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6th Annual
Endorsed by:
Global Congress
3-4 December 2014, Conrad Istanbul Hotel
From front-end to O&M: Derisking the development
of geothermal power and heat projects worldwide
Platinum Sponsors
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VIP Coffee Lounge Hosts
Confirmed speakers include:
Joshua Kibet Choge
Alparslan Bayraktar
Christine Lins
Executive Secretary
Christopher McCormick
Fausto Batini,
Managing Director,
Reykjavik Geothermal
Magma Energy Italia
Dr. Bjarni Pálsson
Manager Power Projects
Hezy Ram
David Perez Salinas
Hilel Legmann
Marketing Manager
Lemayian Kimojino
Principal & CEO
Ram Energy
Mexxus RG JV
Sosian Energy
Dr. Horst Kreuter
Managing Director
Mehmet Kucukbeycan
General Manager, Partner,
Allan Baker
MD – Global Head of Power
Peter Ballinger,
Managing Director
Geothermal Power
Enerji Merkezi
Onur Büyükbozkırlı
Department Head Project
Societe Generale
Miklos Antics
Board Member
Dr. Mehran Gharibi
Senior Geophysicist,
Burkhard Sanner
European Geothermal
Energy Council
Quantec Geoscience
European Geothermal
Energy Council
Anthony Hinde
International Marketing and
Sales Director
Dr. Juliet Newson
Reservoir Modeling Engineer,
Contact Energy and President,
Craig O’Conner
Director, Office of Renewable
Energy & Environmental
Herman Darnel Ibrahim
Board Member, National
Bjarni Richter
Marketing and Project Manager
Kevin Wallace
Senior Project Manager
Power Engineers
Alex Richter
Founder & Principal,
Energy Council Indonesia
Iceland Geosurvey
Director IGA
Aygün Güney
Assistant Manager, Production
and Well Testing, Geothermal
Reservoir Engineer
Birger Klitzing,
Product Manager,
Sinan Ak,
General Manager,
and Board Member IGA
ThinkGeoEnergy and
Zorlu Energy
Zorlu Energy
Organised by:
International Geothermal
Philippe Dumas
Secretary General
European Geothermal
Energy Council
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6th Annual
Global Congress
3-4 December 2014, Istanbul
Dear Geothermal Stakeholder
Reasons to Attend
A unique opportunity to meet
leading developers and key
solution providers from global
projects under one roof to
discuss derisking strategies for
geothermal power and heat
Discover first-hand the key
developments and opportunities
opening up in markets worldwide
With the huge growth in
international projects, the
conference has been
restructured as a truly global
gathering, rather than
predominantly European and will
see over 150 senior-level
delegates participate
Developed in partnership with the
European Geothermal Energy
Council (EGEC)
A well-structured and streamed
programme exploring the full
development cycle for power,
heat and cool projects
The 2014 congress leverages
Green Power Conferences’ Power
Conferences’ excellent contacts
and relationships within major
existing and growth markets such
as Indonesia, Chile, Turkey, East
Africa and the USA
The only major event being held
in Turkey, the current hot-bed of
geothermal energy development.
With almost 700 projects currently under development in 76
countries and a sustained growth rate of 4% to 5% per annum,
the geothermal power market has now become truly global. In
addition, direct heat use is expanding at over 10% per annum
and total installed capacity stood at 50,000MW in 2010.
The 6th annual GeoPower Global Congress is a unique
opportunity for developers, investors and other key
stakeholders to share specific technical, financial and
legislative expertise for optimising the development of current
and future geothermal power and heat projects worldwide.
Over 150 industry experts will descend on Istanbul this
December to discuss overcoming the core challenges facing
project development during two full congress days - including
a Turkey focus stream on day one.
This year’s Congress is being held under the banner ‘From
front-end to O&M: Derisking the development of
geothermal power and heat projects worldwide’ and will
focus on overcoming the following major impediments to
sector growth:
• Financial and regulatory hurdles to developing
geothermal power and heat projects, especially during
front end exploration and resource development
• Optimising the utilisation of exploration, drilling,
power plant equipment and O&M to ensure profitability
of projects
• Monetising heat projects and utilising lower enthalpy
resources effectively
Leading developers including Reykjavik Geothermal, Magma
Energy, KenGen, Zorlu Energy, Mexxus RG JV and Ram Energy
have already confirmed their participation on the programme
and will be joined by a host of developers from key markets
across the world.
