Weird Manhood Sensation: What Does Tingling Mean?

Weird Manhood Sensation: What Does Tingling
Most guys know their member really well, and as such they are probably
sure they have felt almost every manhood sensation possible. But what
happens when their male organ suddenly begins tingling? That’s a sensation
that most men haven’t felt before, and for good reason – tingling can often
mean something negative. In addition to keeping up with a great member
care regimen, a man should always be on the lookout for sensations that
don’t make sense, like the tingling that might signal member problems.
A tingling member: Cause for worry?
A man’s male organ might tingle from time to time, especially when he’s in
the midst of a good self-pleasuring session or playing around with a partner.
As with most other manhood sensations, it’s important to remember that if
the sensation is fleeting, it’s probably nothing to worry about. It’s when the
sensation continues unabated or comes back rather often that a man should
begin to worry.
In the case of tingling, the usual issues include nerve endings that are
severely irritated, inflammation of the member, minor traumas or problems
with blood flow. Here’s a longer breakdown of the potential problems:
1. Infections. The most common cause of adverse manhood sensation is
a socially shared infection. The inflammation caused by many of these
infections can lead to a tingling sensation. In addition, many
infections irritate the nerve endings, which means tingling can be
accompanied by pain, itching, a red male organ and other problems,
such as discharge. If a man is sensually active, a partner-shared
infection cannot be ruled out; if a man isn’t sensually active, he could
still be suffering from problems such as jock itch or a yeast infection.
That means any tingling sensation of the male organ deserves a check
by the doctor.
2. Neuropathy. Men who suffer from various medical conditions might
also suffer from neuropathy. This condition means the nerve endings
in various parts of the body don’t respond as they normally would.
Rather than feel pleasure, for instance, a man might feel tingling or
even pain. Sometimes a man can feel strange sensations at all times,
from tingling to itching to a sensation of heat or cold. Diabetes is the
most common cause of neuropathy.
3. Circulation problems. As every man knows, proper blood circulation
is vital to ensuring a healthy member and proper function. But when
circulation problems appear, they often come with a variety of
symptoms, including difficulty obtaining tumescence, a painful red
male organ, or even a tingling sensation. Poor circulation often comes
on gradually, so a man might notice tingling for a short period of time
then not deal with it again for weeks or months – but it eventually
comes back. This frequent return of tingling sensations or other
symptoms can mean that he has a heart problem on the verge of
making itself known. Obviously this is a good reason to go to the
doctor and get checked out, just in case.
4. Small traumas. Tingling sensations can often happen when a wound
is healing. That tingling might lead to an itch. Any man who has ever
had a serious wound or a surgery knows that feeling of itching and
tingling that happens when the skin begins to mend. The same can
actually happen inside the member if a man has faced serious trauma,
such as a hard blow during contact sports, or a smaller trauma, such as
aggressive handling of the manhood during solo play. These small
tingling sensations can indicate a healing wound on the inside, which
might lead to scar tissue, which can then lead to other problems, like
Peyronie’s disease.
The bottom line: When a man feels any sort of tingling sensation in his
member, he should make note of it. If it doesn’t go away, or goes away and
comes back, it’s time to visit the doctor. In the meantime, a man can reach
for a specially formulated member health crème (health professionals
recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for
skin) loaded with things a healthy male organ needs, including antioxidants,
amino acids and vitamins that are proven to keep the skin healthy.

When it comes to manhood sensation, tingling is one of those that catches a man by surprise. What does it mean when his member begins to tingle?