Self-pleasuring at Work A Coffee Break Alternative

Self-pleasuring at Work: A Coffee Break
Reliable statistics are hard to come by where self-pleasuring is concerned,
but it does seem that more Americans are taking sensual matters into their
own hands more often. Certainly the availability of vast channels of adult
literature on computers, phones and other instruments makes it easy to find
stimulating material for quick “hands-on” session whenever and wherever a
guy wishes – including at work. Since there are distinct male organ health
advantages to self-pleasuring – and it makes a nice alternative to just another
coffee break - this trend is understandable. Still, there are certain
considerations to keep in mind when self-gratifying at work.
It’s the boss’s internet.
Surfing for adult literature in the privacy of one’s own home is one thing;
doing it at work can be grounds for dismissal. Many businesses have
firewalls in place to keep horny workers from spending the entire day
watching scenes of unbridled lust. But even those that don’t may still be
monitored so that the boss knows what his employees are watching. It’s
better for a guy to just use his own imagination – or catch a few views on his
phone (but NOT while using the office WiFi connection!)
No place for exhibitionism.
Self-pleasuring is one thing; exhibitionism is another and is likely to lead to
dismissal (or at least to some embarrassment). It’s tempting to self-fondle at
one’s desk, especially if a guy has his own office and a door that can lock.
But most of the time it’s safer to take advantage of the men’s room for work
self-pleasuring. Yes, that means not getting into a lot of moaning or stroking
too loudly if others are sharing the facilities – but most men can deal with
that. Besides, if by some chance a guy does get caught self-fondling in the
stalls, he’s likely to just get heckled a bit instead of fired.
Some men think it’s risk-free to self-pleasure after hours at their desk, after
most people have gone home. But don’t forget the cleaning staff, who may
not knock before coming in.
Clean up.
When self-gratifying in the men’s room, be sure to clean up thoroughly
afterward. No man wants to enter a stall and find another guy’s stray drops
of male seed on the toilet or the floor. And this should go without saying, but
be sure to wash the hands thoroughly when done.
Good stress relief.
Ok, it’s not a news flash that the office can be intensely stressing – and
that’s a good reason to self-pleasure. Self-stimulating helps to de-stress a
guy, which can help renew his energy and make him more productive. And
unlike that cup of coffee, it’s caffeine-free and less likely to make him feel
all jittery afterwards.
Helps with anger management.
Everyone has times when they would like to pound that obnoxious coworker into the ground or make their boss pay for humiliating them during a
presentation. Finding long term solutions to anger issues is important – but
self-stroking can be a short term way to deal with it. Most men feel much
calmer and more at peace after self-pleasuring.
Don’t overshare.
More and more men enjoy posting pictures and videos of themselves selfstimulating. It’s best for a guy to refrain from posting his work wanking. If
he does, he should definitely not mention that the activity occurred at work –
just in case it somehow comes across the radar screen of someone else in the
company who may forward it to the boss.
With caution and common sense, a man can enjoy some self-pleasuring
sessions while at work. And of course self-pleasuring is even better if the
member is healthy, so continue to use a first rate male organ health crème
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). A crème with vitamin A will have antibacterial properties that can help cut down on annoyingly persistent male
organ odor. Try to locate one that also includes vitamin C, which is not only
a key component of collagen but also helps accommodate healthy manhood
blood flow.