April 12, 2015 - St. Julie Billiart Catholic Parish in Hamilton, Ohio

April 12, 2015
SATURDAY, April 11
Secular Franciscans - Dayton House
3:00 - 4:00 Reconciliation - Church
4:30 Mass [Rosemarie Arlinghaus]
8:30 Mass [The Parish Family]
9:30 RCIA - Dayton House
9:45 PREP & PREP Registration for Next Year
11:00 Mass [Harry “Bud” Lowell]
1:00 Misa en Español
MONDAY, April 13
12:00 Mass [Mary Jo Becker]
7:00 St. Vincent de Paul - Church Office
7:00 Confirmation Practice - Church
TUESDAY, April 14
8:00 Mass [Mabel Schliesman ]
7:00 Choir Practice - Church
7:00 Pastoral Region Meeting
SATURDAY, April 18
Spanish Baptism Class - Fenmont
11:30 Living the Eucharist Retreat—Fenmont
12:30 Secular Franciscans—Dayton House
3:00 - 4:00 Reconciliation - Church
Mass [Special Intention - Carol Cook]
Baumann-Kimbrell Wedding
SUNDAY, April 19
8:30 Mass [The Parish Family]
9:30 RCIA - Dayton House
9:45 PREP & PREP Registration for Next Year
11:00 Mass [Sr. M. Immaculata Janz]
1:00 Misa en Español
8:00 Holy Communion Service
7:00 BINGO
THURSDAY, April 16
8:00 Mass [Pasquale & Annunciata Accorinti]
7:00 RCIA Inquiry Session - Dayton House
FRIDAY, April 17
8:00 Mass [Carl Engel]
6:00-9:00 Spanish Christian Formation for Adults - FN
Readings for the week of April 12, 2015
Second Sunday of Easter or Sunday of Divine Mercy
Acts 4:32-35; Ps 118; 1 Jn 5:1-6; Jn 20:19-31
Monday Saint Martin I, Pope and Martyr
Acts 4:23-31; Ps 2; Jn 3:1-8
Acts 4:32-37; Ps 93; Jn 3:7b-15
Wednesday Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34; Jn 3:16-21
Acts 5:27-33; Ps 34; Jn 3:31-36
Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27; Jn 6:1-15
Acts 6:1-7; Ps 33; Jn 6:16-21
Sunday Third Sunday of Easter
Acts 3:13-15, 17-19; Ps 4; 1 Jn 2:1-5a;
Lk 24:35-48
CONTACT US: Address: 224 Dayton Street, Hamilton, OH 45011
Phone: 513-863-1040 Fax: 513-863-1132
Website: www.stjulie.net Bulletins, Newsletters, Parish Histories & More!
Baptism: If you have an infant to
baptize, please call the office. Adults
wishing to enter the Church participate
in the Rite of Christian Initiation
(RCIA). For information contact the
Parish Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-Noon; 1pm-4pm
Pastor: Rev. Michael U. Pucke:
Deacon: Mr. William Renneker:
Deacon: Mr. Thomas Strodtbeck:
Religious Ed Coord: Mary Pat Austing:
Family Ministry: Tami Urcia
RCIA Coordinator: Mary Richter
Music Director: Jonathan Alexander
Hispanic Ministry: Karla Eysoldt
Business Manager: Elizabeth Meiner
Sec./Receptionist: Mary Ann Accorinti
Bonnie Whittlesey
Dennis Briggs
ext.*813 [email protected]
ext.*814 [email protected]
896-1872 [email protected]
ext.*815 [email protected]
ext.*825 [email protected]
ext.*817 [email protected]
ext.*832 [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
New to the Parish? Please call the office to set up a time to meet with a staff member.
If you are an adult,
active Catholic who has not received
the sacrament, please schedule an
appointment with the pastor. (8631040)
Saturday 3:00 to
4:00 pm or by appointment.
Anointing of the Sick:
celebrated with family and friends
present, call to make appt. Please seek
the sacrament ahead of time if you
have surgery/medical procedures
Schedule through the
pastor or deacons at least 6 months
prior to anticipated date.
Call the office 863-1040.
