Job fair for International students in Yamagata

Job fair for International students
Booth Style Job Fair
in Yamagata
(About 10 companies will participate)
We want you
Free to participate
Wednesday, March22, 2017
Building #1, Cultural Exchange Lounge,
Kibankyoiku, Kojirakawa Campus, YU
Deadline:Wednesday,March 8,2017
Please send an e-mail to International Exchange
Department on Kojirakawa Campus providing the
following information: Name, Nationality, Department,
Grade, E-mail, Phone Number
※ Short term students are also welcome to join.
※ A bus will depart from Yonezawa Campus to
Kojirakawa Campus.
※ We will provide the transportation fee from
Shonai for up to 10 students.
International Exchange Department, YU
E-mail :[email protected]