Proyecto docente
Oferta sin docencia (a extinguir)
Plan 239 Lic. en Filología Inglesa
Profundización en las técnicas de traducción al español de textos ingleses no especializados.
Programa Básico
The course will follow the indications stated in the title as to both its scope and its methods. The texts which will be
analysed and translated in class will be of a non-specialized or semi-specialized nature since they are on general
topics and aimed at the general public (laymen). Therefore, they will typically belong to the divulgative style of
language such as texts published in newspapers, magazines, posters, on the internet, etc.
Programa de Teoría
The methodology for this subject will consist of:
A. Analysis of texts on semantic, syntactic and pragmatic levels, emphasizing the use of the lexicon and the
phraseology. In this stage the emphasis will be on the source language: different linguistic means used in the source
texts (STs) will be studied and analysed.
B. Analysis of the different translation techniques, such as transposition, modulation, borrowing, etc. The basic
terminology related to translation will be taught so that students will acquire the proper vocabulary when discussing
C. Once this previous knowledge has been acquired, students will be able to analyse and compare STs with their
corresponding translations. They will be able to deduce the different strategies used in the language of the target text
D. Translation of texts of a divulgative nature related to the ones that have been analysed previously, either by sight
translation or in writing. In this way translation will be used either as a tool for textual analysis and as an end in itself. In
this stage the emphasis will be on target language: clear and correct idiomatic language will be stressed, with
emphasis on phraseology.
Programa Práctico
Students will be evaluated on the basis of participation in class, written assignments and a final exam that will account
for both the theoretical and practical progress of the student’s knowledge of this subject. Final grades may be
increased by up to 20% if the students write a good project and passes the final exam.
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