We look forward to welcoming you to Istanbul this December.
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This programme has been developed through in-depth research with over 60 i
Fausto Batini,
Managing Director
Magma Energy Italia
Dr. Bjarni Palsson
Head of Power Project Department,
Landsvirkjun and Ex-Chairman,
Geothermal Association of
Iceland (Iceland)
Chris McCormick
Vice President, Geothermal
Star Energy Geothermal
Alex Smillie
Vice President, Geothermal Operations
Star Energy Geothermal (Indonesia)
Ali Kindap
Deputy General Manager, Business
Development and Investments (The
Zorlu Energy
Plenary Session: Developments in the International
Geothermal Heat and Power Markets
Congress registration and morning coffee
Chairman’s opening remarks
International Keynote: Geothermal heat and power projects worldwide; Emerging
opportunities on the international stage
• Projections for the global geothermal sector 2015 to 2020 and onwards: What’s hot and
what’s not?
• Competition with other energy sources: The impact of energy prices, regulations,
incentivisation, supply and demand on geothermal as part of the energy mix regionally
• The impact of gas fracking technology in the U.S.A and potential implications for other
• The evolution of feed-in tariffs and PPA pricing
• Growth regions and new markets: South America, Mexico, the Rift Valley, Turkey, Japan, Saudi
Arabia, Greece and the Caribbean
Christine Lins, Executive Secretary, REN21
International developer strategies and project updates
Coffee and networking break
Financing the project lifecycle, with a focus on mitigating
risk in exploration and resource development
Case Study: Examining the multi-sponsor solution to raising a total loan package of
$1.17 Billion for Indonesia’s Sarulla Project
Allan Baker, MD – Global Head of Power, Societe Generale
Exploring geothermal development in the Rift Valley and opportunities for
developers to participate
Reykjavik Geothermal‘s international projects, including front-end development
of the $4 Billion Corbetti project in Ethiopia
An update on developments in the Indonesian geothermal energy sector:
Emerging development opportunities and government policy advances
Geothermal heat and power projects in Europe and emerging opportunities and
incentives for developers: Presentation of the EGEC Market report 2014/2015
Philippe Dumas, Secretary General, European Geothermal Energy Council
Panel Discussion: Emerging financing and insurance structures to ensure
bankability and mitigate risk
• Emerging financing, insurance and project structures to minimise risk during the exploration
and resource development phases
• Mobilising financing through the provision of detailed planning and development strategies
and identifying risks; especially to lenders who are less familiar with the complexities of
geothermal power and heat projects
• What is required from developers to create a bankable project? - Core data that public and
private investors require to invest in projects
• Establishing the most credible SPV to secure project finance and define project risks
Moderator: Burkhard Sanner, President, European Geothermal Energy Council
Senior Representative, Zorlu
Peter Ballinger, Managing Director, OPIC
Aygün Güney, Assistant Manager, Production and Well Testing, Geothermal Reservoir
Engineer, Zorlu Energy
Allan Baker, MD – Global Head of Power, Societe Generale
Lemayian Kimojino, Principal & CEO, Sosian Energy
Herman Darnel Ibrahim, Board Member, National Energy Council Indonesia and Board
Member, IGA
Case Study: The Kenyan example - Mitigating risk at the front end through
government-backed resource development and development bank risk mitigation
Peter Ballinger, Managing Director, OPIC
Christopher McCormick, Director, Reykjavik Geothermal
Insuring well drilling: Lessons learnt from past experiences and future strategies
Senior Representative, Munich Re
Joshua Kibet Choge, Chairman, KenGen
A developer perspective: Securing early-stage financing through creating the
most bankable project
Aygün Güney, Assistant Manager, Production and Well Testing, Geothermal Reservoir
Engineer, Zorlu Energy
(15 minute presentations followed by panel discussion)
Panel Discussion:
• What strategies can developers use to further optimise the viability and ROI for geothermal
power and heat projects?
