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Africcan Cottton & Texxtile Induustries FFederatioon
3A, TRV Officce Plaza, Muthhithi Road, Wesstlands, Nairobbi, Kenya
PO Boox 1249 – 006006, Sarit Centree, Nairobi, Kenyya
ww.actifafrica.coom ~
RELEASE: Origin Affrica Trade Exxpo Boosts A
Africa’s Textile Industry
On Novem
mber 9, Nairobi, Kenya played host to
o Origin Africca 2014, a maajor international textile event thaat was officiaally opened b
by Kenya Pressident Uhuruu Kenyatta. M
More than 40
00 participants from 11 ccountries parrticipated in tthis high‐pro
ofile, internattional event, including 15
5 regional and internatio
onal buyers, with strong rrepresentation from acrooss the cotto
on, textile and
d apparel vallue chain. The event was also grraced by Kenya First Ladyy Margaret Keenyatta and Ethiopia Firsst Lady Romaan Tesfaye. First Lady Kenyatta inauggurated the d
designer show
w case weariing a Kenyan
n‐made dresss. African Cotton & Texttile Industries Federation [ACTIF] orgaanized Origin
n Africa in conjunction with Trade Fairs Consultingg. The event raised the profile of Africca as a sourccing destinatiion for cotton, textile an
nd apparel prroducts. It alsso encourage
ed increased investment in Africa thro
ough businesss to business meetings and informatio
onal seminarss. The event was supportted by a widee range of partners including: Ministry of Ind
dustrialization & Enterprisse Developm
ment, Kenya; Export Processin
ng Zones Authority [EPZA]; Trade & Faairs East Africca; Kenya Aggribusiness an
nd Agroindusstry Alliance [[KAAA]; Association of Fashion Design
ners Kenya; C
Cotton Development Auth
hority, Kenyaa [CODA]; SSandstorm Kenya; USAID East Africa TTrade and Invvestment Hu
World Wide Ressponsible Acccredited Prod
duction [WRA
AP]; Africa W
Women Enterrprise Prograam [AWEP]; TThe World Baank; and the High Commisssion of Indiaa. “As Origiin Africa dem
monstrates, the future of Africa’s textiile industry iss bright. Origgin Africa was a great opp
portunity for investors an
nd buyers loo
oking to capittalize on the emerging op
pportunities and to develo
op linkages w
with export‐re
eady compan
nies, supplierrs, and goverrnment supp
port agenciess, developm
ment partnerrs, regional and internatio
onal entrepreeneurs,” said
d Mr. Jas Bed
di, the Chairm
man of ACTIF aand the Vice President off International Textile Maanufacturers Federation. The Nairo
obi Trade Exp
po was the fifth Origin Africa event. PPrevious Origin Africa eveents took placce in Ethiopia ((2012, 2013), Mauritius (2011), and N
Nairobi (20100). Highlights of the 2014 Origin Africaa event included a trade expo, semiinar series, B
B2B meetingss and a designer showcasse. Go to for more infformation or contact Mr. Rajeev Aroraa on [email protected]