Member Forecasts February 2015

Member Forecasts
February 2015
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Sign: Gemini
Nakshatra: Punarvasu
Tithi: Chaturdasi
Day: Sun
On February 1st, 2015 we have the Sun as the ruler because it is Sunday.
Consistency, clarity and vision will be important.
The Moon is in Gemini and in Punarvasu Nakshatra. The Moon in Gemini
has been embodying the qualities of playfulness, communication and skill,
exploring our interests. The Nakshatra is Punarvasu which means “return
of the light”.
This return of the light comes after the storm and the flood of Ardra
Nakshatra which is where the Moon was yesterday. Ardra is ruled by Lord
Rudra or Shiva. After that storm we have that clear, bright and sunny sky.
These things have to do with Punarvasu Nakshatra. The deity is called Aditi
who is like the divine or earth mother quality.
It is the 14th lunar day called Chaturdasi right before the Full Moon so
there could be a lot of emotions and drama if you are not careful. Try to
manage the drama and not blow things out of proportion on this 14th lunar
day with the Moon in Gemini on Sunday and Punarvasu Nakshatra.
Monday, February 2, 2015
Sign: Cancer
Nakshatra: Pushya
Tithi: Chaturdasi
Day: Moon
On February 2, the Moon goes into Cancer. Monday is ruled by the Moon so
it also has that quality of emotions and wanting to feel peaceful, connected
and happy.
It is still Chaturdasi today and not quite the Full Moon yet. The Full Moon
phase begins in the evening of February the 2nd.
The Moon is in Cancer for the next couple of days so we will have even
more emotions and feeling dominating our life. Cancer has to do with that
flood of pure love that is not related to relationships and conditional
expressions. It is more about that selfless love that is expressed with a
mother and a child or our family or other things that we want to give
selflessly even our pets. That is the nature of Cancer.
Pushya Nakshatra is ruled by the deity called Brihaspati who is like the
priest of the gods. It has a selfless quality just like a priest wants to teach
and guide. A sort of conservative, traditional approach is also important
today, on Monday, February 2nd.
The Moon is joined Jupiter, it will be closer tomorrow, but the
Moon/Jupiter conjunction brings about a connection to teachings, guru
and higher wisdom. The Moon is also opposite this retrograde Mercury.
Thus, confusing ideas and emotions from others can also be pretty
noticeable today with the retrograde Mercury aspecting.
These are all important features of today, February 2nd with the Moon in
Cancer on Moon’s day in Pushya Nakshatra and Chaturdasi and joined
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Sign: Cancer
Nakshatra: Aslesha
Tithi: Full Moon Purnima
Day: Mars
On February 3rd, we will experience the Purnima or Full Moon a lot more.
It is going to be in Cancer which makes for a lot of sensitivity, so managing
your sensitivity or emotions will be important on this Full Moon which is
where we become very filled with that life-lesson. At this time we are quite
emotional in contrast to the rational and practical Capricorn nature. The
feeling of maybe being controlled has you rebelling and wanting to express
your own emotional, irrational self. Notice that today.
The Nakshatra is Aslesha, which is called the entwiner, and it is where we
get entwined and entangled in some feeling. When that feeling is about our
own desires and mixed with others desire. It can be very stifling and can
tangle us up. But when we get tangled up in pure love, it takes us to the
source of truth and wisdom. So we want to be tangled up in pure love and
pure emotion today.
It is Tuesday which is ruled by Mars so there is that quality of force,
prowess and accomplishment. We are looking to feel individually strong
and powerful today. There is a much closer connection with Jupiter as well.
The Moon is very close to retrograde Jupiter which denotes optimism,
hope, wisdom and wanting to connect with higher principles.
Jupiter is retrograde in Aslesha which also indicates recent things like
escalation in recent terrorist attracts and fanaticism.
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Sign: Leo
Nakshatra: Magha
Tithi: Pratipada
Day: Mercury
On February 4th, the Moon is in Leo where it will be for the next couple of
days. Leo is fiery, ruled by the Sun, so there will be much more individuality
but also the desire to share our individuality and the sense of
accomplishment and goodness that comes from sharing our life and power
selflessly, like a divine king or father who wants to protect and put their
arm around the weaker subject. That is the Sun the Leo energy.
The Nakshatra is Magha, which is the king on the throne. The Moon is in
early Magha around the middle of the day so we will be experiencing that
Magha energy for the next couple of days. It is ruled by the Pitris, the divine
ancestors, which are the ones who are not only from our ancestors through
our bloodlines in this lifetime but also who refer to our celestial ancestors
and those that transcend just this lifetime. This Nakshatra of Magha is like
the king on the throne so it shows the source of your royal power.
