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Wolf Theiss
Area of Specialisation / Arbitration Experience
Commercial Arbitration
Stubenring 6
1010 Vienna
[email protected]
+43 1 51510 5755
+ 43 1 51510 66 5755
English, German, French, Chinese
Bar Admission
Austria (2007)
Mag. iur., Dr. iur. (University of Vienna, University of Amsterdam)
Bakk.phil. (University of Vienna, National Taiwan Normal University)
Decisions of the Austrian Supreme Court in 2014 and 2015. In: Austrian
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Translation of the Austrian Arbitration Law 2006 with Amendments 2013,
PDF (with Hao Zhou and Michael Moser).
Translation of the VIAC Arbitration Rules 2013 from German to Chinese,
PDF (with Jiagu Richter)
Recalcitrant Parties and the Tribunal’s Power to Order Cost Advance Payments.
In: Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2014, ed. Klausegger et al.,
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and Conditions.] In: Aktuelles AGB-Recht, ed. Knyrim et al., Vienna 2008,
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Translation of the CIETAC Arbitration Rules 2005 from Chinese to German, PDF
(with Andreas Reiner).
Confucianism and Human Rights. In: Human Rights in a Global Context –
Theoretical Questions and Case Studies (China and the Islamic World),
Sonderheft Historische Sozialkunde 2003, ed. Pilz/Wimmer, 20-27.
Professional Associations
YAAP (Member of the Advisory Board since 2008; Co-chair since 2016)
YIAG (Regional Representative Central/Eastern Europe 2010/2011)
ASA below 40
DIS 40
Association of Chinese Lawyers in Europe (ACLE)
Österreichisch-chinesische juristische Gesellschaft (ÖCJG)
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