EverSense® CP

EverSense® CP has been designed to
provide an answer to a wide range of
impressed current cathodic protection
applications. Thanks to its modularity, the
system can provide the best value / price
compromise in every situation.
The system architecture is based on a fully
independent zone system providing the
possibility to place the Transformer Rectifier as
close as required to the anode zone to be
powered up. Each zone is fully independent and
configurable, and can operate even in the
unlikely case of failure of the neighbouring
components including those setting the
operating limits.
Driving boards are compatible with any type of
power supply (switch mode or thyristor based),
and can be manually operated. Remote
operation is ensured by the data acquisition
Cabinets can be designed and manufactured on
demand, and are supplied with test certificates.
EverSense® CP complies to BS EN 12696:2000.
With EverSense® CP Hardware and
Software, impressed currents solutions
are easy, flexible and efficient to protect
structures against corrosion. Specific
designed can be performed, don’t hesitate
to ask your specific need.
EverSense® CP
The new technology in cathodic protection TRs
Impressed current Cathodic Protection
EverSense® CP provides the latest technology in impressed current
cathodic protection systems.
EverSense CP Transformer-Rectifiers are:
• Modular
•  Independent zones that can be synchronized for monitoring
•  Mitigate cable lengths
•  Either switch mode or thyristor based power supplies
• Standalone
Operated locally or remotely from www.ever-sense.net
110/220V or solar panel power supply
Wired or wireless communication
Can operate without supervisor
• Robust
•  Certified lightning protection for dc outputs and monitoring inputs
•  Alarm thresholds and automatic notification (SMS, e-mail, voice
•  Anodes protection
•  Continuous performance monitoring
EverSense® CP is compliant with the EverSense® Suite, providing
high reliability, and allowing integration into a more global Health
Monitoring System.
The modular smart power supply card
integrates a processor to optimize
energy consumption
High Impedance Lightning Protection : Due to their natural
connection to structural steel, cathodic protection systems are sensitive
to direct or indirect effects of lightning. Advitam has developed a unique
lightning protection system providing high impedance entry on each input
channel of the system. With this technique, life expectancies of the
acquisition unit and the reference electrodes are improved. This is
currently the most efficient lightning protection system for cathodic
protection available on the market.
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