It is Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury. On Mercury’s day, it is good for
things like writing and literary, pursuits and all kinds of speech,
communication, organizing and adjusting what is going on.
Mercury is retrograde right now so we are reflecting on what we are
communicating, trying to organize our life a little better hopefully not after
we have made a lot of mistakes or a lot of things have messed up which can
happen if we are not paying attention to details.
It is the 1st lunar day called Pratipada, which is the first day of the waning
Moon so we start to really let go of a lot of the Cancer attachments. The
waning cycle is where we let go. You might do some ritual to let go of your
emotional attachments so you can be more practical and rational because it
is a Capricorn lesson. You can call on your ancestors to help you with that
today. The ancestors of Magha, the Pitris, can help you with that. It is also
good for things like real estate and housing. Magha has a quite a bit to do
with those things.
Thursday, February 5, 2015
Sign: Leo
Nakshatra: Magha
Tithi: Dvitiya
Day: Jupiter
On Thursday, February 5th, the Moon continues through Leo. We are going
to have an aspect of Mars and Venus pretty close for the next day or so. The
Moon is mostly in Magha for about half of the day so we will just mainly say
that it is in Magha today, just like yesterday. That royal power maintains.
It is Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter, who is of royal caste. It is that part
of you that is looking to honor and follow your highest teaching. It is that
righteous path or royal road to liberation. It is important to follow that
highest course and teaching rather than just the lowest, then complaining
about life’s problems. Jupiter is what wants to pull you out of that so that is
certainly important today.
It is the 2nd lunar day called Dvitiya, which is about inculcating routines,
habits and making them more solid in your life. The 2nd lunar day is about
that installation of routine.
Both Mars and Venus are aspecting the Moon which brings a lot of
relationship passion. They are in Aquarius which has to do with social
responsibilities so this aspect between Leo and Aquarius shows where you
might feel good serving higher causes for the next day or so, today and
tomorrow especially.
Saturn is also aspecting, which brings seriousness, determination, effort
and control into the mix so it is good also to align with something that you
want to commit to today.
Friday, February 6, 2015
Sign: Leo
Nakshatra: Purvaphalguni
Tithi: Tritiya
Day: Venus
On February 6th, the Moon is still in Leo and now it is in Purvaphalguni
Nakshatra which is ruled by the god Bagha, the god of delight. The god of
delight is the one who realizes that is it good to be the king, to have all of
the wealth and to be the powerful one. But what we do with that power is
important. We can keep it all for ourself and actually really diminish our
value and the values of the kingdom and the citizens as well.
Leo is the sign where we feel best when we give and share the beauty that is
in our heart and when we create something that benefits a lot of people not
just our self. Ways to extend your platform and grow is important in Leo.
Purvaphalguni is where you can experience that joy and delight in giving or
want to keep it all for yourself rather than share it. The aspect from Mars is
much closer today so you might find a little bit of contentiousness and
challenge, but again you want to show up and serve and be accountable to
higher principles not just your own personal desires. Otherwise, there will
be disappointment and things that leave you feeling empty and even turn
you into an enemy of others.
It is Friday, which is ruled by Venus which also has that kind of passionate
It is the 3rd lunar day called Tritiya which is about making adjustments like
trimming the edges, trimming your beards, nails, shaving and editing
things. Those things can be important to remember.
Saturday, February 7, 2015
Sign: Virgo
Nakshatra: Uttaraphalguni
Tithi: Chaturthi
Day: Saturn
On February 7th, Saturday, the Moon goes into Virgo in Uttaraphalguni
Nakshatra. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. It is the reflective, feminine, internal
and psychological quality of Mercury. That is where we really go inward,
reflect and act with a lot of precision to organize things the right way and
make sure that our inner emotional environment is neat and clean and
consequently where we bring that out into our literal environment like our
home environment.
The next couple of days it is good to clean up around the house or change
your diet. Notice those things that can be done better. These are all
qualities of Virgo where you also might be a little worried about those
things that are not perfect so pay attention to that.
It is Saturday ruled by Saturn so that gives you a serious nature, a
determined nature, determined to stay the course and focus on things that
are important. You will feel the pressure to do that today especially with the
Moon in Virgo which is a little worried.
Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra is ruled by Aryaman, the god of contracts,
negotiations. This is an energy of seriousness, making alliances and taking
all of the power of Leo and bringing it into the many tasks and the
delegation of Virgo. All that work and power of the kingdom need to be
organized and all of these little tasks need to be delegated and that is what
Virgo is very good at. There is a lot of advantage for the next couple of days
and especially with Uttaraphalguni ruled by Aryaman, the god of contracts,
arrangements and friendliness.
It is the 4th lunar day called Chaturthi which has to do with lord
Ganesha/Lord Yama, so overcoming obstacles and persevering over them
could be important today. Being aware of the consequences of your actions
are also important.
The last thing to really notice is the Moon is getting close to Rahu.
Especially tomorrow, the Moon will be very close to Rahu in the sky which
has to do with confusion and you might have some irrational fears and
worries as you try to organize and manage everything. So be aware of that.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Sign: Virgo
Nakshatra: Hasta
Tithi: Panchami
Day: Sun
On February 8, the Sun is the ruler as it is Sunday and the Moon is still in
Virgo. Now it is in Hasta Nakshatra and it is very close to Rahu as well.
Sunday is where we focus our attention and the Sun is the light that is
coming out of the soul - and hopefully it is illuminating our path and we are
aligned with it. We see the road ahead of us when we are aligned with the
Sun. Sunday has that quality of illumination and force and power.
As the Moon continues through Virgo, that feminine, earthy quality
becomes expressed in the Nakshatra of Hasta, which literally means
“hand”. It is about the hand that manifests, grasp and eventually produces a
result. It is also an open hand where there is a lot of attachment instead of
white-knuckle gripping something.
The deity is called Savitur, which has to do with the Gayatri mantra, which
is a great mantra of manifestation, worldly happiness and abundance. That
is an important mantra today for you to consider.
It is the 5th lunar day called Panchami and Panchami is related to the
Moon and it is good for starting healing routines that have to do with
medicines and even with Ayurveda and other rituals that have to do with
healing and bring about an inner connection and peace. There is a lot of
Moon energy today as Hasta is also related to the Moon.
That Moon/Rahu conjunction is also very close so be careful of those
imagined fears especially around things like money, prosperity, your
possessions, wealth and things like that. You want to understand that you
might be over thinking and worrying about things that you do not have. Pay
attention to what you do have and feel blessed in that because wen Rahu
influences the Moon, we can get these kind of irrational fears.
Monday, February 9, 2015
Sign: Virgo
Nakshatra: Chitra
Tithi: Shashti
Day: Moon
On the first part of the day on February 9th, the Moon is still in Virgo and
then middle of the day, just around noon Pacific Time, the Moon is just
barely gone into Libra. The first part of the day still has that Virgo quality of
structure and form but then the second part of the day, the Moon goes into
Libra which is more about relationships and connecting those possessions,
values, routines and those things with others.
Chitra is the Nakshatra that starts in Virgo and culminates in Libra. This
Nakshatra of Chitra is ruled by the god called Vishwa Karma, who is the
celestial architect, the one who created and built the cosmos. It has a lot to
do with creativity and building things but it has more to do with the
aesthetic and the beauty behind it as well.
It is related to things such as gems, gemstones, color, passion and sexuality.
The animal is the tiger so it is a tiger sort of psychology here. It is that sort
of passionate, expressive and aggressive nature.
It is Monday, which ruled by the Moon so it has that emotional content
where you are looking to feel connected to the heart, wanting to connect to
the heart of others and those you love. Your heart will revolve around
things that have to do with taking your values and possession and sharing
them with others. That will create a lot of emotions today.
The Moon is in Libra for the next couple of days. Libra is ruled by Venus. It
is the airy side of Venus which is about communication with others in an
equal way — honoring your wishes and desires equal to another’s. Not
sacrificing yourself but sharing equally and expecting others to also share
equally with you. That is important.
The Moon is hemmed between Saturn and Rahu for the next couple of days
and then the Moon is joined Saturn. We have this setup right now with the
Moon joined Rahu, then hemmed between Saturn and Rahu and then
joined Saturn. We are going to feel this for the next few days. This is
actually going to be happening for the next year as Rahu moves through
Virgo. Any planets in the sign of Libra, like in someone’s natal chart, are
getting hemmed right now. And they will be for the next year. Today we will
feel that pressure. It is like relationship pressure, commitment, realizations
and stress and things like that. The sign of Libra is getting that sort of
energy with this hemming.
It is the 6th lunar day called Shashti, which has to do with celebrations,
victories, aggression and passion. It is good to choose your battles and fight
them wisely today with the Moon in Shashti tithi.