• The importance of negotiating and securing the strongest possible long-term PPAs
• Establishing a level of mutual trust between developers and investors
Moderator: Burkhard Sanner, President, European Geothermal Energy Council
Burkhard Sanner, President, European Geothermal Energy Council
Lunch and Networking
Surface and subsurface exploration
New advances in surface and subsurface exploration technologies to lower
overall project costs, secure financing and minimise front-end drilling risks
Turkey Focus Stream
• An overview of emerging technologies to gain an even deeper understanding of
temperature, permeability, and fluid signatures: Including LiDAR, MT and seismic and other
geophysical methods
• The evolution of 3D seismic imaging, with its impact on geothermal exploration strategies
• Leveraging and adapting the advances in oil and gas subsurface exploration methods
specifically for geothermal resources
Bjarni Richter, Marketing and Project Manager, Iceland Geosurvey (ISOR)
Resource Modeling
• Data integration and conceptual modeling: Ensuring consistency of the conceptual model
with all available data
• Using a conceptual model for early identification of monitoring requirements and well planning
• Conceptual model to reservoir model: Testing conceptual models and system boundary
conditions; and looking ahead to production
Dr. Juliet Newson, Reservoir Modeling Engineer, Contact Energy and President,
International Geothermal Association
Coffee and networking break
Resource development
Managing commercial expectations vs. technical limitations for the size and
development time of geothermal drilling
• Ensuring business-side projections are aligned with the engineering-side to meet investor
and offtaker expectations through the exploration and resource development phases
• Phased development of resources to minimise risk at the front-end and provide
opportunities to test resource and environmental impact at each stage
• Can drilling costs be lowered by 40% by an integrated drilling approach?
• Determining the ideal size of first phase development through comparison study on the
‘economy of scale‘ vs. technical and environmental risks
Dr. Bjarni Pálsson, Manager Power Projects Department, Landsvirkjun
• Licencing and tenders to support increasing power capacity to 600-750MW by 2018
• Incentives available to developers, including the extension of grid connectivity and feed-in
tariffs post-2015
• Prioritisation of renewables for grid connection. What does this mean in practice?
• Will the new regulation in energy law requiring no licence for development of projects up to
1MW have an impact on geothermal projects?
• Moving towards clearer interpretation of regulations, including variance in licences
depending on location
Alparslan Bayraktar, Commissioner, EMRA
Leading ground-based geophysical exploration to derisk early stage project
• Utilising 2D and 3D seismic data, geochemistry, MT and gravity to accurately characterise the
resource and minimise risks during the exploration and appraisal well drilling
• Presenting exploration drilling results more clearly to build investor confidence
• Specific project case studies
Dr. Mehran Gharibi, Senior Geophysicist, Quantec Geoscience
Panel Discussion: Local content in Turkish projects and increasing technical knowhow
• Overcoming the limitations to local technical knowhow through creating strong knowledgesharing partnerships between Turkish and international companies
• What are the technologies and equipment readily available in Turkey and where is it important
to work with international OEMs? E.g. SCADA, control and monitoring, power lines etc
• Benefiting from government incentives through incorporating locally manufactured
equipment in projects
• Further geothermal market expectations and trends
Alparslan Bayraktar, Commissioner, EMRA
Mehmet Kucukbeycan, General Manager, Partner, Enerji
Merkezi Anthony Hinde, International Marketing and Sales Director, Exergy
Coffee and networking break
The impact of large numbers of neighbouring licences on sustainable production
• Working in cooperation with neighbouring developers for production/reinjection strategies
and long-term resource testing
• Examining how legislation in Italy overcame the issues arising from multiple licences in the
proximity of connected geothermal resources
Fausto Batini, Managing Director, Magma Energy Italia
Panel Discussion: Financing of Turkish geothermal projects
• How can international financing of front-end exploration and drilling be secured in Turkey? Is
insurance the answer, or other de-risking tools to attract international banks to invest in projects?
• Securing financing from local banks
• When is VAT exemption on projects guaranteed?