April 12, 2015
TREASURE: July 2014-June 2015 Weekly Collection
Collection: Easter Apr 5, 2015
Total Adult Envelopes Received
Regular Collection Goal:
Regular Collection Received
Over/Under Goal:
YTD Regular Collection Goal:
YTD Regular Collection Received
YTD Over/Under Goal:
$ 20,000.00
St. Julie Billiart Capital Campaign
Drive: Preserving our Past –Preparing
for Our Future
As of 4-5-15 we have received $535,933.52
We have exceeded our goal to raise
$500,000.00! Thank you for your generous
response to this drive which helped us to
update our buildings so that we can continue to bring
Christ to others through a variety of religious programs as
well as recreational and social activities.
Capital Drive Project Update:
There were 35projects for Phase I of our capital campaign.
To date 24 projects are complete. The total budgeted cost
of the 35 projects was $560,000.00. So, if we r each this
goal all projects in Phase I will be able to be completed.
Next week, our parish will take up the Catholic Relief Services Collection. This collection suppor ts six Catholic
agencies that touch more than 100 million lives around the
world. The funds from this collection help provide food to
the hungry, support to displaced refugees, and Christ’s
love and respect to all people. Next week, please give generously to the Catholic Relief Services Collection and help
Jesus in disguise.
We are happy to welcome Jon and Aimee
Matz to speak at all Masses this weekend. Jon
and Aimee are very involved in the Family
Promise (Interfaith Hospitality Network) at Our
Lady of Sorrows in Monroe. They are here to
give us a first-hand look at what is involved in
offering homeless families hospitality at a parish.
I believe that this is to be God’s invitation to St.
Julie Billiart Parish to “step up to the plate.”
You may be interested to know that on the
weekend of Palm Sunday 1528 people
worshiped with us. That included 798 people at
the 1:00 Mass. They were not just packed into
the pews but standing in the aisles. Easter
weekend 2000 people worshiped with us. Again,
the 1:00 Mass was the most heavily attended
with 647 folks. Clearly the attendance at the
English language Masses picks up quite a bit at
Easter. We have the numbers because all three
parishes in the cluster have been doing counts at
all Masses beginning March 15. Our usual
attendance is less than 1200 people a weekend
with the 11:00 and 1:00 Masses the best
Church is not about numbers, though. It is
about being the Body of Christ active in the world
in a myriad of ways. The more we take on our
identity as a missionary Church, the more we
become who the Lord wants us to be. I believe
with every ounce of my being that moving into a
Regional configuration can be life-giving if we
look at it as an opportunity to be more
Again we thank those parishioners who contributed toward the
beautiful flowers that were on
the altar this year, including:
Liz Maus In Memory of Mr & Mrs George Maus, et al.
Mr. Louis Schanding In Memory of Therese
Ms. Diane Getz
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Joos
Ms. Vera Cook
Activities for Children
Do you like to read stories? Play
games? Do crafts? Hear the
laughter of children?
We would like to offer activities for
children of parents who come to
the Adult Faith Formation Classes
in Spanish on a variety of Fridays beginning in April
from 6 pm to 9 pm. This would occur in the Fenmont.
You could help out with one night or several. We are
also in need of teen helpers.
If you would like to help with this or if you have any
questions, please contact Mary Pat Austing at 8631040 or [email protected]
Thank you for participating
in CRS Rice Bowl!
Our parish helped make a
difference in the lives of
millions of people around the
world suffering from poverty
and hunger. To ensure that our donations will be
put to use as soon as possible, please return your
Rice Bowl by the weekend of April 11-12.
Please count the money in your Rice Bowls make
a check payable to St. Julie Billiart Please
write “CRS Rice Bowl” in the memo line of the
check. Your contributions can be placed in the
basket or returned to the church office. Thank
you for your generous support.
April 12, 2015
Classes will be held on April 12, 19, &
26 from 9:45 am to 10:45 am. Our Last
Day of Classes will be on April 26.
PREP REGISTRATION - We want you back!
We ask all families to register now for PREP for next
year. This helps us to order the correct number of books
and supplies.
Registration Forms are online at
www.stjulie.net and at the Main Entrance at Church. St.
Julie’s Formation Policies require children to attend
PREP classes one full year prior to the year they receive
a sacrament. No child is denied classes due to financial
Please keep our Confirmation and First Holy
Communion Candidates in your prayers.
