Sensual Toys for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and some men may want to consider sensual toys as a possible gift this year. They can be a sensual boost for both partners.

Sensual Toys for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and hopefully any men reading
this who are part of a couple have already made plans and invested in some
appropriate gifts. But even if the romantic dinner and other plans are all set,
maybe there’s an area that hasn’t been investigated yet – such as sensual
toys? Valentine’s Day can be a perfect time to explore some sensual toys
with a mate – and they can also help to improve a guy’s sensual and male
organ health by providing new exercise for his “love muscle.”
Many couples are already into sensual toys and may feel they have all they
need in that area. But for those who still have room in their sensual toys
chest, or for those just starting out exploring this exciting area of sensual
activity, following are some toys they may wish to explore.
 Male organ ring. Start with the basics. For many men, a male organ
ring is the go-to “first sensual toy” option. It’s simplicity itself: a ring
which fits snugly around the member (or the base of the member and
underneath the sacks, depending on the style purchased). Male organ
rings impede the flow of blood from the manhood so a member can
stay harder longer. They are made from many different materials,
including rubber, metal and leather. Some rings come with “bumps”
on them, which many women find pleasurable during coupling. Some
rings also vibrate, which can be pleasurable for both the man and the
woman. In addition, some rings are made with a vibrating “extension”
that can more directly stimulate the woman.
 Finger vibrator. Manual stimulation, either before or after
penetration, is key to the sensual lives of many couples. Men may
want to explore the use of a finger vibrator, which many women find
helps create a more intense release than stimulation by finger or hand
 Manhood copier. If a man’s partner truly adores his member, perhaps
she would like a copy of it for when he is unavailable? There are a
number of DIY kits on the market that enable a man to make a mold
of his own tumescent member and use liquid plastic to create a very
personalized replica.
 Remote controlled vibrators and plugs. Many vibrators and
vibrating posterior plugs now come with remote controls so a partner
can determine the amount of stimulation. While this is an especially
attractive option for couples who are into submission and domination,
many couples who are perfectly happy with “plain vanilla” coupling
also get a kick out of these toys – especially if each member of the
couple is controlling the other’s vibratory rate.
 Double male organ replica. Many men have found pleasure through
posterior stimulation in recent years, especially when their partner has
demanded a “turnabout” for being on the receiving end of posterior
play. A double male organ replica is designed for penetration of two
people at one time, so a man can be stimulated in the posterior at the
same time his female partner is pleasured in her female organ.
 Massage oils. Finally, sometimes a couple just wants a low tech
accessory – such as simple massage oils. Gentle touches from a
partner’s hand are made extra special with oils that add an extra layer
of soothing.
Sensual toys aren’t all that a man may want to have handy on Valentine’s
Day. A healthy, exuberant manhood is also nice, so he needs to be using a
first class male organ health crème (health professionals recommend
Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin)
regularly. When making a selection, find a crème that contains both Larginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid that helps boost nitric
oxide production, thereby better enabling male organ blood vessels to
expand as needed. L-carnitine is another amino acid, one which helps to
protect against loss of sensation in a member which is handled too roughly.