How to apply for a kindergarten place

How to apply for a kindergarten place
If you come to Leipzig for a longer stay and bring your small children, you will probably need
to find a place in a kindergarten for them.
If you are still a student or a PhD-student, please call on the advisory service of the
“Studentenwerk” ( and contact their social consultant Ms. Anja Hansen
([email protected])
If you are not a student anymore, here is what you need to do:
1. First of all, you need to register yourself (and your children) at the “Bürgeramt Leipzig”
(Citizen Registration Office). It now takes about two weeks until the registration is
submitted to the “Jugendamt” (youth welfare office).
2. To apply for a kindergarten place, you need to fill in the “Bedarfsanmeldung”
( and send (fax) it to the “Jugendamt”.
3. The “Jugendamt” will now send you a so-called “Referenznummer” (reference number).
With that number, you can look for free kindergarten places on
According to new legislation from July 2015, the reference number is compulsory to be
able to sign a contract for a kindergarten place.
4. If you would like to start searching for a place before you arrive and register in Leipzig
please fill in the Ticket Antrag auf Zugangsberechtigung außerhalb Leipzigs
( and you will receive the login information by mail by the City of
Leipzig to your home address.
5. If you do not find a place online or you still need help, you can send an inquiry to Dr.
Annemone Fabricius ([email protected]) Welcome Centre University of Leipzig.
Therefore, please fill in the “Welcome Centre Registration” ( and
the “Dringende Platzsuche”( and send it attached to this email to Ms. Fabricius. Please do also send the scanned birth certificate and (if already
available) the scanned certificate of residence to Mrs. Fabricius. She will then be able
to request the reference number more quickly.
(If you do not have a scanner or have further questions and you are already in Leipzig,
you can also ask Mrs. Fabricius for a personal appointment.)
Please note that it is more difficult to apply for a kindergarten place in the middle of the year
than at the beginning of the school year, which is generally in August.
In case you still have six months until you need a kindergarten place and are
already registered in Leipzig or you would like to just get an overview about
free places, please go to and follow the following steps.
First of all, please answer the following questions:
1. When was your child born?
2. From when does your child need a
kindergarten place?
3. Till when does your child need a
kindergarten place?
Please answer the questions above and click
on “Jetzt Platz suchen” to continue.
1. Your child
Date of birth
Kindergarten place from 04.01.2016
Kindergarten place till
2. Brother/sister
Please tick the box if you need a kindergarten place for more than one child. To show
the results, click on “Ergebnisse anzeigen”.
On the right hand, you can see the results of your inquiry. You can now click on a
kindergarten to see the details (“Details”) and to register your child for this kindergarten
you do already have an account, please sign in with your e-mail address and your password.
If you do not have an account yet, please click on “Weiter” on the left hand to create a
personal account.
(Please keep in mind: This only works if you already live in Leipzig and your child is registered
In the box named “Sicherheitsfrage” you need to invent a security question as an additional
security measure. The answer should be written in the box “Antwort”.
To continue, click on “Jetzt registrieren” (register now).
You will now receive an e-mail. Please click on the link to confirm your registration within
7 days as it will expire automatically afterwards.
You can now log in with your e-mail address and your password.
In the section “Nächste Schritte” (next steps) you have the possibility to indicate the data of the
persons entitled to custody of the child(ren) (“Daten der Sorgeberechtigten angeben”).
Please fill in the form and click on “Speichern” to save the data.
To enter the data of your child(ren), please click on the tab “Kinder” above.
“Verhältnis zum Kind”: Please indicate your relation to the child:
Eltern – parents
Mutter – mother
Pflegeeltern – foster parents
Vormund – guardian
Vater – father
Fill in the personal details about your child and click on “Speichern” to save them.
Please make sure that you indicate the personal details exactly as they are written in your
child’s certificate of birth. Otherwise, your child’s account cannot be activated because the
data is compared to the registration in the “Bürgeramt”. It can take up to three weeks until the
data of the “Bürgeramt” will be synchronized with the database of the platform, so check
again after two weeks.
If you do not have enough time to wait for the data synchronization, please contact Mrs.
Fabricius and send her the according documents listed in point 4 on page 1.
As soon as the data is synchronized, you can look for a kindergarten place. Therefore, click on
“Platz-Suche” in the section above.