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Sign: Libra
Nakshatra: Svati
Tithi: Saptami
Day: Mars
The Moon continues through Libra and it is in the Nakshatra of Svati. Svati
is ruled by the god Vayu, who is the incarnation of the wind and it is related
to Prana and breath. It is also related to the deity Hanuman, the monkey
god who harnesses the energy of the monkey mind towards super heroic
action. It shows that inner super hero that we have once we channel the
energy of the mind away from destruction and toward focused action.
It is Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars and also gives the quality of action and
in fact Hanuman is said to be an incarnation of Mars and incarnation of
powerful Dharmic action.
This also has to do with yoga. Hanuman is a great yogi, devotee and servant
of God. It is also poignant on Tuesday, this energy of positive action toward
a yogic purpose.
This continues in Svati, which is in Libra and it shows that quality of Libra
which has to do with service, air, ideas and the power to scatter. Libra can
be a very scattering kind of energy and can be a harsh and cruel energy. It is
said to be a cruel sign or harsh sign, eventhough it is ruled by Venus. It
brings about dispersion and Svati is the Nakshatra that has a lot to do with
that. It is related to Rahu in the planetary scheme.
It is the 7th lunar day called Saptami. Saptami is ruled by Lord Indra, the
king of the gods and he is the one who lives like a king so it is good to have
that royal and regal bearing today with this 7th lunar day. We see that as a
This Moon in Libra is hemmed between Saturn and Rahu so it shows our
relationships are feeling kind of hemmed emotionally and psychologically.
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Sign: Libra
Nakshatra: Vishaka
Tithi: Ashtami
Day: Mercury
On February 11th, the Moon is still in Libra and it is in Vishaka Nakshatra.
Vishaka is ruled by the gods Indra and Agni which are the gods of lightning
and fire. It is quite an inspired Nakshatra and it is in Libra so it takes that
desire for personal joy and happiness and brings it into the realm of
culture, something larger where we are looking at higher principles. It is
very principled Nakshatra so you might see as sort of focused on your
principles today, which is beyond just your personal enjoyment. It is
elevating human interaction towards something more principled.
It is Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury, giving flexibility, curiosity,
creativity and intelligence. There will also be an importance placed on
information and communication.
It is the 8th lunar day, called Ashtami. It is related to the 8 Vasus, which are
the 8 building blocks of life. These are the components that we use to build
our lives. Ashtami makes for a creative mind and intellect. This is all
happening in Libra, the sign where we yield, accommodate, and are flexible
with others - not just trying to satisfy our own desires. That hemming is still
there between Saturn and Rahu, making for a stressful mind.
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Sign: Scorpio
Nakshatra: Anuradha
Tithi: Navami
Day: Jupiter
On Thursday, the Moon is debilitated and it is joined Saturn. It is the 9th
lunar day called Navami so all of these are harsh and cruel energies. Cruel
does not sound good so it is very easy to judge. Cruel energy gives us the
capacity to do things that require cruelty.
For instance, sometimes we need to suffer for a greater cause. That is just a
general prevailing energy for the next couple of days and today certainly as
well because it is the 9th lunar day, ruled by the serpent (Sarpa) energy,
which is about poison. And it is either being inflicted on us or inflicted on
It is also the opportunity for us to trace that poison back to the source
where it can also be a great elixir like the Kundalini power which is the
deeper energy that runs through our Astral body. It is really the key, the
source of life itself but if we try to access it too quickly, like through drugs
and other things, it can really hurt us. We need to be careful with the power
we have.
This is also important because Scorpio has that quality of also transforming
poison into elixir because the Scorpion has that poison in its tail and it uses
that poison to fend off enemies. That should be a defensive weapon but too
often it is used offensively and we hurt our self in addition to hurting
The Scorpion holding the poison in its tail, should remember that it has
that “hidden, secret weapon” and let that bring about great courage, rather
than great weakness. But that weapon can be used against others for their
own gain or can be used in defense of others toward a higher purpose. That
is the higher calling of Scorpio and the greater promise of the next couple of
Rather than showing your vulnerabilities and fears and lashing out against
others, pay attention to that tendency and instead go deeper to your heart
where the true source and power lies.
The Moon is joined Saturn but today it is much closer than the later days.
The Moon then separates from Saturn but the power of Saturn gives
solitude, determination and the difficult awareness of our problems,
shortcomings and mistakes. Usually, we want to run and isolate ourself and
others from them. Pay attention to that today.
