Average Male Organ Size Doesn’t Equal Average Performance

Average Male Organ Size Doesn’t Equal
Average Performance
To all the men out there who are overly concerned about the fact that they
don’t pack a monster inside their pants: It’s time to chill. As I discuss in an
original article posted on Ezinearticles.com, despite the fact that so many
guys in adult videos sport massive endowments, the fact is that male organ
size does not have a real correlation to sensual performance and satisfaction.
Indeed, assuming he takes care of his male organ health and develops
appropriate skills, the man of average size can give above-average sensual
satisfaction – often very high above average – to his partner(s).
Average male organ size
Recent studies indicate that the average male organ size is around 5.2” when
firm (not the 6” which was for many years the accepted standard). Men who
are much, much longer – or much., much shorter – are truly the exception.
And even a man with a male organ size of, say, 4” is perfectly capable of
satisfying his partner.
Assuming male organ health is adequate, there are other factors to for the
average man to consider to achieve great coupling. Some tips in this area
 Give pre-penetrative engagement its due. The simple fact is that
most men tend to release more quickly once mutual pleasure has
begun than do women. (There are exceptions, of course.) This is one
reason why an attentive male lover will engage in a decent amount of
pre-penetrative engagement. The more highly receptive the partner is
before a man enters, the sooner she will reach release. Men should be
sure to approach pre-penetrative engagement as an important part of
lovemaking – not as a duty, but as an opportunity to explore their
lover’s body and to extend her pleasure. And remember – oral sensual
activity can also be part of one’s pre-penetrative engagement.
 Change course. Too many men think that once penetration has been
achieved, there’s no changing course. In fact, if a guy can tell that he
is approaching seed release and doesn’t want to reach that pinnacle
yet, there’s no reason he can’t withdraw from his love and go back to
performing oral sensual activity or manually pleasuring her.
 Keep going. There’s also no rule that says it’s a crime to release seed
before one’s lover is ready - provided that the man doesn’t consider
his job over and done with. Many men remain firm enough postrelease to continue penetrative coupling. Those that do not can still
please their partner with their hands and/or mouths.
 But not if she doesn’t want to. Sometimes a woman may feel like
she’s being forced to release, and the pressure can work against her
achieving that state. If a partner indicates that she doesn’t need to be
further stimulated but would instead prefer to cuddle and kiss,
definitely respect those wishes.
 Be open. The physical aspect of coupling is fantastic, but the
emotional connection it can provide is equally important – and more
so to many people. Being open and communicative about one’s
feelings before, during and after coupling can make the sensual
activity even better. And it also allows both partners to feel that they
are allowed to communicate about their physical needs in a productive
manner as well.
The average man with average male organ size who wishes to be an
exceptional lover also needs to attend to his own male organ health
regularly. One easy way is to daily apply a top drawer male organ health
creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is
clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Take the time to look through the
ingredients on possible cremes. Find one that contains both vitamin C and Larginine. Vitamin C, famous for fighting colds, is also a key component of
collagen, which gives tone and elasticity to manhood skin. And L-arginine is
an amino acid which is involved in producing nitric oxide; this in turn helps
male organ blood vessels to expand when an inrush of blood is expected.