Confirmation Practice is on Monday, April 13 at St.
Julie Church at 7:00 pm SHARP! All Candidates MUST
attend with one parent or sponsor.
Confirmation Mass is on Wednesday, April 15 at the St.
Peter In Chains Cathedral downtown at 7:00 pm. All
Candidates must be in the undercroft basement of the
Cathedral by 6:15 pm that evening.
Confirmation Bus for all those with a ticket – Please
be at the Fenmont by 5:00 pm on Wed., April 15. Please,
Park in the lot by the church or across the street due to
Bingo that night.
Thanks to all our Prayer Partners who have been
praying! We appreciate the Cards you have written and
placed in the Church Box in the Entranceway. We ask
all Prayer Partners to write a note or card of
encouragement to our First Communicants by Easter
and give it to the Parish Office or the Box at the Main
Church Entrance.
Thursday, April 23 7:00 pm The Fenmont
First Communion Practice & Pictures
All First Communicants are asked to wear their First
Communion clothes for the group picture & practice on
Please join us to plan our annual Adult Dinner Saturday, April 25 at 9:30 am in Church.
scheduled for August and our annual Heritage Dinner scheduled for November. We will decide on
dates for both dinners and, the theme for our Heritage Dinner. We will also begin to develop menus.
If you are unable to attend, please telephone
Bill & Jackie Groth, 290-4181, Jerry & Pat Gordon,
895-4601 or John & Mary Ann Accorinti, 608-8328
with your thoughts and suggestions. We value
your input.
Thomas believed because he saw Jesus. We are
blest when we have not seen and believe. What
will it take for you to believe in Jesus’ call to you?
(John 20:19-31)
You are invited to come and celebrate
with us a Divine Mercy Service on
Sunday, April 12th 2-4pm.
All are welcome to come and be a part
of this grace filled event. We are
located at 2550 Millville Ave, Hamilton,Ohio 45013.
For details call the parish office 863-4344,
email [email protected], or visit our website
Family Promise of Butler County
Coming Soon to St. Julie’s!
Have you ever thought about how you could safely and productively give a, “ hand up” to someone that is homeless? Consider helping out when St. Julie’s welcomes the homeless,
through Family Promise of Butler County, an interfaith hospitality network. We will be hosting homeless families, 3-4 times
per year, a week at a time, in the Fenmont. Adults are screened
before they are accepted into the program: no drugs, alcohol,
criminal background, etc. They may have had previous issues
with drugs or alcohol, but can’t be using while in the program.
60 % of the people that Family Promise helps are children, half
of which are under the age of six! With Family Promise the
focus is on families, so only adults with children are taken into
the program. Families are given food, shelter, help in finding
permanent housing, and the means to sustain themselves and
their families.
How can you help?
*Coordinate volunteers for the week(s) that we ser ve as a
host congregation.
*Cook a dinner, or partial dinner one evening for the families that we host (14-18 people total).
*Donate food for families to fix br eakfast, typically cer eal
and other convenient foods, or for packing a sack lunch.
*Donate Items such as toys, games, family videos, etc. for
families to use while being housed at the Fenmont.
*Volunteer your time inter acting with the families thr ough
conversation, playing games, helping with homework, or
offering other evening activities.
*Volunteer to Stay overnight at the Fenmont, once, dur ing
the week that we host. There must be 2 adult supervisors
present each night that we host. Families arrive at approximately 5:30 pm each evening and leave by 7:00 am each
To Volunteer or For Further Information: Fill Out the
form below and drop in the collection basket any Sunday.
Email Address:____________________________________
April 12, 2015
raise the call to Church ministry. The process of answering God’s call begins in childhood. Throughout adolescence and adulthood, the attitudes assumed in childhood
begin to influence the course of one’s life. A vocation or a
talent will not grow to fruition unless it is nurtured in childhood and adolescence by a parent. SERRA USA
Parish Retreat to Celebrate the Conclusion
of Living the Eucharist Program
Join us for our Parish Easter Retreat to celebrate the
conclusion of the Living the Eucharist program!
Who: All ar e welcome! (you do not have to be a St.
Julie’s parishioner)
When: Satur day, Apr il 18, 11:30am-4:15pm
Where: Fenmont Building (St. J ulie and St.