In the midst of all of that, it is Thursday which is ruled by Jupiter, the ruler
of philosophies, principles, beliefs and how those things can take us deeper
and higher into a truthful self. Rather than trying to expand into the
material world, we can expand internally. Bear that in mind today,
February 12.
The Nakshatra of Anuradha is ruled by the deity called Mitra who is the god
of friendship and friendliness and building alliances. When we become a
force of power and good for others benefit (and we become a divine friend
to them), then that Scorpio energy is transformative and it is a great elixir.
You can see this first part of Scorpio. Anuradha Nakshatra is very
devotional but we need to connect into something deeper than our own
comfort zone and happiness if we are going to realize that gift.
Friday, February 13, 2015
Sign: Scorpio
Nakshatra: Jyeshtha
Tithi: Dasami
Day: Venus
The Moon is still in Scorpio and in Jyeshtha Nakshatra. Jyeshtha is the part
of Scorpio that is about avenging our defeats and destroying our enemies
because we can be vulnerable and maybe when we take those things
personally and we are revolving around our own sense of happiness then
we might really want to fight others for our own limited gain.
In the higher evolution of things, Scorpio is about protecting sacred truth
and Dharma and Jyeshtha gives the power to do battle with the true enemy
just like Lord Indra in his most glorious moments fought the great dragon
who swallowed all the water. He sliced a hole in the dragon’s belly after
letting himself be swallowed to return the water to Earth. That is a great
story of Jyeshtha and Lord Indra and it shows the heroism that is possible
In the lower sense you could be fighting just to defend your ego or to win or
to defend your vulnerabilities and fears and these battles that you want to
win with people so you can control them. That it is not the high road.
It is Friday, which is ruled by Venus and it is good for relationships and all
those sort of connections between people that allow us to live a happy life.
You relationships will be important — with your friends and pleasure in all
its forms.
It is the 10th lunar day called Dasami which is related to the god Dharma,
the god of truth and righteousness. Following and honoring truth is quite
important today.
Saturday, February 14, 2015
Sign: Sagittarius
Nakshatra: Mula
Tithi: Ekadasi
Day: Saturn
It is Saturday and the Moon is in Mula Nakshatra. Saturday is ruled by
Saturn and the Moon is in Sagittarius for the next couple of days which
makes it a hopeful and optimistic day at least. Saturday which is ruled by
Saturn is about seriousness, simplicity, solitude and service.
The Moon in Sagittarius for the next couple of days is about actively
pursuing what inspires us which often take the form of religion or any kind
of philosophies or principles - what we believe in, where those things take
us and the trajectory of our life based on our beliefs.
The first part of that is Mula Nakshatra which is about uprooting and
destroying those things that are not taking us closer to our goals. After the
darkness and entrenched fears of Scorpio, we have the uprooting of Mula.
Mula Nakshatra will be prevalent today so it is about uprooting your fears
and planting the seeds of truth so your life can be inspired.
It is the 11th lunar day called Ekadasi which is about spiritual practices
especially like fasting and vigil and other things that connect you to a
greater willingness to sacrifice and not just be in your comfort zone. That is
the nature of Ekadasi.
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Sign: Sagittarius
Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha
Tithi: Dvadasi
Day: Sunday
After the uprooting of Mula in Sagittarius we have the nourishment and
nurturing of Purva Ashadha which is ruled by the god Apas which literally
means “ocean”. It is related to love, devotion and water. Purva Ashadha
literally means “early victory” and you can just see even in the human life
the early victory or actions that prepare us for life - have to do with how
much we were nurtured. The later victory is the next Nakshatra but these
early victories shows how much love we give to something and you do not
even have to look at a human baby. You can look at things in your life.
You plant the seeds of inspiration then you nurture that thing with love. We
are in this nurturing phase, Purva Ashada, and it is very devotional. For
instance we install a new belief system, first we need to uproot the bad one
that had us all tangled up in darkness. Then we uproot that, we plant some
seeds of positive reinforcement and hope, but then we have to nurture that.
If we nurture that with love and devotion and it goes into our heart and not
just our head, it can transform our entire life and in fact until it does and to
whatever extent it does, only then will meaningful change occur. We can get
all jacked up about how much we have changed because we have now read
some book or something, but meaningful things do not happen until they
become a devotional practice. That is important today on the 15th.