• What is the level of interest from development banks in front-end financing?
• Environmental and social issues
Craig O’Conner, Director, Office of Renewable Energy & Environmental Exports, US EXIM
Onur Buyukbozkırlı, Department Head Project Finance, Denizbank
Lorena Ciciriello, Head of Renewable Energy, Structured Finance Department, Sumitomo
Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe
Using financial and policy tools to minimise drilling costs and overcome the
challenge of exploration/drilling risk
Networking reception
Developer Case Study: Zorlu’s 80MW triple-cycle plant
Sinan Ak, General Manager, Zorlu Energy
• Reducing the equity burden of drilling exploration wells
• Financial and policy tools being employed to improve the success rate of exploration and
appraisal wells
• An overview of strategies being used by developed and emerging geothermal markets and
their success rates
Hezy Ram, CEO, Ram Energy
Keynote Presentation: Opportunities and challenges 2023: Forward plans to meet
Turkey’s geothermal heat and power objectives
Networking reception
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r 60 industry experts and under the guidance of the 2014 Advisory Committee:
Allan Baker
MD – Global Head of Power,
Societe Generale
er, Business
tments (Thermal)
Hezy Ram
Ram Energy (USA)
Dr Horst Kreuter
Geothermal Power
Tanzania (Tanzania)
Mehmet Kucukbeycan
General Manager, Partner
Enerji Merkezi (Turkey)
Philippe Dumas
Secretary General
Combined Heat and Power: Embedding heat capture as a sustainable
secondary revenue stream, including the impact on ROI and the ‘PR effect’ of
job creation
Creating a supportive and sustainable
environment for future investment
Morning coffee
Chairman Day Two’s opening remarks
Christopher McCormick, Director, Reykjavik Geothermal
Organic Rankine Cycle compared with Kalina technology and supercritical ORC
Hilel Legmann, Marketing Manager, Ormat
Panel Discussion: Creating a supportive environment for future investment and
sustainable project development
(15 minute presentations followed by panel discussion)
The impact of the different regulatory/incentive schemes in key markets to
foster development
Coffee and networking break
Alex Richter, Founder & Principal, ThinkGeoEnergy and Director, IGA
Regional Roundtables: Overcoming the unique challenges to operating in key international markets
11:30 In these region or topic-specific interactive roundtables, attendees will be able to choose which two sessions to participate in depending on their core area(s) of interest.
Each session will be facilitated by a relevant expert moderator and attendees will move around after 35 minutes.
At the end of the discussion, the moderator for each roundtable will report back to the congress in a series of five-minute summaries.
Central and South America: Chile, Peru and Mexico
• What do recent developments in energy policy mean for the emerging
geothermal sector?
• Overcoming the challenges created by the high cost of prospecting
• Plant design and construction issues in remote locations. What are the options?
Moderator: David Perez Salinas, Director, Mexxus RG JV
High Enthalpy USA
• Can geothermal in the US compete with 5 cents Solar and 4 cents Wind?
• How to avoid more “black eyes” to the US industry
• Using innovative financing tools to increase the financing spectrum and reduce
the cost of capital in developing geothermal projects
Hezy Ram, CEO, Ram Energy
Low-Mid Enthalpy Europe
• Exploring the economics and overcoming challenges of EGS and direct heat
projects in Europe
• How can we improve the perception of hydraulic fracturing for geothermal
systems, particularly with the public
East Africa: Rift Valley
• Overcoming the unique social and technological challenges of operating in the Rift Valley
• The opportunities for heat and/or CHP
• Securing generation licences, PPAs/municipality offtake agreements and
minimising delays in siting/permitting
• Local content and capacity building strategies
Moderator: Dr. Horst Kreuter, Managing Director, Geothermal Power Tanzania
Lemayian Kimojino, Principal & CEO, Sosian Energy
• Cooperation between producers to ensure sustainable resource development
• Further topics to be included
Asia-Pacific: Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand and Japan
• Identifying future opportunities for development
• Impact of feed-in tariff rates and competitive energy sources on project pipelines
• Gaining access to drilling equipment at competitive rates
• Single plant vs. modular plant expansion for larger high-enthalpy resources
Moderator: Herman Darnel Ibrahim, Board Member, National Energy Council
Indonesia and Board Member, IGA
Five minute roundtable summaries
13: 10
Lunch and networking break
Power plant and district heating design and construction
Creating synergies between geothermal and petroleum engineering O&M
• Strategies for ensuring the sustainability of the plant and resource
• Overcoming issues with scaling and corrosion to keep plants running at
optimum capacity
Turbine technology advances with supporting data and the role of scale and
technology choice on plant payback
Recent successes and future potential for district heating
• Case studies of recently completed projects: Reykjavik, Paris, Germany, Turkey and
• Identifying the key learnings, including maximising ROI and building strong
investor/developer relationships
• Where are future projects most viable?
