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28 years old
The story of Gigi Ibicenco is probably one of the most unusual in the world of electronic music.
Having grown up in a tough neighborhood in the region of Paris , its willingness to carry out will
lead him in environments in total opposition to what his social condition destined him.
When he was only 11 years old , his brother, supposed to keep it in their holiday resort , decided to
take her to one of the most famous Alicante (Spain) Club.
This will trigger element , therefore Gigi Ibicenco , fall in love with the world of the night and is
brought to be with the greatest DJ (Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Cut Killer) in most renowned places ( Pacha
, Amnesia , Vip room , L'Arc club, the queen , the rex ) , but also all performers in this microcosm are
gogo dancer , bartender , bosses etc… which contribute greatly to the decadent atmosphere of these
nightss .
He completed his musical culture until becoming a selector techno, minimal or Deep house and
became a DJ in 2011 on the advice of his friends already well established in this area.
After spinning in places like the Hotel Pacha Ibiza, The Winter conference Miami, the 4th element in
France or the prestigious first club in Latvia , Gigi ibicenco now aims to move up to spread its
culture: the Ibiza of electro, deep house , the greatest amount of people and expects to surf the
success of his last parties which leave no one indifferent.
 Pioneer DJM 1000 - Pioneer CDJ 2000
 Tracktor Kontrol S2/S4
 Producing on Ableton and Reason
Genre : Deep House, Teck House, Techno Minimal
-From Deep To Love @ Riga, Latvia
-ILR - Amsterdam Dance Event @ Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
-ILR - Amsterdam Dance Event @ Amsterdam Arena Hotel, Amsterdam
-ILR @ Sands, Ibiza
-ILR @ Orso, Ibiza
-White Tuesday @ El Ayoun, Ibiza
-Solar Weekend Festival @ Rukermonde, Netherland
-Zorba Weekend @ Bay Bar, San Antonio, Ibiza
-Zorba Weekend @ Itaca, San Antonio, Ibiza
-2 Years La Famila @ La Rocca, Antwerpen
-Sharam Jey Pool Party, Belgium
-Dr.Who Loud: Gigi Ibicenco @ Klaipeda, Lituania
-Dr.Who Loud: Gigi Ibicenco @ Klaipeda, Lituania
-Special Event @ La Rocca, Antwerpen
-Cafeina 8 Years @ Noxx, Antwerpen, Belgium
- La Famila @ La Rocca, Belgium
-WMC 2014 @ Hotel Chelsea, Miami, USA
-WMC 2014 @ Haven, Miami, USA
-WMC 2014 @ KFU Catalina, Miami, USA
-WMC 2014 @ Segafredo Brickell, Miami, USA
-Ibiza meet New York @ WHCR FM, New york, USA
-New Year Eve @ La Rocca, Belgium
- Dr.Who Pure Star Management presents: NEBAT DRUMS WORLD
TOUR @ Klaipeda, Lituania
-PureStar Management press. NEBAT Drums World Tour! @ Mojo
Lounge, Kaunas, Lituania
-From Deep To Love @ Nueva York, Sevilla, Spain
-Gravity 4.0 @ 4 Elements, Paris, France
-Karmaloft @ Hotel Pacha, Ibiza, Spain
-Deep & Glam @ Le Privé, Orleans, France
-Deep Inside @ Les Agités, Paris, France
-Party @ First CNTR, Riga, Latvia
-From Deep To Love @ Nabaklab, Riga, Latvia
- Global Element @ 4 Elements, Paris, France
-Deep'n Side @ In Out, Paris, France
-Scandalous @ Cube, Brighton, England
2009 - 2011
Licence 3 in I.T (University)
 University Paris 13
Languages : English (fluent) – french (native language) – spanish (proficient)
Hobbies : Music, I.T, cinema, sport
Traveling : Spain, Lituania, Latvia, Italia, England, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Ivory-Coast,
Switzerland, USA.