“The Future of Food” National Geographic Magazine Cover Contest

 November 16‐22, 2014 “The Future of Food” * May 2014, Na onal Geographic Magazine Feature Ar cle: “ Feeding 9 Billion” h p://www.na onalgeographic.com/foodfeatures/feeding
‐9‐billion/# 8. Suggested areas regarding the future of food might include, but are not limited to: 13. Winners will be selected in four grade catego‐
ries: K‐2, 3‐5, 6‐8, and 9‐12. 14. Two winning magazine covers will be selected from each grade category. 15. Judging criteria for magazine covers: The Arizona Geographic Alliance National Geographic Magazine Cover Contest Rules and Regulations 1. Contest is open to students, grades K‐12, en‐
rolled in Arizona schools. Individual students may not compete. Only schools may submit entries. Limit ONE entry per student. 2. To download the magazine cover template AND contest registra on form Go to h p://alliance.la.asu.edu/gaw/2014GAWContestForm.pdf 3. Design a Na onal Geographic magazine cover directly on the magazine cover template. The design (images plus text) should illustrate a geographic interpreta on of the GAWeek theme: “The Future of Food.” 4. Students may use: color pens, pencils, pastels, crayons, paint, or any combina on to create the magazine cover design. 5. Computer‐assisted designs are acceptable BUT must reflect an original design/concept of the student. Any photos or images used MUST be properly cited on the Registra on Form. 6. Entries must be the 100% work of the student. Plagiarism or outside assistance with crea ng the magazine cover will result in disqualifica on of the entry. 7. To learn more about issues impac ng “ The Fu‐
ture of Food”, check out the following: * Mission: Explore Food Interdependence h p://educa on.na onalgeographic.com/media/file/
Mission‐Explore‐FOOD.pdf Gene c Engineering & GMO Labeling Global Climate Change Aquaculture/Fish Farming Healthy Ea ng Diet‐related Diseases Fast Foods & Obesity Trends Meat Consump on Food Security Harves ng the Ocean Popula on Growth Humanitarian Issues Organic Farming & Foods Community & Global Seed Banks Impacts of Extreme Weather/
Drought Sustainable Agriculture Prac ces Monoculture vs Polyculture Small Farms vs Agribusiness Livestock: Free Range vs CAFO’s Preven ng Food Waste Impacts of Deforesta on Fer lizers & Pes cides Impacts of Deser fica on Accessibility to Water Hunger & Famine Farmer’s Markets & Buying Local Urban Gardens Dwindling Biodiversity of Food Supply Food Produc on & Distribu on 9. A fully completed and neatly printed registra‐
on form MUST be a ached (glue or tape) to the back of the magazine cover entry. Missing or incomplete registra on forms will result in the disqualifica on of the entry. 10. Mail contest entries with a ached registra‐
on form to: GAWeek Contest Arizona Geographic Alliance Arizona State University PO Box 875203 Tempe, AZ 85287‐5302 25% Crea vity and Originality 25% Composi on and Style 50% Expression of GAWeek Theme of “The Future of Food” 16. Judges’ decisions are final. Winners will be no fied via email by December 10, 2014. 17. Winners and/or entries may be published on the website, Facebook page, or publica ons of the Arizona Geographic Alliance. Prizes Prizes for grades winners may include: Gi cards $25 & $50 denomina ons Sprouts gi cards Phoenix Zoo passes Arizona Atlas Inflatable globes Na onal Geographic world maps Supported in part by
11. All entries must be postmarked by Monday, November 24, 2014 . Emailed entries will not be accepted. 12. Upon receipt, all entries become the property of the Arizona Geographic Alliance. No entries will be returned. For further informa on, contact: 2014 GAWeek Arizona State Coordinator Jeannine Kuropatkin [email protected] Two winning magazine covers will be selected in each category.
Categories Grades K‐2 Grades 3‐5 Grades 6‐8 Grades 9‐12 November 16 ‐ 22, 2014 Proudly Presents . . . In celebration of The Future of Food November 16‐22, 2014 Winning magazine covers may be published on the website of the Arizona Geographic Alliance. http://geoalliance.asu.edu/ “The Future of Food” A Contest to design your version of a National Geographic Magazine Cover Arizona Geographic Alliance Arizona State University School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning P O Box 875302 Tempe, AZ 85287‐5302 [email protected] 480‐965‐5361 Fax 480‐965‐8313 Enter Your Design! Contest Deadline Entry must be postmarked by November 24, 2014 To download the magazine cover contest template AND registration form, go to http://geoalliance.asu.edu/ and click on GA Week Magazine Cover Contest 2014