Here Are Some Ways to Get a Fresh, Handsome Member

Here Are Some Ways to Get a Fresh,
Handsome Member
Every man wants a handsome member, one that would play the leading man
in a movie and make the ladies swoon – but how can he get it? It’s easy, and
it all circles around male organ health and grooming. Do just a few simple
things every day and banish male organ odor and unsightliness. Now here’s
the best part: Once the man garden is beautifully aromatic and in bloom,
visitors will love to drop by. Here are five easy tips for manifesting a truly
handsome member.
#1: Wash Up
While it seems obvious, the first step is to shower every day. Don’t just let
the water drip down and passively clean the area – get in there gently with a
mild cleanser. Be thorough when cleaning the entire area. Gently pull back
the prepuce and clean all the folds of skin. Don’t forget the undercarriage
and the backdoor; they need attention too. Follow with a thorough rinsing.
#2: Give Him a Pat on the Head (and Everywhere Else)
A common mistake men make is that they rub the towel over their junk. Not
only is this dangerous to the delicate skin down low, but it’s also ineffective.
Instead, pat the area with a soft towel. Be sure to dry under the prepuce, in
the folds, and in the area down below. The key is to get things totally dry so
that it doesn’t attract germs.
#3: Trim the Hedges
It’s time to manscape. Pubic hair locks in male organ odor, making a
member very stinky, indeed. Accentuate the family jewels by giving the area
a trim. There’s no need to shave (unless it’s personal preference) but keeping
it high and tight is an excellent way to banish male organ odor and make the
area more hospitable for visitors.
A word about shaving this delicate area. Shaving can cause a host of
problems like cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis, all of which do
not make for a handsome member. A man can lower his risk of these nasty
side effects by following a few easy steps:
1. Clean the area with a face wash with salicylic acid (acne washes are a
good pick) to prevent ingrown hairs.
2. Give the hairs at least five minutes under the water so they can soften,
which makes removal easier.
3. Use a new razor.
4. Don’t go in unprotected…buy a quality shaving cream or oil. After
the hair is soft, apply judiciously.
5. Shave. Avoid going over spots multiple times, as it can cause razor
6. Rinse.
7. Clean the area with the salicylic face wash again.
8. Rinse and pat or air dry.
#4: Take a Powder
A little powder in the morning, especially in the sweltering heat, can keep a
man from turning his handsome member into a swamp crotch. Not only does
a day’s worth of sweat fail at creating a handsome member, but it is also a
breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.
Before getting ready, sprinkle a bit of powder in the general area, especially
under the sacks and in the inner thigh. It will soak up the sweat as well as
prevent chafing. Use a powder that is talc- and aluminum-free, so it’s safe
for your body.
#5: Go the Extra Mile for a Handsome Member
Noticing itchy, flaky skin on the downstairs parts? It could be dry skin. Add
a gentle crème to the daily regimen. Since midsection skin is so delicate, it’s
essential to use a specially formulated male organ health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin) to battle dryness and lock moisture into the
skin. Use a crème with a shea butter base, which is all-natural and works
well for even the most sensitive skin. The crème should also have tons of
vitamins, like B and C, to strengthen the skin by promoting collagen
production and tissue regeneration. By adding this extra step, a man
rejuvenates and reinvigorates his member and surely will have the most
handsome member on the block.