Stephen Halls)
Let’s join together in prayer and fellowship as we are
sent forth from our Lenten program to continue our
work in Christ. We will begin with a potluck luncheon
from 11:30-12:30 and end with the evening Mass. We
hope to see you there! There is no cost for the retreat,
we simply ask that
everyone bring a dish
to share for the
Contact Tami Urcia to
register or for any
questions: 513-8631040 or
[email protected]
Les Invitamos a todos
a participar en nuestro
Retiro Parroquial para
celebrar la conclusión
del programa
Cuaresmal V ive la
Eucaristía! Todos
son bienvenidos! (no tienen que ser miembros de la
parroquia)Es el sábado, 18 de abril de 11:30am4:15pm en el edificio Fenmont. Vamos a pasar un
tiempo juntos en oración y convivencia después del
programa cuaresmal y Dios nos envía a seguir las
obras de Cristo. Empezamos con un almuerzo (se les
pide a cada uno traer algo para compartir) de 11:3012:30 y concluimos con la misa de 4:30pm. No hay
costo para el retiro. B Pueden registrarse con Tami
Urcia o comunicarse con ella sobre cualquier pregunta:
513-863-1040 o [email protected]
April 12, 2015
Knights of Columbus
Parish Members Membership Request
We are members of Fr. Butler Council 968, Knights of Columbus, of Hamilton.
We’re here to ask all Catholic men of the parish to consider becoming a member of the Knights
of Columbus.
The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 by parish priest, Fr. Michael McGivney, to support Catholic families who were being persecuted and suffering hardships during that time period.
We are the largest Catholic men’s organization in the world and offer many benefits to our members. We support many Charities, Seminarians and religious. We offer Scholarships for many students who attend Catholic
Schools. We also offer a high quality insurance program for members and their families.
We are protectors of the Unborn and Pro-Life movements. We also raise money to purchase ultra sound scan
machines to help mothers see and protect their unborn children as well.
We are asking all Catholic men 18 years or older, there’s no upper age limit, to join us in our continuing efforts
to support “Catholic Values”. Our Council has been in Hamilton for 110 years and we need new members to
continue to carry the torch into the future. Like all organizations we lose members who have served for many
years to be with The Lord. Some of you have family members who are or where members and we would hope
you would consider a membership as well.
The Knights are standing on the front line with our Church for the rights of all citizens and offer support for
many projects throughout our community and the world.
We stand here today asking for your help in support of our Church and Catholics worldwide. We also help
those that are less fortunate and unable to help themselves in our community through various council programs.
Membership in our council gives member’s access to Council’s Education Foundation Scholarships. These
scholarships help families with the cost of tuition at our local Catholic Schools. We support our scholarship
foundation by our efforts during our annual Sports Stag held each January.
We ask for only few hours each year of service to continue our community efforts, so little to help so many.
Will you join us? A 24 hour Knight is one who gives an average of 2 hours a month in support of our community. Can you be a Knight in Hamilton?
Members and information brochures will be available in the rear of Church.
Please take some information and an Application for Membership with you and contact a member if you have
questions or interest. Our Church and community are dependent on us working together to preserve our Christian Nation’s values and protecting our founder’s vision of America.
Contact members in each parish for additional information or call me at CB Michael, 513-515-7366
CATHOLIC CHARITIES SW OHIO: An increasing number of children are developing behavior problems
ed to underdeveloped social and emo onal skills. These issues can lead to major challenges for the child
and parents. Catholic Chari es has brought The Incredible Years, a na onally recognized program, to
Butler County. This program targets children (preschool to 7 years of age) with behavioral problems, their
parents and teachers. It is designed to prevent and treat behavior problems in children and strengthen
paren ng skills and the parent/child rela onship. Are you a school interested in bringing Incredible Years
to your school, a parent interested in one of our programs, or know of a parent that would benefit?
Contact Pam Mortensen at [email protected] or (513) 863863-6129.
12 de Abril, 2015
LEER: Hechos 4:32-35 Salmo 117;
Juan 5:1-6; Juan 20:19-31
Abril en la Iglesia de St. Julia a las 7:00pm.
