FINAL AML Product Sheet With Crops

Comprehensive risk management
Anti Money Laundering Reports
With instances of fraud on the increase, verifying a client’s identity to manage risk
has never been more important. SearchFlow’s suite of Anti Money Laundering tools
are fully integrated with Identity Management provider, GB Group, allowing for easy
ordering straight from your SearchFlow account. Choose between a fully comprehensive
Anti Money Laundering report or a basic Identity Check
are who they say they are in an instant.
Anti Money Laundering Report
allowing a fast decision to be made on the authenticity of a
client’s personal details.
Improved data matching
An enhanced range of data sets is used to accurately validate
an identity, including exclusive access to the largest proprietary
Consent ID.
Point based scoring
Set to an industry standard; results are generated via a points
referred result.
Validate an identity
in 3 easy steps
Enter client’s name,
address & date of birth
Enter UK passport or
driving licence details
Get your result and
assess the risk
Unmatched data revealed
Commentary is provided so you can locate exactly where a
client’s details don’t match up with an easy to follow ‘Comment’,
‘Match’ or ‘Warning’ status.
Fully integrated
Ordering has never been easier with the introduction of a simple
ordering facility on your SearchFlow account. Complete integration
with GB Group allows for the result to be returned within seconds.
Enhanced data sets
• Identity document checks including UK Passport and Driving Licence
• Mortality records
• Full electoral roll
• Sanctions and enforcements
• Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) intelligence
• Births Index
• Call ID (Money Laundering)
Consent ID – Ensuring an even moreÊ accurateÊ resultÊ
Ê databaseÊ containsÊ 33Ê millionÊ uniqueÊ
recordsÊ withÊ informationÊ onÊ individualsÊ includingÊ forename,Ê surname,Ê dateÊ ofÊ birth,Ê addressÊ forÊ asÊ wellÊ asÊ 15Ê
millionÊ landlineÊ telephoneÊ numberÊ andÊ 8Ê millionÊ mobileÊ phoneÊ numbers.
AnÊ industryÊ setÊ pointÊ basedÊ systemÊ isÊ usedÊ toÊ generateÊ theÊ mostÊ accurateÊ resultÊ possible.Ê Ê AsÊ theÊ detailsÊ
areÊ checkedÊ againstÊ theÊ dataÊ sets,Ê pointsÊ areÊ allocatedÊ accordingÊ toÊ howÊ manyÊ matches.Ê TheÊ resultsÊ areÊ
categorisedÊ intoÊ oneÊ ofÊ threeÊ resultsÊ criteria:
Pass - The data matched 2 datasets and is supported by
a document (passport or driving licence)
Referred - The data didn’t match 2 data sets or a document
Failed - No matches or there was a problem with the
document or sanctions
MeetingÊc omplianceÊ requirementsÊ
TheÊ UKÕ sÊ stringentÊ MoneyÊ LaunderingÊ RegulationsÊ 2007Ê andÊ JointÊ MoneyÊ LaunderingÊ SteeringÊ GroupÊ (JMLSG)Ê
guidelinesÊ recommendÊ aÊ risk-basedÊ approachÊ toÊ moneyÊ launderingÊ prevention.Ê OurÊ AMLÊ reportÊ isÊ fullyÊ
Why GB Group?
AnÊ AIMÊ listedÊ company,Ê GBÊ GroupÊ isÊ aÊ leadingÊ globalÊ identityÊ managementÊ companyÊ withÊ overÊ 10Ê yearsÊ
predictÊ andÊ provideÊ informationÊ thatÊ isÊ usedÊ toÊ maximiseÊ customerÊ valueÊ forÊ someÊ ofÊ theÊ largestÊ companiesÊ inÊ
theÊ UK.
IdentityÊC heckÊR eport
ID Check
anÊ individualÕ sÊ identity.Ê IdealÊ forÊ whenÊ youÊ donÕ tÊ needÊ aÊ fullÊ AntiÊ MoneyÊ
LaunderingÊ reportÊ theÊ IDÊ CheckÊ reportÊ usesÊ justÊ threeÊ dataÊ setsÊ thatÊ
includeÊ AddressÊ Validation,Ê CallÊ IDÊ andÊ theÊ editedÊ electoralÊ roll.
ForÊm ore information and to order
...theÊ bestÊ way