Stand Alone Penetrometer Pusher
The Geomil FOX-100 Stand Alone Penetrometer forms since long an
easy to use, long lasting and versatile full stroke pushing unit for
CPT operations with a max. push capacity of 100kN.
The twin ram construction allows for using advanced pushing and
pulling devices and the push-/pull bridge is designed for deploying
various measuring devices and clamps for electrical CPT(U), SCPT as
well as mechanical CPT.
Provided with a wheel-se,t the FOX-100 can be moved easily. It can
be fixed to a firm base, such as a truck platform, jack-up, skid or soil
anchored, e.g. by means of the hand-held hydraulic "Hygand"
anchoring gear.
FOX-100, here with measuring head for mechanical CPT (not included)
The separate power pack (available with Petrol, Diesel or electric motor) can be connected to the
FOX-100 and Hygand with long hydraulic hoses with leakage free quick couplings.
Hydraulic Penetrometer
 Two vertical hydraulic cylinders, (Stroke = 1,175 mm)
 Maximum push/pull force: 100/140 kN
 Max. push/pull unloaded speed: 125/160 mm/s
 Sounding speed: 20 mm/s
 Thrust frame for housing the push-/pull clamp or measuring head
 Two loose anchoring beams with attachments for 2 screw anchors each
 Hydraulic control unit (complete with connections)
 Set of flexible hydraulic hoses for connecting the penetrometer to the valve
control unit
Hydraulic Powerpack
4-stroke, 1 cylinder, Petrol engine  4-stroke, 1 cylinder, Diesel engine
Honda GX 390
 Hatz Diesel 1B50
8.7 kW at 3600 rpm
 8 kW at 3000 rpm
Axial piston pump with power regulator, max 6.5kW
Capacity : min. 12 l/min; max. 78 l/min @ 3600 engine rpm
Maximum working pressure : 250 bar
Hydraulic tank of 65 litres volume; filter and flat-face quick-couplings
HYGAND Anchoring gear (Hygand 100kN)
 Torque 1,650 Nm
 Max. working pressure: 175 bar
 Transmission: planetary gear
DS 5.2 v.1013
 400V-3ph
 7.5 kW at 3000 rpm