English Trainer Vol.25 課題

※1 年コース用課題サンプル
English Trainer Vol.25 課題
◆ 提出期限:20●●年●月●日 ◆ 修了基準:4 回合計で 70%(平均 35 点/50 点)
English Trainer Vol.25 のトレーニング(Training 編)が終了してから、チャレンジしてください。
リスニング 10 問(実力問題)+ Part 5 形式 40 問(確認問題)の 50 問です。
解答時間の目安は、リスニング 5 分間+Part 5 形式 15 分間の 20 分間です。
【TOEIC テスト・リスニング問題形式(10 問)
TOEIC テスト・リスニング Part 1~4 形式の問題です(問題形式が不明な方は、
「English Trainer 活用ガイド
。問題音声は、Club ET 掲示板(www.bizcom.training/bbs)へアクセスし、
「Vol.46 用課題の音声」をダウンロードしてください。この 10 問は、実力問題です。
Part 1
Part 2
2. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
3. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
4. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Part 3
5. What does the man have trouble remembering?
(a) What someone does
(b) Where someone works
(c) How someone looked
(d) When someone moved
6. What does the man complain about?
(a) Being unappreciated
(b) Being misunderstood
(c) Being uninformed
(d) Being mistaken for Danton
7. What appeared on the bulletin board the month before?
(a) News about a move
(b) New accounting procedures
(c) News about the board of directors
(d) New building regulations
※1 年コース用課題サンプル
Part 4
8. How many movies are mentioned in the recording?
(a) Two
(b) Three
(c) Four
(d) Five
9. What information is given about tickets?
(a) Tickets cost $7 at certain times of the day.
(b) Tickets cost more for showings on the weekend.
(c) Tickets can be purchased on line.
(d) Tickets are not available for some showings.
10. Why would a person press "8" midway through the recording?
(a) To hear a short summary of a movie’s plot
(b) To order tickets for a particular showing
(c) To begin listening to the message again
(d) To talk directly with an employee of the theater
【TOEIC テスト・リーディング Part 5 形式(40 問)
TOEICテスト・リーディングPart 5形式の問題です(空欄部に当てはまる語句を a~d から選んでください)
この40問は、English Trainer に掲載の「Basic Sentences」の定着を確認する問題です。
Part 5
11. Don’t worry, it’ll only ----- a minute.
(a) spend
(b) have
(c) take
(d) go
12. I must say you’re a ----- member of this team.
(a) valued
(b) value
(c) valid
(d) valuable
13. The problem is ----- they can’t read English.
(a) that
(b) when
(c) if
(d) what
14. This pictorial sign is fairly easy -----.
(a) understanding
(b) to understand
(c) to be understood
(d) to have understood
15. This offer is only ----- through Monday, so you should hurry.
(a) out
(b) of
(c) on
(d) off
16. We can ----- up the slacks for you, free of charge.
(a) head
(b) hem
(c) get
(d) use
17. Lampposts in the city are ----- like Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses.
(a) shaped
(b) shape
(c) shaping
(d) in shape
※1 年コース用課題サンプル
18. That attracts tourists ----- all over the world.
(a) of
(b) with
(c) for
(d) from
19. Actually, it’s these two I’m ----- difficulty with.
(a) taking
(b) suffering
(c) bothering
(d) having
20. Would you like me to back ----- that?
(a) up
(b) order
(c) call
(d) stock
21. I understand ----- hotels have Wi-Fi now.
(a) almost
(b) most of
(c) most
(d) the most
22. The problem is when you’re ----- the town.
(a) out on
(b) out
(c) on
(d) off
23. The kids ----- me energized, so I’m all right.
(a) put
(b) get
(c) bring
(d) force
24. The center is looking ----- people for weekdays.
(a) to
(b) at
(c) for
(d) around
25. Hope Across the World is the ----- in a string of documentary films.
(a) slowest
(b) most
(c) newest
(d) latest
26. The movie shows how it ----- from nation to nation.
(a) different
(b) differs
(c) differentiates
(d) difference
27. It’s not you ----- at fault here, so no worry.
(a) personnel
(b) personal
(c) personally
(d) personality
28. Is there ----- I can do to resolve these issues?
(a) things
(b) nothing
(c) anyone
(d) anything
29. This is ----- the new online Micro Bank comes in.
(a) who
(b) where
(c) which
(d) what
30. Loans can start as ----- as even $1,000.
(a) low
(b) least
(c) the lowest
(d) less
31. I have to hit the mall on the way -----.
(a) toward home
(b) home
(c) to home
(d) homeward
32. ----- don’t I meet you at the food court at noon?
(a) How
(b) What
(c) Where
(d) Why
33. It’s a bit of software that ----- well.
(a) work
(b) working
(c) to work
(d) works
34. It’ll find ----- you’re looking for in seconds.
(a) that
(b) what
(c) if
(d) out
※1 年コース用課題サンプル
35. I’m -----, so I don’t mind working all night through.
(a) game
(b) a game
(c) the game
(d) in the game
36. Let’s start ----- the expenses, shall we?
(a) off
(b) to
(c) with
(d) by
37. They’re directing their advertising to ----- customers.
(a) exist
(b) existed
(c) existence
(d) existing
38. They might ----- your product if you try it hard.
(a) buy
(b) to buy
(c) be bought
(d) buying
39. I find this model a bit clunky -----.
(a) operate
(b) to operate
(c) to be operated
40. It’s so slow, and that ----- me.
(a) will bother
(b) bothering
(c) bothers
(d) for operation
(d) bothers for
41. Dolphin swimming tours can be hit or -----.
(a) mistake
(b) miss
(c) mess
(d) fun
42. Singing often ----- dolphins in the mood to be playful.
(a) puts
(b) pulls
(c) lets
(d) feels
43. I thought we ----- them signed.
(a) finished
(b) have done
(c) had
44. We have to explain ----- the boss.
(a) to this
(b) this to
(c) about this
(d) did
(d) this about
45. They offer flights to ----- popular destinations as London.
(a) so
(b) as
(c) like
(d) such
46. Perth’s air fares range ----- 14 to 28 percent lower.
(a) from
(b) through
(c) by
(d) at
47. She’s really hanging ----- there.
(a) out
(b) up
(c) in
(d) from
48. Wow! Great shot! That was -----.
(a) everything
(b) something
49. We have one very ----- guest.
(a) specialized
(b) especially
(c) anything
(c) specific
(d) nothing
(d) special
50. We have a few lines ----- for your questions. So give us calls.
(a) opened
(b) open
(c) opening
(d) openly
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