Drug Addiction Scourge on Long Island

Drug Addiction Scourge on Long Island
Long Island and many of the communities surrounding the area are affected by
substance abuse and addiction with no end in sight. The White House has declared,
drug abuse with opioid addiction is a public health emergency. New York State
Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, bemoans the drug crisis on Long Island.
The arrival of the synthetic drug, fentanyl, has worsened the epidemic and
increased the death toll. He stated that overdose deaths involving opioids soared by
27% between 2015 and 2016, while fentanyl-related deaths almost doubled at the
same time. Drug overdose causes one-third of all deaths recorded in Nassau
County every year. The majority of the victims are aged from 15 to 44 years.
Schneiderman rightly blamed both prescription and illicit opioids for these deaths.
Furthermore, residents of the island are generally willing to take these drugs. Their
desire is enabled by a healthcare system that overprescribes these drugs. Overprescription by physicians has been pointed out as the main problem. They
allegedly prescribe opioids too easily and as a one size fits all. It is not uncommon
for oxycodone to be prescribed for a simple headache. Oftentimes, drugs are
dispensed without enough warnings. If you are searching for drug detox on Long
Island or in the surrounding areas, there are plenty of reputable choices available.
Death from Opioids is High
According to the National Safety Council analysis, the odds of dying accidentally
from an opioid overdose is 1 in 96. This beats the odds of dying in a motor vehicle
crash. On the east coast, Suffolk County is not immune to the drug bug. It is the
worst-hit county on Long Island. Nearly 70 percent of the opioid deaths in 2017
occurred in Suffolk County. A county legislator, Sarah Anker, who is on the
county’s opiate advisory panel, confirms that the county is struggling with an
overwhelming opiate epidemic.
According to a 2016 County Health Ranking, Long Island recorded a staggering
number of deaths. Nassau and Suffolk recorded 501 and 823 deaths, respectively.
Queens and Kings also recorded 464 and 621 deaths respectively. Besides, about
45,450 Long Islanders struggle with drugs, but the effects of transcending
addiction and death. The island is also bleeding a lot of money fast. The dominos
effect of these drugs affects businesses, taxpayers, emergency services and law
enforcement. The drug crisis is crippling Long Island’s economy. The island loses
roughly $22 million daily and $8 billion yearly to drugs.
Drugs Involved in the Epidemic
The drug abuse epidemic has cast a long shadow on the island. Among the drugs
that are mostly abused are:
1. Oxycodone and other prescription opioids.
2. Fentanyl
3. Heroin
4. Methamphetamine
5. Xanax, Valium, and other benzodiazepines.
6. Marijuana
7. Cocaine
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Fin Drug Treatment on Long Island
Disbelief, denial, and shame are the biggest barriers to finding Long Island drug
treatment solutions. Residents are heartbroken at the sight of their loved ones
struggling with drugs. The reason is that these drugs affect silently. They never
know their loved one is struggling with drugs until it is too late.
Long Island Interventions is dedicated to helping people get back their lives from
drug use. We will connect you with the best rehab centers on Long Island, where
therapists understand the needs of a dependent person. Through our resources, you
will access a personalized recovery plan. Call our addiction helpline to get started.