MISA DE CONFIRMACIÓN es el Miércoles 15 de
Abril en la Catedral St. Peter In Chains. Todos los candidatos deben estar en el sótano de la Catedral antes
de las 6:15pm. Los que van a tomar el bus tienen que
estar en el Fenmont antes de las 5pm. Por favor estacionarse en la Iglesia o en la calle porque hay Bingo
esa noche.
INSCRIPCIONES DE PREP El programa de Educación religiosa ya tiene inscripciones para el año escolar
del 2015-2016. Las clases son los Domingos en el Fenmont de 9:45-10:45am de Septiembre a Abril. Los invitamos que inscriban a sus hijos de kínder a grado 12.
Preparación para Sacramentos requiere dos años de
asistencia. Las hojas de inscripción están en
www.stjulie.net o en la entrada principal de la Iglesia.No se le niega preparación a un niño por dificultades financieras.
les pide a todos los niños haciendo su Primera
Comunión que vengan vestidos con su ropa de Primera
Comunión al ensayo y fotos el Sábado 25 de Abril a las
9:30am en la Iglesia.
ADULTOS– Las clases empiezan este Viernes 17 de
Abril, 6:00-9:00pm en el Fenmont. Todavia se pueden
inscribir! Para más información por favor llamar a la
oficina de la iglesia. Cuidado de niños disponible.
JULIE BILLIART DURANTE LA MISA EN ESPAÑOLPrimer Domingo del mes: Presentaciones de 3 años.
Segundo Domingo del mes: Cumpleaños.
Tercer Domingo del mes: Quinceañeras, Aniversarios.
Cuarto Domingo del mes: Bautizos.
CLASES PRE-BAUTISMALES Las próximas clases
serán el Sábado 18 de Abril de 9-11:30am en el Fenmont. Registro necesario. Para más información llamar
a la oficina de la Iglesia.
Lecturas de la Semana – 13 al 18 de Abril
Lunes: Hechos 4:23-31; Salmo 2; Juan 3:1-8
Martes: Hechos 4:32-37; Salmo 92; Juan 3:7-15
Miércoles: Hechos 5:17-26; Salmo 33; Juan 3:16-21
Jueves: Hechos 5:27-33; Salmo 33; Juan 3:31-36
Viernes: Hechos 5:34-42; Salmo 26; Juan 6:1-15
Sábado: Hechos 6:1-7; Salmo 32; Juan 6:16-21
La próxima semana, nuestra parroquia realizará Catholic Relief Services Collection. Esta colecta otorga fondos a seis agencias católicas que tocan la vida de más
de 100 millones de personas en el mundo. Los fondos
de esta Colecta ayudan a proporcionar alimentos a los
que pasan hambre, apoyo a los refugiados desplazados, el amor de Cristo y el respeto a todas las personas. Por favor, contribuyan generosamente a la Colecta de Catholic Relief Services la próxima semana y
ayuden a Jesús con otro rostro, ¿le ayudarás?
SU CASA se ha mudado. La nueva dirección
es: Mid Pointe Tower, 7162 Reading Rd,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237. Tel 513-761-1588.
Lunes, Martes y Jueves de 5:30-8:30pm en el
Fenmont. Los que quier an r egistr ar se pueden
comunicarse con la oficina de ABLE de Butler
Tech’s al (513)420-4520 para más información.
¿Ha pensado usted en la
mejor educación para sus
superior en un ambiente de
fe, valores y disciplina.
Venga a visitarnos y no se arrepentirá. ¡Las
inscripciones ya están abiertas! Tenemos becas y
ayuda financiera disponible.
Para más
información, por favor comuníquese con
Mayra Wilson– Coordinadora de R elaciones
Hispanas al (513) 421.3131 ext. 2718
opción… para lo que más importa!
Para interesados en atender escuela Secundaria
(High School) por favor comuniquense con Karla
Eysoldt al (513) 448-8994 o con el Padre Miguel.
¿Conoce a alguien a quien el alcohol y las
drogas representan problemas en su vida?
Grupo Oxford tiene sesiones:
Lunes a Sábado 7:00 a 9:00 PM
Grupos de Familia Al-Anon, Jueves y Viernes de
Para más información por favor llame a:
(513) 614-8784
(513) 390-3825