of and support breast cancer patients and “think pink”.
Frankie Caballero can be reached in Room 28
that to breast cancer patients around America. Recently, I went to