An Itchy Manhood After Coupling: What to Do?

When a man has an itchy manhood after coupling, he might immediately wonder whether he contracted an infection. But often the problem is much simpler than that.

An Itchy Manhood After Coupling: What to
When a man suffers an itchy manhood after a sensual encounter, he might
wonder if he has contracted some sort of infection from the new partner.
However, the answer is usually much simpler: He is simply dealing with an
itchy manhood because he has very dry male organ skin. But how does dry
male organ skin happen if there was plenty of lubrication going on while he
did the deed? That’s one of the most interesting things about member care
that a guy needs to know.
How coupling can lead to a dry male organ
Guys can get a dry male organ in all sorts of ways, such as by using soap
instead of specially formulated cleanser, or by simply being a little lax in the
area of member care. But when a man suffers from an itchy, dry male organ
after a fun encounter with a partner, it might mean that there’s more to the
First, men should remember that even if they believe there was plenty of
lubrication during the fun times they had in bed, there might not have been.
That’s because in the heat of the moment, what would usually hurt a great
deal really doesn’t – thanks to all those hormones that are flooding the brain
and body, leading to feelings of euphoria instead of pain. It’s only after the
encounter is over that a guy realizes, hey, that actually hurts!
How to fix this problem? More pre-play! The more natural lubrication
produced by the female body, the better. And if it seems that there’s enough
lubrication there but there really isn’t, a guy should make note and next time,
go even slower.
Another point about dry male organ skin has to do with lubrication. If a
couple chooses to use extra lubrication as part of their play, that definitely
cuts down on the friction, which is a good thing in most cases. But for some
guys, the lubricant they choose has the consequence of drying out their
member skin so badly that the next day they wind up with an itchy manhood.
The only way to be sure of this not happening is to experiment. If one
particular lubricant leaves a guy with intense itching and other dry skin
issues, it’s time to switch to a lubricant that uses different ingredients.
And still another point to ponder about a dry male organ is the frequency of
the coupling. Let’s say a couple enjoys a little playtime once a night, or even
twice. With adequate lubrication, a guy (and his partner) should be perfectly
fine and not deal with dryness, itchiness and the like. But if the couple
chooses to go all-out and engage in coupling until they can barely stand, the
simple repetition of the friction can be enough to make both of them quite
sore, no matter how much lubrication was used.
Easing the itchy manhood skin from sensual fun
When a guy has an itchy manhood from sensual fun, or he’s suffering from a
dry male organ that is probably caused by overuse or using the wrong
lubricant, there are some member care options that can make him feel better.
Abstinence for a few days is a good bet, as it gives the member time to heal.
Using a powerful moisturizer after getting a lukewarm shower can help, too.
And so can regular application of a good member health crème (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven
mild and safe for skin). A man should look specifically for a crème that
contains Shea butter and vitamin E, both of which can soothe the itchy skin
on contact and help alleviate the dryness caused by too much friction, the
wrong lubricant, and many other problems that lead to dry skin issues.