8 Dry Male Organ Skin Solutions to Try

8 Dry Male Organ Skin Solutions to Try
The scene: A guy has been anxiously awaiting that first trip to bedtime
heaven with a new partner. As he finally reveals his manhood to his partner,
they draw away, suddenly remembering they need to leave. That’s what may
happen when a visible male organ health condition like flaky, dry male
organ skin strikes an otherwise enticing member. No man wants this to
happen – so the following tips are recommended to prevent or treat dry male
organ skin.
Dry male organ skin tips
 Air him out. This may seem counterintuitive, but one of the big
causes of dry skin anywhere on the body is sweat. Sweat adds water to
the skin, but it also depletes the natural oils which do the heavy duty
moisturizing job. And because the member is typically kept beneath
two layers of clothing (trousers and underwear) and because a thick
thatch of hair provides extra insulation, the manhood tends to sweat a
lot. Airing out the member – that is, going pants-less and underwearless – can help to repair some of that damage. However, be wary of
airing out the member in a room with a dehumidifier, which can add
to the lack-of-moisture issue.
 Take warm water showers and baths. Most people shy away from
ice cold showers – and with good reason. But going to the other
extreme and using hot water can add to a dry male organ skin
problem. Hot water is another factor which zaps the moisturizing oils
that manhood skin, especially, needs. It’s best to work with a nice,
warm water situation instead.
 Limit bathtime. The occasional good, long shower or soak in the tub
can really make aching muscles feel good – but spending lengthy
amounts of time bathing is another way that oils get depleted. Five or
ten minutes is really what a guy should aim for.
 Spice things up. Some spice, such as turmeric, coriander and cumin,
are believed to help create conditions for better moisturized skin.
Some men might wish to add foods containing these spices to their
diets as one way to combat dry male organ skin.
 Compensate for chlorine. Swimming is tremendous exercise and a
great way to stay in shape. But chlorine from pools – and salt from
seawater – is notorious for drying out the skin. Those who swim
frequently – and especially those on swim teams - need to apply
additional moisturizing agents to counteract the dry skin problems that
can arise.
 Take up drinking. Water, that is –definitely not alcohol, or even
caffeine, both of which can contribute to dry skin. But drinking plenty
of water or other healthy fluids (such as juices) can help ensure that a
man gets sufficient water to stay healthy – and to keep his skin well
hydrated as well.
 Don’t go harsh on the soap. Sometimes a man, especially one who is
very physically active, requires a strong soap to get rid of body odors,
especially under the armpits. But using a harsh soap on the manhood
can lead to flakiness and general dryness. If the rest oif the body
requires extra strength soap, keep on hand a much milder cleanser for
us on the manhood.
 Select an appropriate male organ health crème. One of the most
important tips for fighting dry male organ skin is to regularly apply a
top drawer male organ health creme (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and
safe for skin). For the best results, the crème needs to have a
combination of a high end emollient (shea butter is a superb choice)
and a natural hydrating agent (vitamin e is quite good). Together,
these create a “moisture shield” to help keep natural oils safe and
active. In addition, a potent antioxidant, such as alpha lipoic acid,
should be part of the crème, so that it can fight the excess free radicals
that can seriously weaken delicate member skin.