Understanding the problem of back pain

Understanding the problem of back pain
Back pain is an extremely common problem among people of all ages. Varying from
the mild or throbbing pains of spine osteoarthritis to the sharp, shooting aches of a
ruptured disc, the problem of back pain can come and go, become continuous, get
worse with prolonged sitting or exercise, or be related with neurological signs such
as tingling and numbness. Since back pain can be debilitating and frustrating, the
good thing is that most episode of this condition resolve or improve with a little
care, and normally in a few weeks.
Who can suffer from back pain?
According to best doctor for lower back pain nyc, lower back pain, which is also
known as lumbago, is not a disease. It’s a sign of many different types of medical
condition. Normally it occurs from a difficulty with one or multiple parts of lowerback, like:
the scrawny structures that form the spine, known as vertebrae or vertebral
 It can also be because of a problem with close by organs, like kidneys.
There are various ways to treat the condition of back pain. Some common ways are
explained below 1. Manual therapy
It is the name for a set of treatments in which back pain doctor in nyc uses their
hands for moving, massaging and applying required amount of pressure to the
joints, bones and muscles in and around your spine. This is usually performed by
physiotherapists, osteopaths, or chiropractors. Manual therapy is said to be very
effective procedure to ease back pain, however it should just be done together with
other measures like exercise.
2. Psychological support
Your back pain doctor manhattan may advise psychological therapy, besides
other treatments like manual therapy and exercise. Therapies, for example CBT
(cognitive behavioral therapy) is very helpful for you to handle your back pain by
changing your through about your condition. Since, your back pain is real, so how
you feel and think about your problem can really make it worse. If you are suffering
from back pain from a long time, your back pain treatment manhattan may
involve an arrangement of relaxation, exercises, group therapy and education
regarding pain.
3. Exercise classes
Your GP for back pain manhattan may advise you to join the group exercise
programme if they believe it might aid to ease your pain. Such kind of programmes
entail classes conducted by skilled and professional instructor, who will teach you a
combination of exercises to improve your posture and reinforce your muscles, and
stretching exercises and aerobic.
4. Surgery and procedures
Usually, best back pain doctor nyc suggest this option only when there is a
particular medical reason behind your back pain, like prolapsed (slipped) disc or
sciatica, and other methods of treatment have not worked. A treatment method
known as radiofrequency denervation may be used sometimes if:
 If your pain is originated from your spine joints
 Your pain is severe or moderate
 You have been suffering from back pain from a long time