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Friday, 24 October 2014
Dear valued customer
FTC letter regarding Oxo-biodegradable Plastics.
We are aware that the FTC is sending out letters to various companies in the USA issuing a warning
about oxo-biodegradable plastics.
Wells Plastics fully supports the FTC and its aim of prohibiting companies from making unqualified
environmental claims about their products.
Wells Plastics is able to assist customers regarding supporting information as to the performance of
Reverte® oxo-biodegradable materials.
Customers may wish to use this information in relation to the functional claims they may wish to make
in line with local legislation or other claims that can be made in relation to end products containing
Reverte® where we have done specific work and a Wells Plastics test report exists.
It is always the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are in compliance with any local legislation
when making any marketing claims. It is clear that all such claims must be substantiated by competent
and reliable scientific evidence.
The use of Reverte® is designed to address the problem of plastic waste that cannot realistically
be collected for recycling or other forms of responsible disposal, and escapes into the open
environment. The problem which Reverte® addresses has nothing to do with landfill, because if
the plastic has been collected and sent to landfill it is no longer in the open environment. Reverte®
products are also not suitable for composting and therefore no claims should be made in relation
to this.
Wells Plastics would therefore like to advise its customers that they should be very specific in all
their marketing claims concerning Reverte® so that there is no doubt that the claims being made
clearly refer only to products which end up in the open environment. In particular we suggest that
generalized comments or words such as “biodegradable”, “degradable”, “green”, “eco-friendly”
etc. should be avoided and instead the word “oxo-biodegradable” can be used but the
qualification that this is in relation to plastic waste that ends up in the open environment
should be included.
The reason for the qualification is that W ells Plastics has competent and reliable third party
scientific evidence that plastic film incorporating Reverte® will indeed completely degrade and
biodegrade in the open environment. Reverte® films have been tested and shown to comply
with ASTM D6954-04 (2013) which is the Standard Guide for Exposing and Testing Plastics that
Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation.
In view of the recent FTC correspondence we would like to suggest that all Reverte®
customers should review and if necessary amend all marketing material and claims where
these might be construed as falling outside of the guidelines set out above.