It is Sunday which is about new vision, clarity of purpose and intention. It
is the 12th lunar day called Dvadasi which is ruled by the Sun also. We have
these two qualities of the Sun today. Notice those things today as you move
through your day and notice how much this inspired vision and purpose
can be connected into consistent action and devotion. These are very
important factors.
Monday, February 16, 2015
Sign: Capricorn
Nakshatra: Uttara Ashadha
Tithi: Trayodasi
Day: Moon
On Monday, February 16th, the Moon goes into Capricorn and Uttara
Ashadha. This is a Nakshatra where that love and devotion of Purva
Ashadha becomes an imperative and produces a tangible result. It is where
Sagittarius becomes Capricorn, the hope of Sagittarius becomes the
commitment and focus, hard work and effort of Capricorn.
The deity of Uttara Ashadha is the Vishwa Devas, the universal gods which
have to do with time, truth, desire and action. All of these things need to be
aligned after you get devotional. You need to work, focus on it and stay
committed to it. It needs to be your heart’s desire.
Relative to how much we are doing this, these are the things we are
producing in our life. These are the things where you are most aligned
around these principles. These are the great things that you produce in your
life. However great those things are in you, that is how much greatness you
get out of it.
This is the first part of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn
is about focus, commitment, the awareness of time and the willingness to
suffer for those things that we know are eternally truthful in long term
Mars gives us the capacity to suffer in the moment. Saturn gives us the
capacity to suffer for a long term principle. This is the best thing in the long
run that is what Saturn shows. That is the mature expression of Saturn. But
what happens is we just create all kinds of problems. If we just face the little
inconveniences and difficulties each day, then we can live a great life. There
is a saying “Life is easy if you do the hard things and hard if you do the easy
things”. If you live by just trying to have it be easy, life is very hard. But if
you are willing to face the difficult things, then life can actually be quite
easy. Ponder that, it is a big Saturn lesson.
It is Monday ruled by the Moon so it is an emotional day where we are
really connected to our heart and the hearts of others, wanting to be loved
and we even focus on our family and those where we have a deep emotional
It is the 13th lunar day called Trayodasi which is related to Kama Deva, the
god of desires and wanting to be happy. This is one of the deities of Uttara
Really focus in on your heart’s desire today and see what you love and how
your life is a product of that and a love to compel you forward and commit
to the internal, emotional and reflective quality of Saturn. Because that is
what Capricorn is, it is where Saturn is an internal, psychological force.
First we need to master this as an internal, psychological force. Then, it
becomes an outer force through the quality of Aquarius. You want to
ponder that as well.
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Sign: Capricorn
Nakshatra: Sravana
Tithi: Chaturdasi
Day: Mars
Tuesday is ruled by Mars and the Moon continues through Capricorn and it
is in Sravana Nakshatra. Tuesday ruled by Mars is about action and
discipline. Saturn gives us willingness to suffer for the long term. Mars
gives us the capacity to suffer in the short term , such as depriving ourself of
pleasure in the short term. For instance rather than sleeping longer, we get
up and do our spiritual practices. That is what I meant by “life is easy if you
live it hard and hard if you live it easy”. If we are trying just to be
comfortable, we create all kinds of problems. But if we are willing to just
suffer a little bit, it can be really great. Mars is the ruler of Tuesday, which
can teach that lesson.
Sravana Nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vishnu who is the god of equality and
manifestation. It sees how everything has its part to play in creation and
keeping things even and equal. That is Lord Vishnu and that is the ruler of
It literally means ‘hearing” and it is where we can hear the truth and make
some adjustment. It is exactly how that thing we heard is perfect for
whatever it is. Like when someone insults us, rather than hearing it
truthfully, we can hear it with flexibility. Lord Vishnu sees where everything
has its place. The Sun shines even for the bad people and that is Lord
Vishnu, making sure everybody has a chance.
It is the 14th lunar day, Chaturdasi and this is also Shivaratri, which is the
great night of Lord Shiva where we stay up all night for Lord Shiva. This
great night of Lord Shiva happens every month on the 14th lunar day right
before the New Moon. But this one, when it happens, at this time is the one
where we celebrate the great night of Lord Shiva.
The 14th lunar day is ruled by the deity Kali and this is about destroying our
mental weaknesses and living in accordance the true self, the true being
beyond even our separateness and our local self. That is what the 14th lunar
day is about. It is a great night to stay up all night and meditate on Lord
Shiva and connect with that part of your heart that is fearless. This is the
nature of Saturn. It is about fear and fearlessness. Once you look at Saturn,
you face your fears in all of their glory. When you spend your life trying to
avoid all those things you are afraid of, then they happen, you are illequipped. We are ill-equipped to face our fears once we made a life of
denying them.