Miklos Antics, Board Member, European Geothermal Energy Council
Case Study: Optimising plant performance through long-term management
• Embedding a holistic view of O&M from the outset of project development with a focus on
reservoir management
• Issues with scaling and corrosion: Selecting the right chemicals
• Testing and analysing steam/brine content for subsurface maintenance
• Reinjection of fluids to reinvigorate wells
Birger Klitzing, Product Manager, SPX
• Field data from new geothermal turbine design
• Selecting the plant design and scale effectively according to the nature of the resource
and project schedule
Anthony Hinde, International Marketing and Sales Director, Exergy
Coffee and networking break
Exploring the economics of refurbishing and/or replacing power plants and
wells towards the end of their lifecycle
• Adjusting the structure and operations of the power plant to changing reservoir pressures,
temperatures and flow rates
• Extending lifetime of wells (stimulation, reinjection, inibitors, side tracking etc.)
• Extending the life of turbines through rerate of the asset
Kevin Wallace, Senior Project Manager, Power Engineers
End of Conference Day Two
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From front-end to O&M: Derisking the
development of global geothermal
power and heat projects
Endorsed by:
Now entering its 6th year, the GeoPower Global Congress has grown from its initial
European-only focus to provide an unrivalled opportunity to share experiences and
best-practices to optimise the delivery of geothermal power and heat projects
across the globe.
By attending, you will gain deep insights into how developers worldwide are utilising
novel strategies and technologies across the whole development lifecycle.
responsible for
global projects
Held in Turkey one of the most
sector success
geothermal leaders
have attended from
68 countries
of Attendees
With Buying
Platinum Sponsors
Turboden, a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
company, is a global leader in the design,
manufacture and service of Organic Rankine
Cycle turbogenerators, which harness heat
to generate electric and thermal power from
renewable sources, including biomass, geothermal and solar energy and waste heat
from industrial processes, engines and gas turbines. With more than 280 plants in
32 countries, Turboden offers turbogenerators from 200kWel to 15MWel.
Gold Sponsors
ORC products are configured for either electricity only applications where heat
sources are captured to produce electric power or combined heat and power
(CHP) applications that produce both electricity and hot water from various
renewable sources and from heat recovery applications, particularly suitable for
distributed generation.
When compared to a traditional steam turbine, an important difference shall be
emphasized: instead of water vapor, the ORC system utilizes a high-molecular-mass
organic fluid, resulting in excellent electric performance and several key advantages.
Silver Sponsor
VIP Coffee Lounge Hosts
Zorlu Energy Group
Zorlu Energy Group is a
major integrated energy
company in Turkey and MENA region with its investments in a wide range of
energy business line and creates long term value for shareholders by helping to
meet growing demand for energy in a safe and responsible way.
The Group has set a target to unleash the potential of energy to ensure
sustainability and a better life, as well as investing in domestic resources and
installing technological systems producing efficient energy in industry. Fulfilling
each stage of energy production in a complementary way from project design to
construction and from the operation to the maintenance of power plants, The
Group renders such “turn-key delivery” services, which distinguish the company
in the energy sector both in Turkey and in the MENA region.
For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries:
Paul Shearer, Business Development Manager
+44 (0)20 3355 4211
[email protected]
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6th Annual
Global Congress
3-4 December 2014, Istanbul
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