Valentine’s Day Can Mean a Happy Member

Valentine’s Day Can Mean a Happy
Valentine’s Day is almost here, and men in relationships need to make sure
they don’t blow the most romantic day of the year – one practically
guaranteed to result in a happy member for men with partners. (That’s not to
say men without partners won’t have a happy member on February 14, of
course. After all, there are many ways to make a manhood joyful.) Guys will
want to be sure that they pay extra attention to male organ health, of course.
But there are other things to consider to make Valentine’s Day a special day
(and night).
While romance and sensual activity often go hand in hand, they also can be
independent of each other. Many men think about Valentine’s Day primarily
as a way to make a happy member even happier, with the romantic aspect of
the day of secondary importance. But many women feel just the opposite.
While they are anxious to enjoy their partner sensually, their primary goal
may be to really explore the romantic aspects of their relationship.
Hopefully, a man will know his Valentine’s Day partner well enough to
know just what level of importance she places on romance – and will act
It pays for guys to keep romance uppermost in their minds. Whether he goes
with candy and flowers, a nice candlelit dinner for two, or ice skating on a
moonlit lake, a man needs to build romance into his Valentine’s Day
But remember: while partners appreciate a man doing something special for
Valentine’s Day, it’s even more important to be verbally and physically
affectionate. A beautiful gift is great, but it’s even better when it’s
accompanied by a man gently stroking his partner’s hair and talking about
the qualities she has that make her special.
Sensual activity
Clearly, sensual activity is a pleasurable experience at any time, but it often
is even more so on Valentine’s Day. There are any number of things a man
can do to make sensual activity more special on this particular occasion.
Among these things are:
 Petal the bed. Sure, it’s almost a cliché – but it works every time.
Strew red rose petals all across the bed and enjoy a whole new
 Use special sheets. A hint of satin can feel delicious to bare skin.
Whoever is on bottom will relish the shimmery feel.
 Add candles. Candles add a sensuous, soft glow to the proceedings; if
they also have a pleasant aroma, so much the better.
 Musicalize the mood. What makes her blood pump? Does she get
twitching when Ravel’s “Bolero” kicks in? Or does she melt to
sensual soul music? Putting together a well-thought-out tunestack can
pay off in bed on this big night.
 Make the preplay last. On Valentine’s Day, there’s no need to rush.
Plan the evening so the bedtime experience can last as long as desired.
And make sure that plenty of time is devoted to careful, loving,
sensual preplay.
 Communicate. Moaning is good, but don’t forget to use words as
well; let her know what feels good, how luscious she is and how lucky
you are to be with her.
Valentine’s Day is a joyous day for a happy member, but it clearly is going
to be even happier if it is in prime health. Men can keep their members
healthier by regularly applying a top drawer male organ health crème
(health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically
proven mild and safe for skin). The best crème will include two amino
acids, L-arginine and L-carnitine. L-arginine helps to create nitric oxide,
which in turn helps to keep manhood blood vessels open and receptive to
increased blood flow. And L-carnitine is blessed with neuroprotective
properties which help it to prevent peripheral nerve damage and loss of
sensitivity due to rough handling.

For some men, Valentine’s Day equals happy member night. But all guys should be sure to make the day special for their partners – and not just for their male organs.