First we need to face Saturn psychologically and deal with the painful
complexes. Only then can we take that transformed fear and share it with
the world in Aquarius, which is what the next sign is.
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Sign: Aquarius
Nakshatra: Dhanishta
Tithi: New Moon Amavasya
Day: Mercury
The Moon moves into Aquarius on February 18th. This is the elevation of
Saturn energy from facing our emotional fears and becoming established
with the truth in our heart which is where we are going to lose it all and we
are okay with it. Only when we are willing to lose it all are we willing to give
it all at least to the world in the sense of Aquarius energy. That is what
Aquarius is. It is about seeing that it is not about me. It is opposite Leo
which is the glory of the individual. Collective goals, wanting to see the
world, wanting to make the world a better place, these are all things related
to Aquarius.
On Mercury’s day, we are using our skills and intelligence to understand
that and to seek out information and develop our intelligence. That is going
to be important today.
The Nakshatra is Dhanishta and that is the one that goes between
Capricorn and Aquarius. It is ruled by the 8 Vasus which is a very creative
group of deities that are related to the raw elements that we set to create in
life. Everything new is put together by a bunch of little things that already
existed because we do not create anything new, we just create in another
form and break it down and explains it or brings it out in a new way. That is
the kind of spirit of Dhanishta Nakshatra.
The word Dhan means “wealth” so the better we are able to do that, the
more wealth we have also. It is also a wealth producing Nakshatra.
It is the New Moon which is a beginning of a new cycle and it is related to
the Pitris, the divine ancestors. It is where we strip down and we start
completely over. It is also related to our family, so it could be day where you
pay a lot of attention to your family as well.
Thursday, February 19, 2015
Sign: Aquarius
Nakshatra: Satabhishak
Tithi: Pratipada
Day: Jupiter
On February 19th, the Moon continues through Aquarius and it is
Satabhishak Nakshatra. Satabhishak is ruled by the god called Varuna who
is the god of the sky, the change of the seasons, the maintenance of nature
and of day and night and the cycles of nature and time and cosmic law. It is
about order and celestial order but in a deeper way, it is also about the
hidden energy that keeps celestial order together. Have you ever thought
about how the things that keeps the Earth spinning and everything is going
around the Sun and that is what the day, night, year and the seasons all of
that comes from?
In the sign of Aquarius we have these big important cycles of life that is why
in Aquarius we dedicate ourself to something bigger than just ourself. This
is an important quality of that part of Aquarius.
Satabhishak literally means “a hundred doctors” or “a hundred medicines”.
It is where we find alternative answers for our dilemmas. Often you will see
where we might have a problem and we have to go to a hundred doctors to
find the solution. It is Thursday which is ruled by Jupiter which is good for
teaching, guidance and inspiration and hope.
It is the 1st lunar day called Pratipada which is ruled by Lord Brahma and it
is the first day of Aquarius cycle. It is where we are building that cycle
related to selflessness, higher purposes and social causes. This is the first
day of that where we look to build a structure that supports something
bigger than just our self.
The Moon is joined the Sun so it is the New Moon and we still maybe a little
kind of spent emotionally and psychologically as the New Moon begins.
We are going to have a crossover here on the 19th between the 1st and the 2nd
lunar days. Later in the day it becomes the 2nd lunar day, Dvitiya, even by
around noon.
The 2nd lunar day is about establishing more structure and taking that seed
principle and doing something more fundamental and foundational with it.
The 19th and halfway to the 20th, our good days to start applying and doing
something tangible around the Aquarius lesson which maybe actually doing
some service or something like that.
Friday, February 20, 2015
Sign: Pisces
Nakshatra: Uttarabadrapada
Tithi: Tritiya
Day: Venus
On the 20th, the Moon goes into Pisces and it will be half the second day
and into the third day as well. The second day is about application, third
day is about adjustments and editing things so you may make some
adjustments on February 20th to kind of organize things a little bit better.
The Moon is in Pisces where it is joined Mars/Ketu. So the Moon is joined
several planets for the next couple of days. It is also aspected by Jupiter so a
lot in the mind as the Moon will be in Pisces the next couple of days.
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It is the metaphysical, expansive quality of
Jupiter and it connects us with a great metaphysical beyond where we relax
into the wholeness of the universe. That sounds all airy fairy as they say but
it leads us in a place that is more creative, expanded, abstract and less
literal but we often experience that realm of life through things like
chemicals, drinking etc.
