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Dear Students
Summer vacation is the most joyous
time of the year, but it is also the ideal
time to energize yourself and develop
many essential skills that can be
utilized throughout the year. You can
continue your learning and stay active
while having lots of fun.
These holidays empower yourself with
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SESSION : 2014-15
Class VI
Question 1. Read a story book of your choice a. Choose ten interesting adjectives from the story and find their meanings using dictionary.
b. Find one synonym and one antonym for all the ten words.
c. Make sentences using all the ten words
Question 2 . Make a collage on IPL 2014 and write a paragraph in about 100 words.
Question 3. Write at least 100 verbs and their three forms. Learn them.
Question 4. Make a poster on degrees of adjectives.
Question 5 . Make a project on ‘JUNK FOOD’ .Use the following hints.
a. What is it?
b. Why it should be avoided?
c. Why is it healthy to eat food from different food groups?
Question 6 . Do one page of cursive writing in a beautiful hand daily. Get a cursive writing book for the
uksV& izfrfnu ,d i`"B lqys[k fy[kus dk vH;kl dhft,A
1- ^og fpfM+;k tks* dfork esa fpfM+;k dh fo'ks"krkvksa dk o.kZu fd;k x;k
gSA viuh fo'ks"krkvksa dk o.kZu djrs gq, 10 iafDr;kWa fyf[k,A
2- fdlh Hkh ubZ pht+ dks ns[kdj eu esa dkSrwgy gksuk LokHkkfod gSA ,slh
fdlh ?kVuk dk o.kZu dhft, tc fdlh ubZ pht+ dks ns[kdj vkids eu
esa dkSrwgy dk Hkko tkxk gksA
3- izkd`frd txr esa vusd tho gSa tks ty] Fky vkSj ok;q esa fopj.k
djrsa gSaA bUgas dze'k% typj] Fkypj vkSj uHkpj dgrs gSaA dqN tho
mHk;pj gksrs gSa tks nks LFkkuksa ij jg ldrs gSa( tSls&dNqvk t+ehu vkSj
ikuh nksuksa esa jgrk gSA blh izdkj vU; thoksa ds uke Kkr djds fyf[k,
o muds fp= Hkh fpidk,WA
4- Hkkjrh; laLd`fr vusdrk esa ,drk dh izrhd gSA Hkkjrh; laLd`fr dh
blh fofo/krk dks n'kkZrk ,d lqUnj&lk dksykt cukb,A
5- xzh"ekodk'k esa izfrfnu fganh lekpkj i= if<+,A jfookj ds lekpkj i=
esa i<+h xbZ dgkfu;ksa esa ls viuh fiz; dgkuh dk lkjka'k fyf[k,A
1- fdUgh nl oLrqvksa ds uke laLd`r esa fyf[k,A
2- ikWap Qyksa ds uke laLd`r esa fyf[k,A
3- Hkw] xe~] ik¼fic~½] nk bu /kkrqvksa ds yV~ ydkj esa :i fyf[k,A
4- vLen~] jek o ckyd bu 'kCnksa ds 'kCn:i ;kn djds fyf[k,A
5- vius ikWap fiz; v/;kid&v/;kfidkvksa ds uke fy[kdj o.kZ fo;kstu dhft,A
From all alphabets A to Z , write one mathematical term for each letter.
e.g. A – Abacus, B- Bar Graph, C- Circle ---Write all the properties of whole numbers with examples.
Make a beautiful card for your mother or teacher using mathematical concepts.
Write phone numbers of your friends or relatives ( any ten ) and round them off to
the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands.
Show the following fractions on a chart
a) 2/3 of a circle
b) 1/5 of a rectangle
c) 5/8 of a square
d) 2/3 of an equilateral triangle .
Write all factors of numbers 1 to 50.
Write and Learn tables from 2 to 20. Do ten assignments of dodging tables. Each
assignment should have atleast 15 questions.
1. Sow a seed near your house, take care of it, water it everyday and when it starts
growing own it for ever.
2. Collect dried leaves of various plants and paste them in your scrapbook. Try to find out
the name of the plants to which these leaves belong.
3. Whenever you eat an ice-cream these vacations, don’t throw its wrapper unread. Read
its ingredients and write or paste its cutting in your scrapbook.
4. Name a few food items which keep you cool in summers. Try to find the nutrients
present in them. Draw or paste their pictures also.
5. Write the names of various health drinks available in the market. Try to find their
nutritional value.
6. Write & paste pictures of food items of different states of India.
7. Make a pen or a pencil holder using plant fibres (cotton, jute etc..). Decorate it using
waste material available at your home.
8. Prepare a diet chart for yourself. Compare it with your daily diet and write which diet is
more nutritious ( the one you are taking daily or the one you mentioned in your diet
9. Cut pieces of fabric from old & discarded clothes. Paste them in your scrapbook &
categorize them as knitted or woven fabrics.
Prepare a newspaper on the above topic and paper should contain at least 6 pages.
Make it creative, give your school name and some more useful information at one side
of your paper.
2) Visit any two historical monuments and make a project file showing the following details:Period, architecture, structures and importance of these monuments. Paste a few pictures
of your visit taken along with the monuments.
3) Do a project or make a presentation on the African traveller IBN BATUTA. Which were
the countries he visited during his travels? Make the route he took on a map of the world.
4) Prepare a working model of map of India with some working lights. Show the speciality,
food, mineral of some states(Take at least 10-15 states).
5) Compare the temples constructed during the medieval period with present day temples.
Mark the similarities and differences between them . Paste pictures also.
All written work should be compiled neatly in one scrap file.
1) Write a paragraph on IPL-7 in Microsoft Word.
2) Create a colorful presentation on the theme “SAVE EARTH,GO GREEN”
Use inserting picture, smart art, bullets and numbering, apply themes, sounds and
transition to the slides.
Read any one book of your choice and prepare a book cover or book mark related to the book
you read.
Some suggested authors are: Mr. Roald Dahl
 Mr. R.K. Narayan
 Mr. Ruskin Bond
 Ms. Enid Blyton
 Mr. Rudyard Kipling
 Munshi Premchand