It connects us to things that are not just literally and physically tangible but
there are other ways to feel that as well like meditation and alter state of
consciousness that can come from working out like the runners high or any
kind of thing that takes us out of our normal awareness of life. You want it
to happen in pure ways and not impure ways for the next couple of days.
We also have half of the Nakshatra from the 19th to the 20th, it is going to
be in Purvabhadrapada the second half of Thursday and the second half of
Friday. Purvabhadrapada is the first inspiration that comes down from
heaven. The second half of Thursday you will feel that inspired part of
creation that comes down and connects you with the divine source.
Midway on Friday, you will feel the power of Uttarabhadra which is the
second half. After you feel the inspiration then you need to create a
commitment to really develop that things and bring that spark of creativity
into existence. To feel the spark of creativity is one thing but that can
actually lead us into chasing in ways like alcohol and drugs rather than
making a commitment to really develop that thing in the highest sense.
Uttarabadrapada is ruled by the deity called Ahi Bhudnya which is about
penetrating into the deeper mysteries of life and into the holes of our
psyche to bring out the greatness.
The Moon is also joined Venus and Mars and Ketu also in Uttarabadrapada
so there is a lot of passion, creativity and stress because you have two
benefics and two malefics. Moon and Venus are gentle planets, while Mars
and Ketu are intense planets. There is a lot of mixing with beauty, passion
and aggression especially psychologically and emotionally. Notice how
there is a whole lot going on here where you might be really drawn to your
partners and also fighting with them. You might be really drawn to these
deeper metaphysical connections but really tend to just escape from it all as
well. So there are a lot of escapist and stimulated tendencies for the next
couple of days as the Moon goes through Pisces.
On the 20th it is ruled by Venus because it is Friday so you will definitely
feel that stimulated relationship promise on Friday as the Moon is also
close to Venus in the sky.
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Sign: Pisces
Nakshatra: Revati
Tithi: Chaturthi
Day: Saturn
On Saturday, the 21st, the Moon continues through Pisces and it is n Revati
Nakshatra. Revati is ruled by the god called Pushan which is like the
shepherd. This is where we really are trying to let go of that and be like a
great vessel of change and guidance for others.
Revati Nakshatra is about offering higher guidance to people on the path.
That could be really important today. It also Saturday which is also ruled by
Saturn which has this quality of solitude, service, commitment, wants to
live simply, rest and also serve.
In Revati, which could also be about service, there could be a great calling
to serve gurus and things like that.
It is the 4th lunar day called Chaturthi which has to do with Lord Ganesha
and also Lord Yama so there is awareness of obstacles and also the
commitment to surmount them but also the consequences that come and
realizing that our obstacles are result of the consequences from the past.
Notice those things today as well on Saturday, February 21st, the Moon in
Revati finishing up that transit of Pisces about to go into Aries on Sunday.
Sunday, February 22, 2015
Sign: Aries
Nakshatra: Ashwini
Tithi: Panchami
Day: Sun
On Sunday, the Moon is now in Aries where it will be for the next couple of
days. Aries is ruled by Mars and Sunday is ruled by the Sun so there is that
consistent quality of focus that we are trying to understand today – Sunday
is good for that. It is also good for exercise, feeling physically strong and
Aries, where the Moon will be for the next couple of days, is ruled by Mars
which gives immediate kind of shot of adrenaline and fiery outlook. It can
lead to irritability and stress as well, so you want to be careful of that. For
the most part, the Moon in Aries has a lot of enthusiasm. We do not feel it
as connected as we would like, because the Moon is where we want to feel
connection and Aries is about distinction and delineation so try that not to
irritate you.
Here on Sunday, with the Moon in Aries, it is in Ashwini Nakshatra which
is the first Nakshatra of Aries. It is two horses and you want to get those
horses running in the same direction so that we move forward quickly and
rapidly not just kind of stuck with like two horses running in different
directions. We can waste a lot of energy if we are not careful in Aries, either
in our mind or in our body. It is also good for metaphysical healing and
harnessing that energy that runs through the Astral body. It is good for
healers, astrologers, ayurvedic practitioners and what not.
It is the 5th lunar day called Panchami which is ruled by the Moon and it is
good for healing, medicine, routines that are related to healing and bonds
with others and deep connections with others that leads to healing as well.
There is also an aspect from Saturn while the Moon is going through Aries.
Saturn will be aspecting, bringing a sense of severity and consequences on
Sunday and Monday.
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